The positive effect brought to married couple by having cars become a common hobby.

Everyday conversation between car husband and wife

If you do not interfere, the couple

It often seems to be "a couple with many conversations" because it often carries stories of cars with couple usually on this blog, but it was not so before. Rather, there was a time when I felt a sense of crisis that there was no conversation at all and "This is bad".

The couple's conversation increased dramatically since the car became a hobby common to both couples.

Originally our husband and wife is not a couple who consults their own troubles or talks a lot, but rather they are self-contained and self-financed each other. Afterwards it is cool to say "Do not interfere with each other"I do not listen to each other like I'm not interested (explosion)

For example, saying that her husband would go out on a 4-day, 4-day touring alone alone, he did not know which accommodation he would stay and did not need a husband's meal on Google Calendar"Rice is unnecessary"I just do not know who we are going to go and what to go. By the time I forget it"By the way, I went for a rice with this ◯◯ before this"I heard stories like my husband.

On the contrary my husband does not even ask me where I will go and who will go when I go somewhere.

It's pale white (explosion)

Not every event

Also, since we are two people who forget all the anniversaries, even on wedding anniversary, we looked at the facebook notice and in the evening of that day"Did you know that wedding anniversary today?" "Oh, I forgot."I will e-mail you. Even Christmas, I never gave a present, I went to a restaurant and had a meal, and my husband to Valentine"Do you need chocolate?"Even if you ask

"Such a thing, I just need to get on the strategy of a chocolate company!

Because it is said to be, I bought a reward chocolate for myself and eat it (laugh)

Regarding my birthday, my husband said that he did not need any gifts(I wish I could give you even if it is said to be necessary), I say "I want a Mac for work" than accessories and bags ... It is a couple without romantic pieces.

Changes since the second daughter was born

But even these two people have been married for a while"I'm thinking about this recently" "It has become such a development in my work"We had a conversation. The conversation dramatically declined since the second daughter was born in 2017.

When two children became, as I increased doing something more, the lack of sleep continued, even when my husband returned home from work, I slept the children with it and slept as it was.

On the day off I was sleeping tired and also in the day"Good morning" "Welcome back" "I'm home" "Good night"There was not a couple's conversation about whether it was only saying that.

One day such a life continued for several months, a variety of things overlapped, I spit out my feelings that had been accumulated in my husband after a long time"Since the couple's natural conversation has been made too recently, let's make time to talk variously"At the same time at the same time I thought it was a story.

Well, even if you say the couple's natural conversation, what should I talk about (-_-) ...When.

Since the period of not having too much conversation continued, even I could not tell how to speak naturally and what kind of chance to talk about.

Therefore, although there was such a discussion, the conversation of the couple did not increase, so it was June like that last year.

As I began to start this blog for a while, I also started to get interested in Porsche and cars"Now it was a new type ◯◯, but what kind of guy" or "what is torque and what is chassis?"And conversation increased with nature. (LOL that maniac conversation increased naturally)

The chance to start a conversation is a car only, but I think that it made it possible to talk about various things from there.

Thanks to Porsche

Again ... communication is like blood. Once blood gets stuck in somewhere, it gets stuck, it gets sick from there, and the body gets worse. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it running smoothly and it is always necessary to keep it healthy.

Communication is the same, it is important to create an atmosphere that you can talk with nature through chat and light conversation, since it has its foundation, you can talk about important things and keep it healthy even at home.

When forced to face each other and try hard to share time, it may be that either one gets painful or a feeling of incompatibility may come out, but I do not mind sharing the time with the part where mutual interests overlap Recently I think.

No, really, thank you Porsche (゚ ∀ ゚)

From now on, I hope that you can make friends with your husband and wife without hesitation, through the hobby of cars.

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