The size problem of Japanese parking lots is severe for imported car owners. What about my home?

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Narrow parking lot in Japan

"Parking lots in Japanese houses are narrow and low in heightI often hear the story. In the case of a detached house, it may be possible to take a certain amount of space and space, but it seems that many of the mechanical parking lots in condominiums have a width of 1900 mm or less than 1850 mm and a height of up to 1550 mm.

When I was thinking about that, the person who received a message on the blog the other day wrote it like this.

I think the latest Porsche 992 is the best,
Since the parking pallet of my apartment is 1850, I feel that I have to search for Carrera or Carrera S limited to 991.

I see ... in factIn many cases, the number of cars that can be selected is naturally limited depending on the size of the parking lot at home.I think that.

Husband's commitment to parking lot

About five years ago, when I moved from where I used to live, I suffered from this parking problem. The car that was in my house at that timeMercedes-Benz SLK and Audi A3.. The width of each car is 1810mm for Mercedes-Benz SLK350 and 1765mm for Audi A3, and it is not a big and tall car at all, so I think that it can be parked in any apartment, so I did not matter It was.

But my husband was different.

"I might buy a big car like Panamera someday, so I will never move unless it is a house that can accommodate such a carI was stubbornly saying.(I didn't plan to buy it, but w)

So, even though the couple started looking for a house seriously, even after about half a year, there weren't many properties that met our requirements, including rent, size, and floor plan.

Since my husband was single, the conditions for choosing a house have been"1 parking lot, 2 parking lot, 5 parking lot without 3 and 4"The house where my husband actually lived when he was single was "Large 1LDK where the kitchen was pushed to the corner even though the parking lot was fineIt was a house with a mysterious floor plan.

Also, the house I lived in before that was "Although the parking lot is covered and has a remote control shutter, the room is the worst moldy studio in the sun, the kitchen is extremely small, and the bath and toilet are unit baths.It seems that it was.

Just how much ... (laughs)

I also rented a new house after marriage because the parking lot was the decisive factor.(There was one parking lot, there was a roof, the bottom was flat with concrete, and it was possible to rent multiple cars.)Then, about five years ago, when there was talk of moving with my family,

The parking lot is all, depending on the parking lot, the blue sky is not clear. I want to put at least two. I also want a space to put the tires. No matter how good the rent and floor plan are, the parking lot is all! Because, "Parking problems will limit the cars you want to buy in the futureBecause I'm going crazy!

I was always emphasizing.

However, as expected, it was difficult to find such a property, and the only one was "found!The property I thought was decided by another person just before going to the tour, and at that time I was

In fact, the car I have at home isn't big right now, and if I say that, I'll definitely find the property I want, and I'll be able to move for the rest of my life!

I was often angry, but my husband didn't give up because of cancer.(If you think about it now, thank you for your husband's commitment)

And I couldn't find the property so much that I happened to be online when I was about to give up moving.I found information about my current house with two covered parking lots.When I contacted them immediately and went to the tour, they both liked the atmosphere and floor plan of the house very much, and about the important parking lot, "It's not 100% that my husband thinks, but it's well within the permissible rangeI decided to borrow it.(However, my husband does not seem to be convinced of the parking lot of my current house)

About half a year after that, I decided to buy Panamera,If I had compromised in the parking lot at that time, I would not have bought Panamera, and I had no car life nowWhen I think about it, I think my husband's judgment was not wrong.

By the way, when my husband still sees the leaflet of the newly built condominium in the mailbox, he first confirms the parking lot information written in small letters at the bottom and says, "Oh, yeah mansion! So, the parking lot installation rate is ... 100%, yes, it's gone!"And,"Underground is a mechanical parking lot, flat parking lot is outside ...I often talk to myself about apartments that I don't even buy.

Let's take a look at the floor plan w

The importance of parking in car life

My husband talked about the problem of parking lots in Japan.

Parking lots in Japan, especially mechanical parking lots, are really small. Parking lot makersIf you want to make the pallet 1850mm or 1900mm, add a little more to make it about 2000mm.I always think. It's good because I've always searched for a house with a car, but when I see my friends who like cars reluctantly give up on the car they want because of the width and height of the car, it makes me sad like myself.

I said that, but I think so.

Thanks to my husband's extraordinary enthusiasm for parking lots (laughs), I don't have this kind of problem, but I wonder if Japanese parking lots can't be helped today. These days.

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  1. Morokan

    The parking lot in Japan is not small, but the low-wide imported car body is too large. The trend of box expansion does not stop even though the engine is downsized.

    If parking is so important, you should still decide on a detached home (also a custom home). There are also some house makers and builders who specialize in hobbyist built-in garages. I used to rent it until 15 years ago, but when I had two collections, I switched to my own house, and now I have one in my living room.

    Even if you have a parking lot and a place to live in the best environment, you will have to rent it. As you get older, it becomes more difficult to get a loan, so if your home is over, you should make a quick decision.

    The disadvantage of my home that I think is that the house is subject to seizure. Especially if you are a manager, if the management leans, the president's personal property will be targeted. This is because business contracts often require a representative to be the guarantor.

    Whether you can be prepared to protect your car even if you take that risk.

    • MinaMina

      As you said, I think it would be better to build your own home.
      In the case of my home, I don't live in this land all the time, and maybe I may live in a different place.
      Considering inheritance, I would like to rent it, but my husband seems to want to build a garage house.

  2. Ishi


    It is true that you were aware of the parking lot before you bought Panamera. Make something that doesn't exist, this will have to make a garage (laughs)

    A house for 5 family members and 5-6 cars? In the garage, it is not possible to build it in the countryside because of the education of children, and it seems that the size and budget will be ridiculous, but in the suburbs you can not find a good place in the second house and garage of the main study. Is not it? .. I would like to see the garage made by my husband who is very particular about it.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you!
      Looking at the comments, I missed the fact that Mr. Ishi showed me a picture of his magnificent garage house.
      My husband has been searching for land for a long time, but I hope he has a connection.

      > I would like to see a garage made by my husband who has a strong commitment.
      Certainly ... I'm curious too! (Laughs) You seem to be very particular about it (laughs)

  3. Garuda

    I saw you. I understand the feelings of my husband! I also agree 100%. I built a house because I wanted a garage. Behind the garage is a small study. But on weekdays I live alone. I'm sweating on the 1850 pallet in the basement of the condominium (laughs) Of course, I put rubber covers on both sides of the pallet and devised a way to hit the wheels.

    • MinaMina

      > I built a house because I wanted a garage.
      That's right! The garage with a study is wonderful, and I think it's a very relaxing space.

      > A rubber cover is put on the side, and it is okay to hit the wheel.
      I see…! There is also such a hand! !! !! With that, it seems that you can park with much more peace of mind than nothing!

  4. Red beans

    Parking problem, I really have a hard time.
    When I moved last year, I chose to live because there is a monthly parking lot in good condition nearby.
    The parking lot closed in less than a year after renting it.
    There is only a gravel parking lot in the neighborhood that can be parked up to 1900 mm wide, and I already want to move and I can't stand it (crying)

    If it is a condominium apartment, I do not know when it will be unavailable except for the parking lot on the premises. It was a painful learning.

    • MinaMina

      Red beans
      > The parking lot closed in less than a year after renting it.
      That's right! !! Certainly ... the parking lot doesn't always stay open ... I'll learn too. ..
      Even at my home, I rent a parking lot in my neighborhood, so I thought it would be a big problem if it disappeared.
      There are really various parking problems> <

  5. Buzzer beater!

    Good evening.
    I'm just thinking about moving, so it's interesting to have a timely article (laughs).
    In my case, it is absolutely NG if there is no roof in the parking lot, so no matter how close to the station or the sunny property,
    No roof is automatically excluded from consideration (although my wife is amazed ...).
    However, I would like to find a property with a roof and a parking lot where I don't have to worry about the width of the car.

    • MinaMina

      Buzzer beater! San

      > I'm just thinking about moving, so it's interesting to have a timely article (laughs)
      That's right! How timely ...!
      I was amazed at that time, but my husband was serious (laughs).
      I'm sure you'll find a property with a covered parking lot that you don't have to worry about the width, and I hope you have a connection with a good house ^^