Is the fun of driving Porsche in handling?

Porsche Boxster GTS
Cayenne E-Hybrid

The fun of driving a Cayenne

The other day, I was driving my Cayenne E-Hybrid. "I wonder why driving is so much fun with Cayenne."I thought again.

Cayenne handle

Then I asked my husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

Why is Cayenne so fun to drive?Boxster and 911 have a pleasant engine sound, and especially MT and the feeling of driving by myself is very fun. I understand that.
But CayenneEasy to drive, quiet, comfortable,I think it's going to be boring to drive. Even so, it's so much fun that I want to drive all the time. Why do you do it?

When. Then my husband

Well ... Cayenne is completely different from Boxster and GT3. But it's certainly fun.I think it's probably handling.Even though it is an SUV, it can be driven as expected like a sports car. No matter what kind of strange lane change you make, it will handle it more easily than you think.
thisGood handling is one of the big differences from other manufacturersI guessAfter all there is only adopting parallel steering geometryso.
On the other hand, the handling is not too severe like a supercar, so I feel that it fits the feeling that humans feel comfortable.


Certainly ... the influence of handling is great. The first Porsche I drove in my life was Panamera, but what impressed me most was the handling.

"Is this a sense of unity between humans and horses?I was surprised, "It's the first time I've ever driven a car that I can drive as I want"I thought.

My husband continues,

later,Great feeling of profoundness and ground contactI think. No matter how good the handling is, if the suspension is fluffy, it will feel a little uncomfortable, and if the ride quality is too light, the feeling of driving will be diminished.
Cayenne feels that the ride is the smoothest in Porsche and more luxurious than Panamera, and the handling is Porsche itself, so you may want to drive happily all the time.

I said.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

I think that there is a big problem of preference regarding ride comfort and ground contact, but when I tried SUVs of other manufacturers before purchasing Cayenne, I remember that the ground contact was weak and I was a little scared when driving. ..

Also,It's comfortable, but the acceleration is amazing.I think the E-Hybrid feels even faster because it is assisted by the motor, but once you step on the accelerator, it accelerates so powerfully that you can't think of it as an SUV, and it's more than enough when merging at high speeds or overtaking. Fast to.
Even in that respect, you can drive without stress. Also, the engine sound when accelerating is pretty good.
By the way, when I was riding the Panamera Turbo, I didn't really think about going touring, butFor Cayenne, "It's okay to go touring with this."I think.
Panamera is a luxury sedan after all ... I sometimes chose a road because of its vehicle class and power, but Cayenne seems to be able to run on any road without hesitation.

And husband.

Certainly. Cayenne is an SUV, it is very comfortable, but I thought again while listening to my husband's story that it is basically a Porsche.

Riding Boxster for the first time in a while

And at a later dateI had the opportunity to ride Boxster for the first time in a few months.I have a two-seater Porsche such as Boxster and GT3 in my house, but since I have three children including a 0-year-old child, I have limited opportunities to ride.

I wish I could ride more,I ride Boxster and GT3 at most several times a yearIt is. To put it the other way around, the excitement of riding once is insanely great because I rarely ride it (laughs).

And when I got on the other day after a long time, Boxster was more fun than I imagined.

Porsche Boxster GTS

The weather was nice, so I opened the roof and opened it, and while basking in the engine noise all over my body, I ran through the pass with the wind.

It is not an exaggeration to be able to run in 2nd and 3rd speed main while operating the clutch and shift by yourself, and to taste the bobbing, crunchy exhaust sound, and auto blipping sound when the accelerator is released.Is there any more luxury ...It was so much fun that I thought.

And after allPorsche is fun to handleI thought again. It bends as you want and moves like your own limbs.

"Boxster is a red hare for meWhile thinking ...w

Porsche Boxster GTS

Even if the engine is installed in a different place, in a different size, whether it is a 2-seater or a 4-seater, whether it is the latest water cooling or the old air cooling ... Performance and charm are completely different, but which model It also has Porsche handling firmly.

Porsche is a solid Porsche no matter what you ride. While saying profusely, Macan has never driven, so I would like to drive Macan someday.

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  1. Ishi


    Cayenne looks good.
    My wife, who hated Porsche, became interested in Panamera, and I'm happy there, but in less than three years, she did light rubbing 4 to 5 times, including 2 times on the curb.

    Does Mina feel that Panamera or Cayenne is easier to drive? I would like to refer to it if you can review the difference in ease of handling of the car body from a female perspective.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      Your wife, you love Panamera very much!

      I also rubbed and bumped the Audi A3 I was riding before, and so on ...
      I remember taking it to a sheet metal shop many times ...

      > Does Mina feel that Panamera or Cayenne is easier to drive?
      I feel that Cayenne is easier to drive because of the higher line of sight.
      I feel that riding the Cayenne all the time is too easy and I am not good at driving ...

      After all I love Panamera, so ...
      I'm sorry, I haven't been able to organize it at all ^^;
      I will organize it once and make it a blog article again!

      Thank you!

  2. Taketake

    Oh, the manicure is beautiful ✨

    I think that the handling with a dashing butt is like 911.
    Especially in the IC on the highway, it makes me sick!
    When you enjoy the "likeness", you can feel that you are driving!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I changed my nails the other day!

      > When you enjoy the "likeness", you can feel that you are driving!
      You're right!
      The handling unique to 911, it seems that you can definitely enjoy it when you turn the IC on the highway ^ ^! !!