The younger brother Abarth 595C was delivered. How do you feel when your Porsche-riding brother rides?

Abarth 595C
Test drive report for each car

My husband likes cars, which he admits to himself and others, but my husband's younger brother also likes cars.

The hobby of the car is completely different from my husband, and the pace of replacement is completely different, but until now my husband has been my brother'sToyota alphard,Ferrari GTC4 Russo T,Mercedes AMG G63,Ferrari 488 Spider,Porsche Macan TurboAndPanamera Turbo Sport TurismoI was allowed to test drive a car like this.

And this time, because I bought a new car again, my husband let me ride and wrote a test drive report. Please take a look if you like.

Abarth 595C

It seems that my brother bought a car again.This time Abarth 595C. It is a limited edition car esseesse (SS = super sports in Italian).

When I went to a dealer for Ferrari's business talks, he was interested in this car that caught my eye and said that he bought it because the conditions were good.

No, I buy a car like I buy a radish. ..

Abarth is often seen in Ashi, and 695 and others rarely appear, centering on 595. For some reason, it is a car that I often see cases where supercar owners such as Ferrari and Porsche owners are also riding as a second car.

Wife beforeTest drive on AbarthI've been allowed to do it, but it's my first time to drive.

Abarth 595C

This 595C seems to be a limited edition of 135 cars nationwide, and the body color is Grigio CampovoloIn Porsche, it is a gray color that looks like a crayon with a little bluish color, and it is very cool. I think that the number of gray and matte colors of these imported cars has increased significantly these days.

The transmission is an AT (5-speed sequential transmission), which is a so-called semi-automatic transmission. The structure is different from the dual clutch transmission such as Porsche's PDK,An automatic transmission with a simple structure that automatically operates the clutchIt is.

Abarth 595C AT

"C" is added to the car name, so the roof opensIt has become like. The structure is different from that of a normal convertible, and the structure is such that the roof opens to the rear as it is while leaving the C-pillar part as it is.

The muffler is made by Akrabovich, and the suspension is a KONI FSD shock absorber. As for the engine, the 1.4L turbo engine has been powered up to 180HP, and the 0-100km / h acceleration boasts a performance of 6.7 seconds.

Test drive the Abarth 595C

When I got in immediately,The texture around the driver's seat and around the dashboard is very high.The seat is also thick and very rigid, and it is comfortable to sit on even though it is sporty. The view from the driver's seat is like a luxury Italian sports car, which makes it hard to believe that it is a compact car.

On the other hand, the plastic of the interior panel of the door is very cheap, and the difference in texture between the driver's seat and the dashboard area is also a feature of this car.

Interior of Abarth 595C

Abarth 595C seat

When you start the engine, the engine sound you hear outside sounds much better than you hear it indoors.The volume is loud and the bass is not too low.When turned, it makes a rhythmic pleasant sound called Gwon. There is a big difference between the engine sound heard indoors and the engine sound heard outside, and I personally like the engine sound heard outside.

I heard that the start was a single clutch semi-automatic, soI was wondering if there was a little more shock, but unexpectedly, it started smoothly..

However, if the driving method follows the recent AT style of keeping the accelerator depressed constantly, a severe shift shock will come. Every time the gear changes, the torque is released and the occupant's head sways back and forth to shift gears.

By the way, this is like when a person who is not good at MT driving slowly operates and connects, like an old car that has not changed the AT fluid, Don! It's not a shock like that.

However, as you get used to this shift timing, you will know where to shift, soSimply return the accelerator lightly before shifting to connect smoothly.It will be like.

Also, if you set it to manual mode and operate it with a paddle, you can change the shift like a manual car. This is fun with this.

By the way, the shift speed itself is not very fast, so it is not like a dual clutch transmission.You can shift gears in the atmosphere of a manual car.

First of all, proceed with the car from the city to winding.The legs are honest and stiff.It seems that a shock absorber made by KONI is installed, but even if it is a new car, I want it to move up and down a little more flexibly.

However, the seat is thick and very comfortable to sit on and hold, so the impact feels quite mild. SoIt's not the discomfort of not being able to ride.

However,The stroke itself is quite short, so I always feel like bouncing.My home note E-power NISMO S is also fairly stiff, but more than that.

Abarth 595C wheels

Compared to GT3, it feels closer at low speeds, but when it comes to speed, GT3 is definitely more comfortable to ride. If you put your wife or girlfriend in the passenger seat, you may complain unless you are a car with a stiff undercarriage.

I personally don't like this hardness. I would like to ride this normal model without shock made by KONI.

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  1. Ishi


    As a Fiatt 500c rider, Abarth is a topic I want to jump on.
    By the way, my Fiat 500c is a 1.2L engine MT with specifications not found in Japan, and I was particular about the right-hand drive and purchased it from the UK.

    At one point, I considered switching from the Fiat 500c to Abarth, but with Abarth, I dare to maintain the powerless Fiat 500c because I can't run the engine because I have too much power for everyday use such as commuting and shopping nearby.

    When I took a test drive thinking about purchasing Abarth, I dared to ride in the passenger seat at that time. It's good that the clerk who acted as the driver was too enthusiastic to appeal the charm of Abarth, and he did sports driving that could not be done on the lower road, but it is unusual because of the intense sudden deceleration and the hard Sabelt seat. I remember getting motion sick. I thought it would be a fun car to drive so much that the clerk was crazy about it, but I thought the passenger seat was a bit painful.

    If it becomes difficult to maintain the Boxster Spider, I thought about letting go of the Fiat 500c and Box Spa and putting them together in one Abarth, but for now I am thinking of going as it is.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      My husband also said, "If I buy it, I would prefer Fiat instead of Abarth."
      It's so good that car lovers get in the passenger seat and get drunk ...

      Personally, the Boxster Spider is a car that I really admire, so
      I hope you will continue to own it (laughs).

  2. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    595c I think it's good.
    There was a model of LHD5MT with carbon on the back of the seat, but this was a fun model even in the city because it ran briskly.
    I think the engine had similar specifications and the muffler was also Accra.
    I considered purchasing it for a moment, but at that time the model had already been changed and the seats and interior were no longer made of carbon, so my enthusiasm had cooled down for some reason.
    If you want to buy the third one, it is one of the candidates, but when I had three before, I couldn't get through and sold one, so I think that two of them are the best.

    • MinaMina

      595c Looks like a very good car!
      And as you said, even if you have multiple cars in your house, you can't survive in the end ...
      It seems that my husband is also thinking concretely about reducing the number of cars this year.
      In that case, I think I will be able to ride one by one.

      Continue to thank you!