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A car that a Porsche riding husband wants

Looking at my husband, I think that the time when I'm thinking "what kind of car should I buy next ..." may be the most enjoyable.

My husband said last yearI don't have the car I want anymore ...I was lonely saying, but for a while now I've been talking about the car I want again.

Of course, I don't actually buy it, but it's just a delusional stage of "I want it ...".

The car my husband wants now is the Mercedes-Benz SL400.

* Image source: Mercedes-Benz "SL400 Grand Edition"

My husband has longed for Mercedes-Benz SL since he was a child. My first car was Honda's Legend Coupe, which I received from my father, but from that time on, "I want to ride SL or CL somedayI heard that he had always thought.

And a few years ago, when I bought the long-sought SL500 (R129),

Ride quality like walking on the thick carpet in the lobby and corridors of a luxury hotel! However, even though it is soft and supple, it bends properly, runs properly, and stops properly in the event of an emergency. As expected, it's Mercedes!

I was deeply moved.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)

After all, I decided to buy an air-cooled Porsche 911 (964 type), so I said goodbye to the SL500, but after that, I often talked about SL.


And from the other day, my husband said something like this.

I have 6 cars in my house right now, but honestly I can't survive anymore. I like driving more than a collection, so I can't take care of it anymore.To be honest, I can't reduce it moreI think.
Nowadays, I sometimes have to move the car regularly so that the battery doesn't run out, but that's how I feel obliged to drive the car.
So, the next time I buy a car, I think it's best to let go of one or two and then buy a new one.

When. Well ... it's still a lot, but I think it's good for the decrease (laughs)

And recently, he seems to want SL400, and he has been staring at the car sensor for a long time, but it is still expensive, so he doesn't seem to buy it right away.

I"Do you want SL400 instead of AMG?As I asked,

Yeah, SL400 is ok. You don't need the power and speed of AMG.
I want to ride more comfortably, and the SL400 is a V6 with a light front, so I'm sure it will run lightly. Besides, this model has too good cost performance, and the engine sound and torque output are very good. SL400 is enough.
in front,I was riding the AMG S63 coupeAt that time, he said, "I don't have to be in AMG because I want to ride comfortably instead of in battle mode ...".

And that.

Also, among SL400, what I want a husband is"SL400 Grand Edition" with some of the luxury equipment of "AMG SL65"It seems that it is a model.

The interior of the SL400 Grand Edition is really gorgeous. The seats are thick and fluffy, and the wood deck panel on the dashboard is insanely cool.
The SL400 Grand Edition was just coming to Ashi the other day, but I just stared at it. It was really cool.

And husband.


"But now my family is a family of five, and I have two two-seaters, and I want to buy another two-seater ... And I already have two open cars in my house, but I want to buy another one ... I can do math. It's like shopping for people (laughs) "

That's right. I know that well, butI admire commuting by SL.Well, now that I have more work at home, I have less commuting, but when I used to commute at SL500, I was happy and happy.
I don't really run like when I got on a Porsche, but I also like to run slowly, so I'm wondering if it's okay to go to a car other than Porsche.
But if I do that, I feel like I'll buy it after letting go of the GT3 and Nissan Note, or I'll wear it with 992, and I don't think about replacing it. So, I don't know what to do right away, and now the SL400 I want is still expensive at 7-9 million yen, so I wonder if it would be cheaper.

He said.

At one time, "I don't have many cars I wantThe husband who said. But after all, I like cars and driving, so when I have a car I want, I think it's more exciting every day.

I wonder what will happen to my car life this year.

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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    It is difficult for a multi-headed animal to prevent a child from bending the belly button. It is also quite difficult to prepare a cage that suits each. The other day, I also had a hard time giving up the battery of RS, which had been running for about 40km for 1 hour with the engine running once a month. Many more husbands are bred and I think that the effort is tremendous. Commuting is a good car that makes you feel good! I have to enjoy commuting! But in the end, it seems that it cannot be reduced and it will be an addition. I have a car lover

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Buying multiple heads seems to be difficult (laughs)

      > The other day, I also had a hard time giving up the battery of RS, which had been running for about 40km for 1 hour with the engine running once a month.
      Oh, that's hard ...!

      But there are many attractive cars in the world.
      I would like to keep an eye on what will happen to my car life from now on ^^

  2. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    I am always happy to see you. If your husband has time, I would appreciate it if you could comment on Alpina. GT3 and wagon are MT, and there are 3 SUVs for family use, but we are considering collecting the number. I'm also interested in what my husband chooses, assuming it's another GT3. I took a test drive on the D3S Touring and it was pretty wobbly. Thank you.

    • MinaMina

      991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications
      Thank you very much!

      > I'm also interested in what my husband chooses, assuming it's another GT3.
      My husband has never owned or driven Alpina, but there are quite a few acquaintances on board.
      It seems that he usually hears about its goodness. Husband

      "Well, when it comes to two GT3s, the GT3 can run insanely sporty.
      I wonder if the other one will be an SUV that can be played comfortably with the family.
      Alpina's D is really good, but for me, who has always admired Alpina,
      I wonder if Alpina wants to ride a gasoline engine model ... "
      I was saying.

      Do you have an answer ...
      Thank you for your consideration!

  3. 991GT3 Touring Package with almost the same specifications

    Thank you for your husband's comment. Commenting on the SUV, I would like to enjoy the time of consideration while delusional. I am looking forward to seeing you at Ashi someday.