How did the husband change his wife who was not interested in cars? I decided to sort it out soon

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

I didn't like cars

When a couple goes to a car event, drive to Ashi Driveway, etc. and talks to car lovers,It is good for couples to enjoy car hobbiesFrom the conversation flow "Did your wife like cars from the beginning?".

On the other hand, "No, I had no interest in cars at all ...I know Prius, but I don't know much elseI was not interested.If you answer

Well! ! Really! It was like this ...

And be surprised w

Actually my brother also likes cars(We had a Subaru Legacy MT car), "Until he got married, he had no interest in cars and his sister who was a paper driver for about 12 years since he got his license is now driving an MT carSeeing the figure, she seems very surprised (laughs)

And most of all, I am the most surprised by this change.

Capture my wife

My husband also said,The secret that changed my wife so far(At the time I met, my wife, who was not interested in a car for a millimeter, started driving a manual car.)My husband said to others about this.

It ’s that easy. Home presentation power and. Together with sales.

When. So that's it…

Previously on the blog,Five things that my husband tried to capture a wife who was indifferent to his car and purchased a Porsche.] I wrote an article, but in fact I myself "What kind of process did you take when you weren't interested in cars?I don't understand exactly.

My husband felt like I was waiting until the moment when I became interested in the car, but I felt like I was being driven to be interested in the car ... (-_-)

There have been small changes in my daily life, and as a result they have changed 180 degrees, but what happened to me in about 10 years after meeting my husband?

… Maybe if we unravel the last 10 years, we could discover great know-how (laughs)! ?

At this age, she had no opportunity to take company career training and take an inventory of herself.

"What did my husband do to me in the last 10 years?" "How did my husband think and act on my wife's strategy?"

I think it is also interesting. Summarizing them, it is not a strategy book for Dorakue,Wife guide book for car loversMay be completed w

Actually, next year, besides blogging,I want to create another tool that can transmit deeper contentI'm sorry, so I'm going to make preparations so that I can show it there.

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  1. yuke

    "What did my husband do to me in the last 10 years?" "How did my husband think and act on my wife's strategy?" ... Like a prologue of a sensual novel I haven't read w
    I have two kids, but could you afford to be interested in cars while doing housework?
    My home is small and my kids are still small

    • MinaMina

      Really (laughs)

      > I have two kids, but could you afford to be interested in cars while doing housework?
      To be honest, while the younger child was small, there was no room for feeling and there was no gap for the car to enter.
      Even though my husband repeatedly asked me "Would you like to go to Ashi?", I continued to refuse for several years, and also refused the Porsche Truck Experience for several years,
      At last, I feel like I can afford some time this spring.

      I hope that we can unravel well around that. .

  2. Kazugane Hills

    I see, I'm working hard.
    I got my MT license from my wife who did not have a license until after 30

    Well, I'm satisfied and it's been 20 years since then ...

    By the way, will you be interested in cars soon?

    For the time being, I'm on the circuit (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills

      > Because my wife who did not have a license until 30 years old got an MT license
      Wow! ! ! That's amazing! ! ! !
      It is quite difficult to get a license from scratch and a MT car license. it's great.

      When I first became interested in Porsche,
      "I was a test ride for the first time at a dealer,"
      "I went to the Porsche Fair held at the hotel, ate delicious sweets, and saw the shiny Porsche displayed live" (laugh)

  3. OrangeFish

    Hello! I'll give you a comment for the first time.

    In fact, my son, who is 2 years older than me, is a fan of this blog and reported to my family LINE that I saw a boxster here in the neighborhood this week. He really wanted to call out, but he wasn't his wife and he didn't have the courage. If you have another chance, thank you!

    By the way, I am 981, so let's see somewhere in Ashi!

    I wanted to let Mr. Kami do MT driving, so I succeeded in the nearby factory area until the test drive, but my heart broke first because of the smell from the clutch w

    • MinaMina


      Wow, my son is reading a blog! !
      Thank you for such a young man reading this blog! I am very happy! !

      Boxster has recently been in her husband's company parking lot,
      Perhaps it is a different boxster of the same model.
      (I have seen the same model in the same color scheme in my neighborhood!)

      You go to Ashi!
      And if they are 981! ! !
      I'm glad to meet you. In that case, my son also! !

      Your wife, but it's amazing, the challenge was that
      I think it's a pretty big step.
      If the clutch starts to smell, it may certainly be a bit confusing. .
      But I can't tell people because I think it was close ^ ^;