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Living with Porsche

Replacement story of parents' car

My parents started to consider changing cars from around last year. My parents are already old, so "The next car will be the last car. After that, the license will be returned.So, it seems that he wants a car that is more convincing than ever.

Actually, my brother also likes cars, so my dad consulted with him the other day and decided on an approximate candidate car.

My dad has been a Toyota enthusiast since he started owning a car, and he is currently riding a Prius. It seems that he is not thinking about anything other than Toyota cars in the future, but "I want a slightly larger and cooler car than the Prius. A used car is fine, but I wonder if C-HR is good.I was talking.

* Image source: Toyota C-HR "Gallery"

After that, when my parents came to my house to babysit, my husband happened to be working from home and I had some time to talk, so my father asked my husband a lot about the car.

And while listening to the conversation, "When buying a car, it is important to consult with someone who is familiar with the car."I thought again.

When you buy something other than a car that has a reasonable price, such as home appliances and watches, if you buy it without knowing anything,Ah, it wasn't supposed to be like this ...!I think there is a risk.

At that time"Let's return it because it wasn't what I expected." "Sell it at Mercari and buy a new one."I can't do that easily, so"What point should I look for?" "What is the recommended car for my current situation?"I thought it was important to have a detailed person objectively teach me about such points.

For example, while looking at a used car site, my father asked, "This is so cheap! Why is it so cheap?"

this is,The wheels are normal and not very coolBecause ... Also, there aren't many tire grooves left, so even if you buy it, you may have to change the tires immediately.

Or when my dad asked, "This is a short mileage and cheap, why should I do it?"

This is not a good evaluation of the interior and exterior. I don't know much from the photo, but it seems that there are various scratches.
It's okay if you don't care about these scratches, but if you wash the car yourself, you'll understand. "The scratches here are pretty deep"And"This wound is surprisingly noticeable"And…
I also want to check the smell. I'm worried about the smell of pets and perfumes, so I always go to see the actual car before buying it, even if it's far away.

My husband answered that ...

My husband also gave me various information about C-HR and RAV4, but he said, "I really know the car well ...I was impressed. My husband knows most of the latest car information, regardless of domestic or foreign manufacturers, and often knows quite a lot.

"When do you buy this information ... Do you really work during the day ... (-_-)I sometimes get worried (laughs)

While listening to the story, my dad said, "If I saw a used car site and liked it, I thought it would be okay to buy it without looking at the actual car.After all it is better to actually go to see it.I couldn't go to see it so far, so I should look for it in the Kansai area ... ", found one that looked good, and said," I'm going now! "

Behavioral power is amazing ... w

And my father, who came home a few hours later,

After all, you can see it when you actually go to see it. The interior was cleaner than I expected. I didn't mind the smell, and I'm glad to hear from various sales people.
It seems that used cars will continue to be good, so let's wait a little longer.

He said.

By the way, I used toWhen I bought the BMW 320i, my first car in my lifeAs was the case, my husband taught me a lot and I was able to meet a good car.


I was only looking at the mileage and price on the used car site, but my husband

"If you look closely, I think it's better to stop it because it's remodeled."This is cheap, but it's not a certified used car."Tell me various things.

However, when that happens, it's hard to come up with a car that is in good condition and fits the budget ...

After all, the car is a rim. If you're scared, you can buy it, and if it doesn't feel right, wait until you find what you want.

He said.

I was completely amateur about buying a car, so it was encouraging to have someone familiar with the car on my side.

Car window

After my parents came home, "Dad, I'm glad I was able to talk to you in various ways. By the way, even in the comments and messages on the blog, purchase consultations come regardless of the manufacturer.Work to get a consultation when buying a carI think I can do it, "he jokingly said,

I'm sorry."Car window", not "Hoken window"It may be possible to say (laughs) From among the many manufacturers and models, it seems like we will propose the most suitable car for you.

I was laughing (laughs)

The reasons for buying a car are completely different for each person and family, and what they want is also different. Some people care about driving, while others say fuel economy is paramount.

Also, the world is overwhelmed with information, and the information is completely different depending on the person who sends it, so it is difficult to know what is the best choice for you.

At that time, I thought that if there were people who could consult with me, I would be able to organize my mind in the process of choosing a car, get the necessary information, and make a convincing decision.

What will my dad choose for the last car in his life ... When you buy a C-HR, let me drive it!

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