I went to Fukui touring with Porsche Panamera and air-cooled 911

Touring notes

With Panamera and air-cooled 911

Before,President Suka of WRP invited to the Fuji Speedway run eventThe other day I went to touring to Fukui Prefecture. I had been looking forward to join with 4 family members before, but the next day my daughter got a gastrointestinal cold ...(This pattern is also no longer regular w)

"I am unfortunately not at homeI thought, "The medicine I got from the doctor was very effective, and the physical condition of the second woman was restored in an instant, so I was able to participate in touring.

Actually IThis is the first time to participate in touring. So I was a bit thrilled to say, "What are you guys talking about?" And "What kind of people are coming ..." but when you actually join, everyone is good, and it is a very enjoyable touring debut The

To solanone dining room

As sponsored by WRP is a Nagoya company, there were many participants coming from Nagoya area, but we are going from Hyogo.It is a lunch break placeSolanone dining roomJoin atI was supposed to The solanone dining room is located in Azumi River, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. You can cook rice with a stove and enjoy the dishes made with locally grown vegetables.Good natural restaurantIt's an atmosphere.

* Image Source:Solanone dining room

On the morning of the day, I left home at 8:30, my husband left with air-cooled 911 (964C2), and I and my daughter left at Panamera. I took Meishin Express and went on a fast track to the destination, but I got off the highway and it was quite crowded. That's the day off.

After that, I ran for about 30 minutes on the lower road,Stop by the convenience store and take a breakIn particular. There are many rice fields around this, and it was just the rice planting season, so childrenThe water is full!"I was thinking out of my mind.

Well ... these children have never seen rice planting or a scene where seedlings are planted.

I was born and raised in the countryside of Kyoto surrounded by rice fields, so I am familiar with this scene. In elementary school class, I borrow a nearby rice field and let me plant and harvest rice.We eat with rice which we harvested ourselves and eat"Was an annual event every year.

Students enter the rice fields barefoot when planting rice, so the studentsIt hurts! I was bitten by the hill!"And"Really, I'm sucking blood!"I was asked to plant rice while saying ... ... But now, in consideration of safety, it may not have been such an experience.

After looking at the rice fields for a while, I left for the Solanone dining room again. Around here isA very clean and pleasant farm road continuedHowever, after all there were many sloppy driving cars, and I could not run well. Well, it can not be helped because it is a local life road.

Around 5 minutes to the destination, the road has suddenly narrowed. In places where one car is finally passing. Because the air cooling is compact, I can afford, but the Panamera was tense at the last moment.

When I left this mountain path, I came out to a corner of a private house,Eh, is there really a restaurant like this?"I thought so," I went to the next corner, and there was a solanone dining room.

It is a nice place full of lush greenery. I saw a horse grazing in the back. And if you look at the parking lot place, Porsche and famous cars are already gathered!

"Porsche on a green carpet"... Even though I feel somewhat uncomfortable, it matches surprisingly well. It was said that about 15 cars, 30 people, were participating in this touring. Looking at the license plate, there were Hamamatsu and Nagoya, and also the Kobe number as we did.

By the way, in this restaurant "Cooked rice setThe children ordered curry and rice. All the side dishes were able to taste the taste of the food well, and the body was delicious and delicious.

After lunch, the owners and families exchange information, and the children become barefoot ...If you ride a Panamera with such sand and grass, you will find itIt seems that the children were running around in the wilderness and being very satisfied, thinking.

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Depart for the Sea of Japan

After playing and talking for a while, the next step isAim for the road along the sea of FukuiIn particular. Then the weather has gradually recovered.

As I looked sideways while driving, the deep blue Sea of Japan was spreading below my eyes. It was very beautiful, with a deep blue different from the Pacific Ocean.

Previously,"The Sea of Japan is cloudy, and the waves are ragingThere was a selfish image like this, but the Japan Sea on a sunny day is so beautiful. It was a wonderful view.

It was so beautiful that everyone stopped suddenly at the parking lot on the way, shooting time for a while. However, the girls who had been on the Panamera also burst into sleep.

It might be that I had run quite aggressively on the mountain path that I had become such a sleeping habit ... (-_-) Souvenir spot of Shiga which is the final destination after thatJapan Sea fish townIt aims to. Meanwhile, the road was very beautiful.

Of course the paid driveways such as ○ ○ line are beautiful,Especially the wide area agricultural road without the name and the road along the sea are wonderful.There are still many good roads in Japan, and I think again ... I have arrived at the destination "Shinkai Sea Sakai" safely.

Here you can buy seafood souvenirs and, of course, you can also eat seafood skewers and sashimi here. The group also came and the shop was quite crowded. However, my home is not interested in gourmet very much, soAfter walking through the street, I bought only a double wing.

I could not talk to everyone while waiting for you to buy a souvenir,Family joined by Giulietta of Alfa RomeoI was able to talk a little. anything,My husband bought Julietta's MT, and now my wife is riding fastThat's right.

"Thank you! It is a wife friend who has been brainwashed by her husband! w"I was happy to talk with your family while saying. Besides, some people already know this blog ... it was a tooling that I felt that those who love cars are really good people.

After breaking up, I came home through the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway. My husband who was running behind was taking a back view of Panamera, but it's so cool. Sora, it's supposed to be w

About Panamera

This time, I took part in the touring for the first time by riding on the Panamera, but I felt like this after I got home.

"The Panamera is a really good car, but I just missed it"

When.(Hearing is well known that you will receive a message such as "No, no, no !! Which mouth is fine!")... but it was the first time I had this feeling after I got home at Panamera, so I was a little surprised by myself.

Panamera,High speed stability is also high, long distance high speed driving non stress, not tired at all.In addition, the running of the Shindo will be well without any problems, and at that time the huge feeling does not feel dusty either. The back seat can be spacious and spacious.There's no such a nice car that's made for a family driveI even think of it.

However"It is a great car and there is no room for human intervention"It is also true.

Even if you are not confident in driving a car like me,If you leave it to the Panamera, you can drive well without any problems.There is no need to think about load movement, even when it is a curve on a mountain road, it will bend so as to make a good cut if you try to step on the brakes, but when to step on the accelerator. I even feel like I'm good at driving.

In other words, a well done carSense of driving with your own handsIt is hard to taste I have also been on the Panamera for over 3 years now, so I feel that I have become accustomed to the Panamela a little and feel this kind of thing ... I felt this time that the Panamera is a car like a student.

When I talk to my husband,

If you want to run with the Panamera Turbo's real estate, it may be an outban speed limit zone,Nürburgring tooIt is impossible to go. In Japan, there aren't many places that can show the true value of the Panamera Turbo, so it will end up as a treasure treasure.
Before that, Matsutoya also said, "I prefer cars with a bit more hump than honor cars.So I still ride my 996 GT3. " Certainly, I really think so.

When. I see.

However, when asked, "Well, let's make a different car instead of a Panamera?", That would not be possible. "Ah ... Panamera was good ... I miss Panamera ..."I think it's going to be my second car while thinking daily"

It must be that the Panamera is a great car.

However, I did not think that the day when I thought like this would come. Well anyway, let's try and practice now to get the BMW 320i out of the way!

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