The charging environment of the Cayenne E-Hybrid and the feeling of actually owning it

Rear view of Porsche Cayenne
Cayenne E-Hybrid

Cayenne E-Hybrid

The Cayenne of my home delivered last month is a Cayenne E-hybrid, so it can be charged by external charging, but today I would like to write a little about the charging environment and what I actually own and feel.

For chargingNormal charging (charging with 100V, 200V AC power supply) and quick charging that can be charged from a dedicated charging standThere is.

By the way, the voltage of the outlet of my parking lot is 100V, so if you charge the Cayenne with almost all the electricity used, it will take 15-18 hours to fill up.

On the other hand, in the case of quick charging, it seems that the electricity will be full in about tens of minutes, but the charging plug of Cayenne E-Hybrid does not support quick charging. (Complete EV cars like Taycan can be charged quickly)

So, before the Cayenne was delivered, "Because it is a hybrid, you can charge the Cayenne at the quick charging stand that you often see on the highway! I'm looking forward to it!I misunderstood, but in reality it wasn't.

In other words, in the case of my Cayenne E-Hybrid, it is not possible to charge with CHAdeMO, which is often heard in the standard of quick charging (the shape of the plug is different in the first place), and it corresponds only to the standard called J1772.

CHAdeMO fast charging stand

CHAdeMO fast charging stand

I posted about this earlier,In the article of Panamera 4E hybrid of Porsche owner's fileThe owner has written in detail about charging.

On the other hand, in the case of Taycan, a fully electric vehicle,Equipped with different plugs on the left and right charging ports, it can be used for both quick charging and normal charging.It seems that it has become like.

Taycan charging port

And as a test, when I went to a park on Awaji Island before, I happened to have a normal charging stand, so I tried charging while it was stopped, and it was able to charge without problems. (There are stands that can only be charged by becoming a member of the "Japan Charge Network (JCN)" and stands that anyone can charge normally.)

About charging on the go

Even in SA on the highway, I wonder if I can find a stand that can be charged normally and not charge it.

Speaking of which, my husband

Well, it's okay, but it doesn't make much sense even if it's 30 minutes or so, because it usually takes a dozen hours to fully charge.
Because even if the electricity is empty, you can run normally on gasoline. Also, in the case of my home, I usually ride for shopping in the neighborhood or picking up children, so even if I sometimes go out and run out of electricity, I will charge it in the parking lot at home in the middle of the night and to some extent in the morning You can run while it is charged. So, "Charge at home parking when electricity runs outI think it's enough.

And that. Certainly.

By the way, yesterday I ran on the highway in Cayenne and ran about 150km round trip, but I ran in HYBRID AUTO mode for fuel consumption of about 11km / h, and on the way back I ran in sports mode (change the mode to hybrid auto on the way) The fuel consumption was about 8km / h (because I completely forgot about it).

My husband has been driving on the highway many times with hybrid auto,Mostly fuel economy is 11km / hIt seems.

To be honest, the fuel economy is not good from the image of a general hybrid car, but if it is an SUV with a heavy motor, this fuel economy may not be bad.

And as I wrote before, "It is amazing that Porsche's hybrid can experience powerful driving that gasoline cars do not have by assisting the motor rather than fuel efficiency.So, if fuel economy is important, I think it's more satisfying to buy a general hybrid car that claims good fuel economy.

Thinking about the Cayenne E-Hybrid

Then, when I thought about how the Cayenne E-Hybrid is suitable for use, I came to this conclusion at this stage.

① If you run a few kilometers in the neighborhood every day

If you run in the neighborhood at normal speed without flying, you can run with just a motor. When I usually go shopping in the neighborhood, I can always run without using gasoline at all. Even on a certain slope, it can be climbed only by the power of the motor.

② If you can commute 20-30km one way using the highway and charge at the parking lot

It is about 25km one way to my husband's company, but it seems that if you run with hybrid auto, you can charge it.

And there is a normal charging stand in the parking lot of Times where my husband parks, and it seems that any car parked there can be used. If it's free, it can be charged for about 8-9 hours of working hours, so it seems that it can run without problems on the way back with hybrid auto.

It's only one month since the car was delivered, so I think that my impressions will change and new discoveries will be made as I ride, but for now it's like this.

Even so,This Cayenne of my home has already run about 2500km.I'm a little scared to see how much the mileage will increase in a year.

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  1. Ishi


    The increase in mileage means that it is a good car that suits your lifestyle.

    Unlike EVs, PHEVs rarely require quick charging, but Mercedes' new PHEV is compatible with CHAdeMO, so I hope Porsche will catch up there as well.

    I remember that there was no PDCC or rear axle (I'm sorry if it's different), but was there a scene where you should have had it?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Mr. Ishi has been writing about the wonderfulness of hybrids for a long time.
      We are finally realizing the wonderfulness ^^;
      It ’s really good!

      When I asked my husband about the lack of PDCC and rear axle (as you said, neither is attached),
      "Because it is an SUV, it may sway from side to side due to large irregularities or sharp curves.
      In such a case, I think it would be nice to have PDCC. However, there is no discomfort even without it.
      In the case of Cayenne, the rear axle has a very effective small turn, so it does not matter if you do not have it.
      Also, if you want sports driving in Cayenne, you should have it. "
      is what they said.

      I would like to write an article about this as well!

  2. SevenWinds

    Mina, I'm always looking forward to seeing you.
    I placed an order for the construction of a charging facility at home via a PC. I will wire 8KW (200V 40A) for future Pure EV, but my Panamera 4E Hybrid only draws 3.2KW (16A), so it seems that it is not necessary to increase the amperage contract for the time being. The spread of quick charging equipment has become a hot topic in the world, but in the 150KW class, a pipe that carries current equivalent to 10 or more ordinary households is required for each unit, and the key is whether the infrastructure that supports it can catch up. .. After all I think that home charging is basic.

    As you may already know, you can color the EV drive range in green in the map settings. Aside from its practicality, it's fun to watch.

    • MinaMina

      Seven Winds
      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      And thank you for your comment!

      > I placed an order for home charging equipment construction via a PC.
      Oh, that's right! !! !! I envy that charging station that looks cool ...!

      The infrastructure for charging equipment for electric vehicles consumes more electricity than you can imagine ...
      My husband seems to be very interested in Taycan, but in that case he has to prepare more environment for charging at home, so he seems to be thinking about various things.

      > As you may already know, you can color the EV range in green in the map settings.
      Thank you! I didn't know it at all, and my husband told me to look at the map the other day.
      It's fun to see "I see, can I run up to this point in the east and this far in the west?" ^^

  3. Messed up


    I always enjoy reading ^ _ ^

    I'm a 971 4E hybrid, so it may be a little different, but the E-hold has better fuel economy than the hybrid auto.
    Since hybrid auto emphasizes fuel efficiency to the destination, there is an image of using electricity even in places where it is not needed so much, even if you try to use up the electricity first.
    The E-hold is not completely held, but the start and low speed are electric, and when it is maintained to some extent, it switches to the engine.
    After that, if you run with the engine to some extent, the engine will cut off when you release the accelerator, and it will run while regenerating by inertia.
    If you repeat that, you can run at about 15 kilometers per liter, and if you are in good shape, there are days when you can go about 18 kilometers per liter.
    Well, it's not a car that wants fuel efficiency, so I don't think there are pros and cons ^ _ ^