I tried driving the Porsche 911 GT3 for the first time in a long time!

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring

GT3 after a long absence

The other day,I drove the 911 GT3 (MT) for the first time in 3 months.It was only about 20 minutes because I got on to replace another car in the parking lot, but it was good to be able to feel the GT3 a little after a long time.

My GT3 is a GT3 touring in the late 991.This GT3 clutch is surprisingly light compared to the 981 BoxsterTherefore, it may be easier to drive in MT GT3.

Also, GT3 does not have much low-speed torque, so when I got on it, when I started(Especially when starting on a slope)It was stalled more than necessary, and it was ticking more than necessary. And every time my husband often told me like this.

Instead of thinking with your head, you should drive as you feel."I don't like the car," or "I should put up with it a little more and connect it slowly."If you listen to the sounds and voices of the car more and try to drive, you can drive more smoothly.


At the beginning, even though I knew it in my head, I just stared at the tachometer and didn't understand how to hear the car, but recently I've finally come to understand the meaning. It was.

It's been a long time ~ It's been 5 years since the AT limitation was released and I finally came here (laughs)

Although my GT3 is relatively easy to drive, if I step on the accelerator when starting like a 981 Boxster, "BoonWith a terrible engine sound, it will be in an empty state. On this day as well, there was a scene in which people who were surprised by the engine noise were surprised and looked back. I'm sorry…

By the way, Masataka Matsutoya, who had previously appeared as a guest on Ogiyahagi's car itinerary, said, "A real Porsche ride does not step on the accelerator when startingI was saying. It seems that the moment the clutch is first lifted and the car moves a little, the accelerator is stepped on for the first time.The first person to do it is a person who does not know Porsche very much"It seems.

... that's completely me (laughs)

Recalling that, I loosened the clutch and tried to operate it with a little force on the accelerator, and I was able to start smoothly.

When I tasted this feeling, the start was very comfortable, and I was in good shape.If you do this, I can drive around Narrow Porsche wI was driving while muttering to myself, and when I noticed it, I was terribly grinning (explosion)

About the original 911 and GT3

And on this day, when I got on the GT3 for the first time in a long time, the feeling was quite different from before. I used to think that when I ride a GT3 in the city, it's hard and shaken and the ride is very uncomfortable.This time, I felt that "the ride is within the permissible range without any problems even in the city."

I think the reason is that I got on the 992.

The original 911 Cabriolet (992 type) that came to my house the other day, but the suspension is quite hard. Even my husband, who likes a hard ride, said, "When I first got on the car after delivery,The undercarriage was quite rugged, and I often picked up unevenness and swells on the road surface, so the first impression was not good. "I was saying that, so I think it's quite hard.(It seems that it is not so around 4S, it seems to be hard)

However, from around 300km after delivery,The 992 also has a lot of suppleness, and it changes to a ride that my husband loves, which is hard and moist.I have done it.(Recently my husband has praised it every time he rides 992)

And recently I've become quite accustomed to the ride quality of the 992, so when I ride the late 991 GT3 in such a state, "that? Isn't the hardness not so different from 992?I changed the way of thinking, and I didn't feel much discomfort when driving in the city.(Also, it may be due to the fact that I am no longer a pregnant woman with a big belly)

However, when it comes to dispatching GT3 even though I only run a little in the city, it feels a little exaggerated, so I think that it will actually be a form to ride when going touring or when saying "here", but it's been a while since the other day. In the feeling of riding on, "GT3, everyday riding is OK at allThe impression became stronger.

About this feeling, my husband

I thought so and tried to drive the GT3 carefully. ThenCertainly, in places where the pavement is good, GT3 is quite comfortable to ride, so it is not much different from 992.I thought. However, when passing through pavement construction traces, large swells on the road surface, uneven places and manholes, GT3 is still shaken up, down, left and right.
However, if you ride the 992 and then the GT3, I think you can use the GT3 as well. The human senses are strange.

I said that, but when the car I usually drive changes, I'm surprised that the same car feels so different.

However, GT3 must show its true value only by driving on a circuit or a road that can run at a comfortable speed. Ah ... I want to run on such a road with GT3 anymore!

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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    That's right, I don't feel uncomfortable. I think that the suspension has become familiar to me, but I feel that the way to handle the steps is much better than when the car was delivered. In the test drive of CGTV etc., the 991-1 GT3 RS was a compliment to Mr. Matsutoya, but I felt that it was a judgment that the suspension of the 991-2 GT3 would not reach the level of RS, but it will change a lot depending on the driving distance. Personally, as an owner, I regret how it is. I have never compared them, so if you have a chance, please tell me again from the owner's perspective.
    Until I participated in the Porsche Experience, I felt that it was for highways, but with the PASM button ON, the feeling of mass of the car became stronger and the sense of unity with movement became even more felt, and it was also ON on general roads. I've come to like running.
    How do you always see it? I'm sorry for a long time.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT

      Thank you very much!
      It is amazing that the ride quality of GT3 with such race specifications is not bad ...!

      When I asked my husband about the matter that was written
      "I often run with it turned on these days. I understand what you're saying. Once you get used to it, it feels more natural."
      is what they said.

      When I heard it, there seemed to be various information, so I would like to post it in the article as a blog story!
      Thank you for your question!

  2. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    GT3. I think the front was the same suspension as our GT4, but what was your impression of running the GT4 just by running in for 1000km?
    Anyway, I think it's all about racing specs.
    The car that used to race and gymkhana used to be finished like this.

    With GT4, it picks up unevenness and bounces on rough roads on country roads, but when it receives a fairly strong shock
    I think the drive recorder is an accident and save the file (^^;
    How about GT3?

    It's just a wonderful word if the road surface is clean.
    I think it is a supple and high-quality run.
    However, if you are driving on a general road, I feel that you want a suspension stroke even if it is a few centimeters.
    But I think it's such a car ...

    By the way, at 1600 rpm, there is a message saying that you should shift up for ecological reasons, but if you run as it is
    Fuel economy will improve accordingly.

    Also, GT4 has a mode that becomes 3 cylinders when running at a constant speed at high speed etc. for ecological reasons.
    It's annoying and it makes the same sound as when one cylinder died in the old days, so it's probably eco-friendly.
    I don't think it's good for your heart.
    When the mode is switched, I think that the following car is probably broken and open the space between cars (^^;

    • MinaMina


      > The drive recorder thinks it is an accident and saves the file (^^;
      That's right! Lol
      I'll ask my husband again, but I don't think he said that much.

      > It's just a wonderful word if the road surface is clean.
      > I think it is a supple and high-quality run.
      That's right! I've never been in GT4, so I'm really wondering how it's different from GT3.
      My husband always says, "I think it's really fast and fun on the circuit!", But I thought again that GT4, which can be used everyday, is amazing.