I went for a drive with my brother who rides MT and Porsche Boxster.

Porsche Boxster GTS
Porsche Boxter

Replacement of Boxster and 911

The other day, my brother's family came to my house to play. It is the first time in about three years that my brother's family has come to our house. They will come all the way, soHusband, brother and brother's child go to Ashi Driveway at 911I decided to go.

Therefore, I decided to replace the Boxster GTS (981) in the parking lot of my house with the 911 Cabriolet (992) parked in front of the station, but my husband said,

Why don't you show your brother where you can drive an MT? Maybe you'll be really surprised!

So I and my brother decided to go to replace the car.

Porsche Boxster GTS

I haven't been interested in cars since I was a kid,My brother likes cars a lotThat's right. Ever since I became a member of society, I have been transferring to Subaru Legacy MT cars.(I'm in an AT car now)When I was at my parents' house, I always washed my car in front of my house or messed with it on weekends.

I wasn't interested in cars at all at that time, so "I don't like working in the hot sun on such a hot dayI never asked my brother about the car at that time.(I would have asked various questions now)

Time passed from there, and when I was a paper driver for more than 10 years after getting a license, my brother was quite surprised when I launched this Porsche blog, and in addition, I released the AT limitation and drove an MT car My brother was also surprised to see that he started to do so.

Show off Boxster's driving to his brother

To replace the car, I decided to drive Boxster first, but "Before driving an MT car, I've never seen him driving a car, so it feels strange and I can drive properly."My brother said.

However, was the blood of the MT ride making a noise?

Why are you shifting up so soon? Even if you don't go to 4th gear in a place like this ... I think it's okay to go to 2nd gear, so it's because of the MT.

I decided to change driving on the way, thinking "Well, surely ...".

It's been about 3 years since my brother got into an AT car, soYou may be able to forget the feeling and drive an MT car. What should I do if I become sick?However, in just a few minutes after I started driving, I was able to get a feel for the clutch and shift.

Also, without pressing the Sports Plus button to turn on auto blipping, I was able to blipping myself in normal mode and smoothly.

I"It's amazing, it's been a while since I've been stalled!When saying,

That's right, I've been driving MT for 10 years. The legacy clutch I was riding first was heavier, and of course there was no auto-hold feature on the slopes.

He said.

It was a holiday, so there was a lot of traffic and it was quite crowded along the way, but my brother still enjoyed driving the MT for the first time in a while. And Boxster, tooI hope that people who are good at driving MT will ride and be more happy and lively than usual.I felt it.

Well, in my case, my heart was closed for three years, but my brother opened my heart in a few minutes (laughs).

When I was still at my parents' house, my brother and I didn't get along very well. ... or rather, it's not good or bad ... maybe because he's a brother and sister of the opposite sex, there's nothing to talk about after adolescence.Speaking of daily conversation, "Good morning" and "Welcome back"There was only.

Even after I became a member of society, my brother often picked me up at the station by car, but I was silent from beginning to end in the car until I got home.(I didn't really say a word, not exaggerated)

So nowThe day will come when we will go for a drive, and we will have various conversations in the car.I never imagined it at that time. Also, when I returned to my parents' house, my husband, brother and I often had a conversation about cars, but when my parents saw it, they said, "It's a strange sight that the day will come when my brother and sister will talk about cars. "(Laughs)

It may be because Porsche came to my house that I got this way, and I think I am grateful to my husband for giving me such an opportunity. Thank you.

May the day come when my brother can drive the Porsche I bought. Let's do our best!

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  1. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's Maid~ (^.^)
    It's a good story, I'm glad I got to know you!
    But your brother would have been surprised.
    I'm riding the manual Porsche dashingly!
    Someday, please put it on your passenger seat around 930 and blow it away with Burn!

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      It's a mado! !
      My brother was really surprised (laughs)
      However, I still rely heavily on the performance of the car, so I think my brother often wanted to give advice (laughs).

      > Someday, please put it on your passenger seat around 930 and blow it away with Burn!
      No, it's too cool! !! !! I have to hone my arms! !! !! !!