Which is easier to drive, Porsche Cayenne or Panamera? The view of the owner who owns both

Porsche Panamera
Cayenne E-Hybrid

When I was rubbing the car a lot

On the blog the other day,

Which is easier to drive, Porsche Cayenne or Panamera?I would like Mina, who has driving experience in both Panamera and Cayenne, to tell us from a female perspective.

I received the comment. This person's wife is currently riding a Panamera, but it seems that it may be rubbed because the car body is large.

I also often rubbed and bumped the Audi A3 that I used to have at home.

Audi A3

I've been a paper driver for over 10 years, and I wasn't used to driving a car as much as I am now, so I took it to a sheet metal shop every time I rubbed it, but I rubbed it so much that I was once a regular customer. ..

No matter how many times I rub it, my husband saidI'm not injured, I'll fix it againI said, and didn't say anything more, so I felt a lot more sorry ... "Don't rub anymore! I swear firmly in my heart and rub it againWas repeated.

Porsche Cayenne or Panamera

I can't say that I'm good at driving a car, but I said "Which is easier to drive, Cayenne or PanameraWhen asked, Cayenne is easier to drive.

As you all know the reasonHigh line of sightBody.

Porsche Cayenne

The body of the Cayenne is larger than the Panamera, but I think that it is easy to drive because the line of sight is high and it is easy to grasp the feeling of the width of the car and the visibility from the driver's seat is good.

AndIn the case of Cayenne, it is quite easy to turn without the option of rear axle steeringTherefore, it is easy to park and turn left or right.

Also, parking tickets such as coin parking are easier to get in Cayenne. Panamera's door is quite thick, so if you do not bring the car body close to the ticket machine, I think that the parking ticket will not be reachable, especially for small women.

I'm not petite, but I've often put my gear in the parking lot, fastened my seat belts, leaned forward and picked up my parking ticket.

Given that, for women who are not confident in driving, Cayenne may be able to drive more safely than Panamera.

On the other hand, PanameraThere was almost no interruption in the city or being approached from behind on the highway.Is it still the style of a luxury sedan? In that sense, I think Panamera was easy to drive at his own pace.

I think that Cayenne is also much less fanned and interrupted than a general car, but Panamera really did not have such a thing, so "Compared to Panamera, Cayenne has some interruptions and fanning.The impression is.

Why I stopped rubbing Porsche

Panamera came to my house in February 2016, but until then I was rubbing such a car, but since I started riding Porsche, I have not rubbed it anymore.

At the beginning of delivery, when I returned to my parents' house at 970 Panamera and parked, I rubbed the back a little, but since then I have not hit or rubbed it. ... should (laughs)

970 Panamera

that isIt's not like "I've improved my driving dramatically" or "Porsche has a mysterious power (laughs)"I think the following reasons can be mentioned.

1. 1. Stop doing things at risk

When Panamera came to my house by changing A3, "Can I really drive such a big car ...I was quite anxious.

At that time, I often dreamed that I was driving Panamera and was hit from the front, and that Panamera that should have been parked in the parking lot disappeared suddenly.(Donaiyanen w),I think I was so worried about driving.

So "It's hard to scratch Porsche!I thought, and stopped doing risky things in the first place. For example

・ Do not go through narrow roads
・ Do not go shopping at supermarkets with narrow parking lots
・ Even in the parking lot of a commercial facility, park in a spacious place away from the entrance where no one is parked.
・ Do not parallel park as much as possible
・ Even on the highway, you will never overtake or overtake the car in front of you unless there are many cars around you.

And so on.

By doing so, I think that the risk of rubbing and bumping has been reduced.

2. Adjust the seat position and handle position properly

Many women are driving by sinking into the car seatI think. I used to be the same. Also, the seat was only adjusted back and forth, and I didn't really care about the height.

However, while I was going to a Porsche driving school and being pointed out by my husband,Knowing the importance of seat adjustmentSince then, I have started to drive after adjusting to my body shape.

Porsche Boxter

By adjusting the seat up and down, the line of sight became higher, and the sense of width of the car became better than before, making it easier to drive than it seems to be the same car.

3. When turning left or right, make a big turn while being aware of the inner ring difference.

When I started riding Panamera,I made a right and left turn like A3 and got on the sidewalk several times.Until now, I hadn't driven in consideration of the difference in the inner ring of the car, but when driving a car with a large body, I learned that it is better to make a large turn with that in mind.

Especially for the Cayenne, the car body feels smaller than the actual size because it has a small turn.It is necessary to drive with more awareness of inner ring difference than PanameraI think.

Porsche Panamera

I can't say that I'm good at driving yet, and my husband often says, "Judgment is slow!However, I hope that I will continue to improve my driving skills little by little while keeping in mind safe driving.


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  1. Ishi


    Thank you for responding to your request.

    Sure, the seat position is basic, but it's easy to overlook it. I adjust it as a matter of course, but after reading the article, I felt that my wife's seat position was too low.

    But the most important thing is the love for the car, and for that reason, we are doing risk aversion properly, and I feel that this is all.

    It was a painful expense this time, but I'm glad I didn't get injured or inconvenienced around me. I accept Panamera's wounds as my work of switching Boxster twice without telling my wife, and I would like to thank my wife for loving Porsche.

    I felt a little surprising that Cayenne needs more attention to the inner ring difference than Panamera.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      This was a good opportunity for me to look back on my driving. Thank you!

      > It was a painful expense this time, but I am glad that I did not get injured or inconvenienced around me. I accept Panamera's wounds as my work of switching Boxster twice without telling my wife, and I would like to thank my wife for loving Porsche.

      It's a wonderful couple ^^ Mr. Ishi who seems to be like that, and his wife who likes Porsche and rides on a daily basis
      I think it's wonderful!

      Is the Cayenne's inner ring difference especially the current type Cayenne?
      I think I should be careful because I forget that it is a large car because it is very responsive ^ ^;

  2. Fuga

    Hello Mina,

    I am always indebted to you

    I was counting the number of cars when I went out today, but I found around 50 BMWs and more than 20 Benz
    When I could not find any Porsche, I was impressed to find Panamera at the last minute (laugh)
    I felt like a photographer who succeeded in shooting rare animals in the forest.

    Panamera is cute but big and has a mysterious dignity
    You won't be interrupted
    And I was surprised to find that the acceleration performance is so good that even if you are riding in the city, you can easily see the difference from other cars.
    The speed of the signal Zeroyon was amazing ...

    And Cayenne is said to have a small turn
    Since Cayenne is an FF-based 4WD, the turning performance is high after all ...
    Both Impreza and Lancer Evolution are FF-based 4WD, and off-road cars may be decided by this
    Apply traction that pulls diagonally with the front wheels, and when the grip of the front wheels reaches the limit, torque shift occurs so that it is pushed out by the rear wheels (Is it understood that ... Please ask Hiro ...)

    Also, the problem with the seat is my personal opinion, but I think it is important that the muscles of the trunk and arms and legs are well linked.
    If this is not done, the joints and muscles of the arms and legs will be overloaded, so the feeling of fatigue over long distances will be different.
    Cars also have an element of load transfer, but most exercises can be explained by the load transfer of the human body.
    Especially if you are taller than your seat, you should be able to do this
    People with long limbs have a high joint load, so if you do not know the movement in the trunk, the elbows and knees will break quite easily ...
    By the way, if Hiro is 177 cm tall and Mina is taller, it seems that the three children will also be taller.

    • MinaMina

      Porsche is rarely seen compared to other German cars, isn't it?
      It seems that the number of units sold is completely different ...

      I wrote the seat adjustment etc.
      I haven't been able to do various things yet
      Even if I can run normally in the city, I wonder if I ran like a circuit ... ^^;

      My husband is taller, but I'm not 160
      But my physique feels tight (I'm often asked if I was swimming?)
      I am looking forward to seeing how the children will grow up.

  3. Fuga

    > I'm not tall, but I have a tight physique with shoulder width, and when I go to a massage, I'm often asked "Did you swim?" In fact, when I was a student, I used to go home for many years, but the explanation is I've been bothered and kept saying "I was doing it" every time, but recently I've come to think that I was really a swimming club. it's scary…
    > (I'm often asked if you were swimming?)

    The Porsche from 911 also looks like they were swimming even though they could not swim, so Mina is the same as the Porsche (laugh)
    But before 356, it may not be a frog (laugh)