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Thank you to everyone who is watching the blog "Porsche has come to our home", and to everyone who has been to this blog for the first time. This blog regularly introduces the comments received from readers, but this time it is the seventh. this time too,Edit the comment a little by extracting only the necessary part so that the context before and after can be knownI will introduce you.

Comments from readers

Apple CarPlay and Yahoo! Car Navigation

Recently, I switched to the MY2018 911 GTS and used apple car play for the first time,When using Yahoo! car navigation via car play, functions are limited compared to using it on a smartphoneIt seems. Scrolling can not be done by sliding your finger like a smartphone, but you can only move the screen of the navigation system one year ago ...
The narrow of 69 years is also on board, but since that direct navigation is used with the smart phone, compared with that, I think that the good place of y navigation is halved through CarPlay(Mr. Tatata)

I use Apple Car Play on my bike. Now that Zenrin and Google Maps have broken up! It's free enough to say that it's 1 for free ♪ So farThere is a problem such as freeze, music stops when launching the appWe hope that we will improve it in future updates. It will be more convenient if you see an illustration of a highway branch.(Mizu)

The reason why there are few functions that can be used with Yahoo! Car Navigation for Apple carplay version isLarge due to Carplay limitations... apparently ... It seems that app development will do its best as well, so I would like to look forward to it in the future. As Mr. Mizu said,I want you to quickly display the branch illustration of the expresswayis not it.
Porsche should have a Wifi connection to a car SIM. The screen is also responsive on the touch panel. I am also on the S63 coupe, which also supports Carplay, but I do not allow the car SIM to be used by individuals. If you use Wifi by car, you can only tether from the iPhone. The Yahoo! Car navigation system will not start even if Wifi is turned off. Since neither screen nor touch panel is adopted ... BMW requires a subscription fee for using Carplay itself, so it may be said that it can be said as a further 0000 specification.(I am sorry if it is old knowledge)... etc. There was a point where Porsche was superior in unexpected places.(HeartOfGlass)

You can use "Yahoo! car navigation".It is not operation with CarPlay, but active with 964I do. "Yahoo! car navigation system", the vehicle position has become more accurate than before, and the functions are also enhanced. I think that I will continue to use it for the time being, and I have bought a handle remote control called "Naviuma". Naming that says "Navi Uma" is very good, and can considerably help the operation while driving.
I don't need an update. That is, there is always no update cost with the latest map. The highway that just extended in March was also updated immediately.(Tetsu-san)

Aoi, daunting driving

I don't like driving. "I can not beat Porsche"It seems that is not true in the United States (Crying) Everyone flies, so if you are in the overtaking lane at 120 km / h or less, you will definitely be slammed. "Anyway, what's the slow guy's car?"Like.
If you are running leisurely while riding on the Maserati(Although about 100 km / hr)There have also been occasions when passing from the driving lane while being pointed to the female driver (minivan). I passed through getting angry and laughed.(SN)

The other day,Hover drivingWas reported to the police. At that time, I was riding one box of a sales car. About 30 minutes after driving and returning to the office, the office telephone rang, and when I tried to go out, I called the police station and said, "I was informed that I was afraid that I was driving in a slanting direction." It was explained.
I do not remember that, but I certainly remember that there was a Ritter car that was running at 40km / h without a 50km / h regulation national road.I am neither passing nor scorning nor waving a car.After that, I tried to pass by using the side road, but the car on the other side continued on the same road and continued to run at 40 km / h, so I passed over at the point where the overtaking prohibited section was canceled and returned home. Then, the police officer seemed to be convinced of this statementBecause there are people who run slowly-please be careful because there are people who report immediatelyI finished the phone call.
The next day I talked about the end of my life to my younger friends,Hover drivingyou know! The guy who just added the drive recorder is making the rear car come close and reporting to the police and it's amusing! "Tell me. Upon hearing the story, I was convinced that the police officer had a good understanding. Everybody, please be careful about Aori driving and Annoyance driving.(Kasamachikara)

I've been stuck in the circuit recently and try to drive on a general road. It is different from indignation, but, unlike the circuit, I was scared honestly. The circuit is not perfect, but it's almost a gentleman(Cara)

Porsche and life

It is a young man in the second year of work from this month, but for some reason a loan has passedDelivered 981 Cayman MT yesterdaydid. I read the blog of a foreign sports car owner and came to this article and a blog that I think is probably my husband, and I pushed my back and made it into action.
Before getting a license, I was not interested in cars so much, I got a license for AT only, and it was a car of my house at that timeE46 Knows the fun of cars with BMW, and recently AT is released to buy PorscheDid. Mr. Mina was also driven by Boxster since AT limited release, but it's difficult ... I can only drive a few cars manually with limited release ...
Astonished by the weight of the clutch, I asked the person in charge of the store to practice, and he came from behind until I got home. I will do my best to improve my skills. Although the story was turned off, I was just pushed my back, but I would like to thank you for taking this opportunity. Thank you very much.(Takemaru-san)

One day I swear to buy Porsche, and while I go to work every day, I see Mina's blog and learn about my husband's comments and Porsche. At all times, I spend my days thinking about images of Porsche in my head and in mobile images.Contracted with the 718 Cayman GTS with the uncompromised option as expected in the July production quotaI was able to do. I'm really thankful to you. If you do your best unwillingly and make an effort without giving up, it will become a reality.
And on this blog, I remember that when I was 24 years old, I went to the Integra TYPE-R of Honda and went to see the night view with my girlfriend practicing Dora Tech each week. In addition, it will be fun after a long time since it can go to the Yuei driveway if delivered. It looks like the very best 40 years old (laughs)(TAKURO-san)

I also with a carI like drive, turbo, manual carHowever, I recently switched to SUV considering that I am of the age I think of getting married and the future I have a child. It was finally delivered, and when I drove while excited, it was totally fun and hopeless. When I thought that I took this car, the weekend continued without going out and the days of withdrawing to the room continued.
But recentlyOpportunity to ride the current WRX STII was allowed to ride, and I drove 500km in half a day with so much fun.There is such a fun car in the world, I always want to ride this carI felt that I was alive. Since then I send my thoughts to my daily life to get the WRX STI, but when I talk about that, it is a storm of criticism (laughs)
From the parents, "I will save money after getting married because I get money," and when I show the image to the girl who has dated, "This feather is dong pulling" "I hate that the caliper is yellow" "The current car is a girl "Let's do it," etc. (lol)
But the moment I'm thinking to get what I want is very happy, and I don't think I'll be unhappy as I get something that can inspire my adult emotions so much. What do you want to say?Doing what you like gives you the power to live and leads you to your own ideal lifeI think that.
And I think it's very lucky to have a partner or companion who will affirm such a way of life. We are planning to ride the Porsche 911 Turbo in the future (lol)(Syunta)

I can also become a Porsche owner that I had hoped for this spring, and the car model981 Boxster GTSAnd, I realized that Mina's husband and wife are the same as the owned car model, and have given me a sense of intimacy (laughs)
Buy Porsche and spend the day happy with feeling the spring cheer (^ ^)No matter how many times you ride, you are most excited when you go to see your favorite car and start the engine(LOL) I also go to the drive drive way, if you have the opportunity, thank you m (_ _ _ m m(Mr. Aki)

About Porsche

It is a Porsche love man of passing through. Panamera It is a good car. ButMercedes is still a good car for everyoneI think that means. When the items such as performance, ride comfort, usability, style etc. are made into a graph such as a hexagon,Mercedes still outperforms all rivals in total areaIt is an image of
for,Porsche is still part of the running partOther than that, although it is high-dimensional, it is an image that it does not reach Mercedes.
Even if you take a test ride with Mercedes, you don't feel so embarrassing or impressed even if you own it. Yes, it's really normal. But everything is not common for ordinary cars.
"Sports performance is good, but it is not comfortable to ride", "the structure of the interior is small", "sound insulation ...", "small turn ..." and so on. The work of eliminating such small stress makes Mercedes.Mercedes is the ultimate high-dimensional normal.Therefore, even if you try it, you can't be moved. But I know when I let go and get on another car. I think that's the great thing about Mercedes.
I have been using Carrera for many years, but the ride usually changes. However, it is the greatness of Mercedes to know by riding various cars. Panamera Love is nice. However, like the master, you may find out more about the Panamera by knowing various cars, and it may also change the way you look at other cars.(Sorry as Porsche likes. Ms.)

I am always looking forward to seeing you. The other day, I took my first old mother (68 years old) to Carrera 4S, my first car in the first half of 991 in my car, for one and a half hours by transportation to Haneda Airport for traveling, but a mother who was not interested in cars was unexpectedly surprised Lastly "My body was so painful that I was surprised! It's amazing-Porsche!I remembered that I said (laughs) Then, with the latest Panamera, it would be a more comfortable and nice car.(Ao-san)

In fact, I have a little serious idea whether I will buy new ones. Mission E I paid the car tax early the other day,My 996 is a year 2000, but it will be 19 years old, but it is something like 15% additional measures, 66,700 yen.If you look at the attachment attached to the payment notice, you know it, but ECO car tax reduction is large.
Mission E(Taikan)After all, it will be subject to tax reduction. It seems that the movement performance is also Porsche-like ... I would buy it.(Shinomiyannjp)


I'm looking for a Boxster Spider article and I'm here to read it from the beginning. I myself almost sit in front of the PC at work. Furthermore, we have been living driving around 60,000km a year for about six years. For a while, I used to sit down with a compress and sleep everyday.
I went to a sports club for about 20 years, but Gikkuri occurred frequently and it became a dangerous situation., Balance of abdominal and back muscles is importantListen to the storyEver since then(45 ° diagonal stand)I tried to train at the end of my back pain stoppedIt was.
It seems that it is the cause that I did not do the back muscles almost by training only abdominal muscles, but my strength around the waist falls with the age, so I feel that it is important to train consciously.(Mr. Sakon)

MT car

After all, I made it to the end WRR STI. The fact is that Subaru WRX STI has been decided almost selflessly while the family returned to Japan. Impression that came back and got on as I imaginedI can not take long distances for this"was. Suspension Gachi Gachi, but fun and personally very happy. after a long timeHeal & ToeI am playing. It seems that a person who is addicted to Subaru is called a barbarist,You can see why you are addicted to mania car construction including horizontally opposed engines.Somehow in common with Porsche.
Oh, afterMazda 3. It was a test ride and I did a test ride, but it is an impression like ... hmmm. The design and the interior are the best in this class, but the 2L Skyactiv G engine was weak and somehow I felt a bit from the lightness of the door etc. I was a little disappointed by the lack of rigidity."Beyond Golf!" Is an article about lanterns ~(SN)

Even if I say my house, the car relationship will be exclusively with me and my son(I was not able to let go of golf lol)I thought it would be similar to the car configuration, but I thought it secretly if I could teach various things about MT.
You don't have to think too much about the clutch.Isn't it good with your own clutch or another clutch?
I, about 600,000 km of commuting (Avapun Evo), GT3 is still only running 6000, but the present clutch is fine as long as there is no extreme shift mistake. In addition, I am expecting the figure that the BM MT is driven brilliantly.(TONO)

Certainly, it would be cool if a woman was riding a mochi and MT! "If it is a golf GTI MT that has not been remodeled, then the BMW 3 Series FR MT or so is good for studying the basics." My recommendation is exactly the same as the master. Golf R also has MT settings.
The other day the new model came out the BMW 3 Series first-trimester (E90) 4-door MT would be good. After that, when 4 people get on the Porsche, they decide to set MT car to the cayenne and GTS of the V6 of the previous late cayenne (957) and the MT car of the V6 of the previous cayenne early (958) There was!Element Panamera of the V6 of the predecessor Panamera (970)Even (laughs)!(Mr. Injunia)

As with any car, it takes a bit of effort to connect an unfamiliar clutch well. At first I was embarrassed at an intersection at first. The previous M5 was a paddle shift, and at home the manual was only a light truck.
It was cool to see a senior at the university (woman) belonging to the automobile club and running on the mountain road in Rokko at night, driving MT Laurel (a car that the run-up car preferred) at the time. Please do your best!(Kanou)


It was delivered one pair early on April 27. I want to ride every day, so I am very envious without wings. In my case, there is a slight gap in the garage. 997 3.8 There was no problem with the GT3 RS, but the 991 was rubbed by the rear diffuser.You I think it would be a car like this where there is no matter what, but because it is anxious about each time, it seems as if I saw it on other blogs? I think.
Please be careful.The clutch is very light and much quieter than the 997-1 GT3is. I am a little lonely.(991-2 GT3 MT)

A super car that seems familiar even when used for commuting, it's so great it's about to sigh. If I take the wings of a normal GT3 simply, I think that the balance at the time of running may be lost, but in the touring, is something devised to balance at the time of high-speed running without wings?
Even if a similar successor model comes out in the future, the combination of NA and MT is one of the most valuable because it is the last possibility. Personally, I am interested in the feel and durability of PCCB. I am looking forward to reading your husband's review in the article.(Mr. Ishi)


I am riding on the kan,The grumbling noise of Porsche tires is not a defectBefore I read the article, I thought it was completely wrong. When I was parked in the office every morning, I was scared to say that it was a problem and I couldn't go to the dealer, although I was hearing the resistance felt by the sound and steering. (Lol)
As there are no Porsche owners around me, I am really looking forward to the update.(Euukie)

Ps4s really good tiresI think. But I'm driving too much depending on the tire, so I like the conch and the eagle f1 w When the eagle f1 is on for the first time with wet as my husband said, it was too late for rain
If you know that, then the Conti sc 5 also got wet too.Pirelli is weak on wetRight? Dry is good, but the image is different if dry is also better than others.
However, cup 2 including GT3 has a feeling if I did not put in heat properly, and now ps4s came out, there is a kettle that the merit to wear cup 2 becomes thin.So much ps4s universal theoryw I personally like the conch's shaky feel w
Also, because Ferrari's second-hand vehicles are only a few of the individuals that don't run at a distance of 5,000 km even if they are owned for a couple of years, there are piles of tires, so dealers are fine ...
Tires that do not ride at all are already hard, so they are not comfortable to ride and there is no feeling of touch on the ground and they are dangerous and dangerous.When.
For those who buy secondhand cars, not new ones, just renew the tires. If you are driving a car, change the bush around the foot. Otherwise, I can not understand Porsche. Really tires are important.(Kurmania)

Cleaning the hood

Certainly there are various theories on how to maintain the soft top of an open car. As I am not blessed with the car wash environment in the apartment complex, I ask the car wash to the key company (key ○ la ○) exclusively. When observing the procedure, the soft top part is also cleaned in the same way as the body part.It is not a high pressure car wash, but after washing with foam shampoo, rinse with wateris.
After wiping it lightly, I opened the targa top and wiped off the water remaining in the gap. I'm taking dust with a roll to finish. I thought I was writing, but I felt that the soft top part was good only with a roll (laugh)(Mr. Rumbun Rumba)

Touring, travel

I was looking forward to the touring. The weather in the first half of this year's GW was bad, and I was hit by rain in the west, but maybe I could see how he would lower the hood from around DAY 3 and blast the Tohoku area. I am expecting it.
By the way, I will neverMaster of touring"It's not like driving, just like a driving fan. Please be patient (sweat).(Wata)

Nice to meet you. I commented involuntarily because Tateyama IC of neighborhood came out. Lol I'm riding on a Mazda roadster and it's a life without a connection with PorscheOpen car family with 2 children ..."I arrived when I was searching for something, and then I'm looking forward to seeing it in various ways.Wide-area agricultural road in Toyama(All say super farm road)There are around Tateyama-Kurobe traffic lights and traffic volume, but I think you can enjoy it with ups and downs and corners. If there is a chance to go through Toyama by all means-(Yuke)

I was in the middle of the GW, but while I was returning from Nagoya to Tokyo by Shinkansen, I was delusional about the next trip. Next, I think it will be after Panamera has been delivered, so while I thought I would like to go out by car somewhere, there was a ferry! If you think "Panamera" and "Ferry", this site is the first shot again!
But,Take the ferry at Panamera normallyThat's right. I was worried that I was a little narrow. It seems like you can go to Tokushima or Moji from Tokyo, so Kyushu is good! I especially want to go to Yufuin. Amakusa is good too! It looks like a good ship in the sky! I am going to use it as an example.(J11050)


Other car Mechatronics troubles that occurred in my house's golf basically there was no way except Assy exchange, and there was actually no 800,000 or so serious kind of trouble without guarantee.
Actually my brother was riding on the final type of golf 6, butIt is necessary to have a total contact with DSG due to mission trouble at around 100,000 km last monthIs it popular recently? I switched to a Nordic manufacturer of Dry DSG(Please ask my husband LOL)It seems that there are places where the structure is quite difficult. In that sense, it may be wise in some sense to let go of this time before the golf 8 also lands.
We are in the selection of the foot gurama while saying the first car of my eldest son (laughs) There may not be at least an ate that I want to ride all over the car enthusiast (^. ^) Looking forward to the progress I want to wait(Nave)

I saw a recommended Grand Tour. Interesting. Thank you for the recommendation. As three members of the show and I are of the same generation, the 917 images (sounds) are from the sight of the glorious Mans in the cinema to the head of the whole. Dicky Atwood(Although Richard in the book's book at the time is nice.)I saw driving for the first time, but now I am 78 years old and now I feel I can not enjoy it for 20 more years, rather than not being surprised. Mario Andretti in America(Driver of 2 seater machine of indy car race), In Japan, Takahashi Kunimitsu is the same year. Helmut Marco, familiar with Red Bull(1970's Le Mans 3rd in Porsche 908, 917 in 1971)Seems to be about three young.(Porsche Dreamer)

Porsche life

At first, it was a blog that did not include any comments at all, but now you can receive such comments from you every day, which is very encouraging. We hope that we will continue to provide information on Porsche, cars and car life.

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