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Porsche Boxter


The other day,Porsche Track Experience (PTE)Part 1 of the article that participated in Boxster(Morning program)But today is the second part(Part of the afternoon program)I want to write about

Even women want to be called "Porsche rides"! – I went to a driving school in Porsche

The first training in the afternoon is "J-turn". I heard J-turn for the first time, so the image did not boil, and when I searched on the net on the spot, ``A term that describes an intentional 180-degree spin turn from back runningIt was written.

Later from the instructorExperience "understeer / oversteer" and learn machine controlWas explained. By the way, the training course was sprayed with water so that understeer could easily occur, and large puddles were formed.

However, again this time, just listening to the story did not give me much image, so first of all I had the instructor show me a demonstration.

The instructor said,Even if understeer occurs, the version does not rebuild the behavior of the car without handling operation"When"Version that changes the direction of the car by handling operation when understeer comes outI was surprised by the more intense splashing than I expected.

Is fierce ... like this ... (° д °)

"Anyway, until the landmark pylon,Accelerate deliberately at a speed of about XX km / h, then release the accelerator, take a breath and turn the steering wheel at oncePlease give me. Note that turning the steering wheel while accelerating will bend normally and will not cause understeer. And everyone, please keep the window closed. It will be great w "

The instructor told me to get into their own car and start the first run. However, I was so sick, so no J-turn,It just turns a big puddle along the pylon(Explosion)

What's this…(-_-)

Let's increase the speed. Also, pull out the accelerator, take a breath, and turn the steering wheel.

The next time I drastically increased my speed and turned the steering wheel after a breath, I saw understeer towards the end.

"Gagagagagaga ...!”, And the car slid with a tremendous force that I had never experienced.

Scary ... (° д °)! !

Continue turning the steering wheel as it is, the direction of the car changes, and the instructor returns to the platoon with relief,

Right now… Understeer came out, but as we cut more, understeer came out toward the end. This is different from the understeer intended for J-turn training,First turn the handle as much as possible so that understeer can be produced from the startLet's try.

That advice.

surely"It was different from the behavior of the instructor demo because I turned the handle terribly.I thought about it in the next run from the beginning,Gagagagagaga ...!Along with the tire soundUndersteer appears, the direction of the car changes drastically, rebuildsA series of operations.

…Hooray! !

Oh, right now! Let's do it again without forgetting that feeling. This time, I'm conscious of how smoothly I can go to the point where the undercarriage comes out and the vehicle is rebuilt.

I was conscious of what I was told, but I was nervous about rebuilding the vehicle, I couldn't handle the steering wheel completely and I couldn't understeer well.

No, it's really difficult to increase precision. I tried about 10 times of J-turn training,If time allowed, I wanted to do it 20 or 30 times until I could get the feeling.After the training, I got off the car to hear the instructor's summary.

Boxster is muddy! ! !

Boxster, who was so beautiful, became instantly covered with mud. "Would you like to have the sprinklers standing there and water them clean?I thought, but that's impossible.

(↑ Water sprinkler. Waited all the time and refilled during training.)

An instructor tells this story.

"Windows must be closedMany people think that the behavior of the car has never been tasted, but if on the actual road such understeer comes out,Definitely a major accident hitting a car or guardrail in the opposite lane. I guess you can see that turning a curve at such a speed on a rainy day would have this effect.

Raising the driving technique means that you can drive faster,Being able to understand exactly what kind of movements the car will take and how to drive safely at any timeIt was also found.

After the J-turn, there was time for a test drive of a new model of Porsche, driving a new 911 (992), Cayenne, Panamera GTS, and a full throttle challenge, but I will touch on this in another article I think I'll be there.

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  1. Tap

    You seem to have been stepped into driving again with PTE (laughs)

    I haunt schools other than PTE. There are ways to increase the number of skill drawers to protect the family and the car in case of emergency, but it is best to be able to drive well.

    If you can be conscious of smooth driving that also leads to speed, do not use brakes wastefully, turn the steering wheel slowly considering the slip angle, do not repeat the operation, look ahead on the road and minimize the amount of operation It will be a gentle driving that reduces the three-dimensional shaking and makes passengers less anxious. (However, no matter how carefully you drive, there are many cars that are nervous, and it is important that the car be a good car that does not need extra operation for the driver)

    After going to school, the rate of sleep asleep in the passenger seat has risen, but it is a good practice to be aware of gentle driving as a chauffer (laughs)

    • MinaMina


      > After going to school, the sleeping rate in the passenger seat has risen, but it is a good practice to be aware of gentle driving as a chauffer (laughs)

      Oh yeah (laughs)
      I think it means that you are driving very comfortably.
      I imagine moderate shaking, smoothness, and it's really like a lullaby. (Laughs)

      Driving is deep.
      I will continue to work hard!

      I would be happy if you could tell me again.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Takuro

    Hello Mina,

    Is cheers for good work.
    Shirahama PTE I learned very much.
    It was raining from the afternoon because I was participating in the warm-up the previous day,
    Slalom in the rain and danger avoidance from full braking. I learned very much.
    I personally think it was very good to change from a steady circular turn to a J-turn this time.
    During the lesson, the instructor athlete said that he often used the word `` Pro driver picks up the grip '', but he was aware of the load and steered slowly while feeling that the tire was gripping firmly It was valuable just to teach us the importance of cutting through J-Turn lessons. I was able to answer questions such as how to drive on roads with elevation differences such as Ashi and Nur Mita, and how to practice there. I don't really have such a chance (^ _ ^). How was the test drive of the new model? The instructor said that if you choose, it is 992S recommended. I also had a very shocking impression of Carrera S. I want to participate again next year.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Takuro

      Thank you for visiting our blog!
      You participated in the warm-up!

      Slalom in the rain, emergency avoidance ... amazing, that's really going to be a study.

      > I was also able to answer questions such as how to drive on roads with height differences such as Ashi and Nita Mita, and how to practice there.
      That's right! I guess I should have asked that question ...
      The instructor also answers every question carefully, so the exchange around that was also a study.

      The test drive of the new model was also fun!
      Personally, it was interesting that Panamera GTS and Panamera Turbo were so different.
      992 was a great car too!

      I really wanted to participate next year.

  3. 981 Cayman riding

    Nanki Shirahama PTE took care of the same group.
    It was fun to be able to experience various elements and share with the participants!
    And the professional drivers were amazing!
    I was riding a Porsche.

    I had the same experience and saw this blog,
    It is spelled out in this way with wonderful sensitivity, ambition, and thanksgiving
    It's a good feeling after reading this blog and the power to make you want to read the next article
    I realized. The good personality and curiosity of the person are oozing out.

    I met the couple and loved this blog.
    I am looking forward to it.

    • MinaMina

      981 Cayman riding

      Thank you the other day!
      And thank you very much for taking many wonderful pictures!
      I was able to use it on my blog and it was very helpful ...!

      While thinking that it was difficult to convey what I experienced there using only letters,
      Thank you for saying that.

      Porsche owners are really good people,
      I am grateful for such an encounter, I feel like I will be able to meet somewhere again,
      I really want to meet my grown up child,
      Thank you for your continued support!