Almost like automatic driving? I actually tried using Porsche Panamera's traffic jam assist!

Porsche 971 Panamera Turbo
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Highway congestion on highway

The other day my husband went to Panamera, but since the expressway was a heavy traffic jam, it seems he tried using the traffic jam assist function.

The Porsche Traffic Jam Assist function,

Supports Driver's Driving at Low Traffic Conditions at Traffic Congestion and at a Speed ​​of Less Than 65 km / hThings to do. Let the vehicle maintain the lane calculated by the system.ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is ONIf it is,Within the limitations of the system the system automatically automates the steering wheel operation of the vehicle.(However, keeping the steering wheel at all times so that the driver can handle the steering wheel at any time)In this system,Designed for driving on highways and well-maintained suburban roadsHas been done.

It is said.(I compiled the description of Panamera's specification manual)

Almost like automatic driving?

At the upper left of the touch panel of the image below"Surround System""Lane Keep Assist" on the right side also turns ON, but since the lane keep assist becomes operable with about 65 km / h or more running, in the case of a heavy traffic jam like this time it is about 65 km / System runs below h"Traffic congestion assist"Press.

And if it is displayed on the meter as follows,(If the display is green)It means that it operates normally.

By the way, with the lane keep assist function,

Using the camera attached to the rearview mirror detects the lane keep assist lane course within the system and when the vehicle is in danger of getting close to the lane and deviating from the driving lane, the system starts the corrective steering Things to do.

The driver can invalidate the operation at any time by grasping the steering wheel. So, if this "traffic congestion assist" turns on,Even in the state where you left your foot off of the accelerator and the brake, it will run about the previous car like this.

If the previous car steps on the brake, in response to that, the car will handle the brake without permission, and within a certain period of time(There are not seconds detailed in the manual)If it is a stop, if the car in front advances, it will start to drive by accelerating again.

It is amazing! ! It's almost like driving a dream (゚ ∀ ゚)! !

If you are in a state of talking hands from the steering wheel, this will appear after a while.

My husband"The time I was releasing my hand from the handle was sensibly one minute or so - I felt it was quite long."And that. I checked the specification manual, but it was not specifically written how long it will be warned if I release my hand from the handle.

When traffic jam assist is ON, the steering operation of the driver is monitored. If steering is not operated, a warning message will be displayed on the instrument cluster in a short time.
* Quoted from Porsche Panamera specification manual

As soon as you start operating the steering wheel, "Traffic congestion assist" turns on again. My husband"Wiser than cruise control of Volkswagen Golf"He said. However, there seems to be only one problem.

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  1. kenny

    When the system tries to manipulate the handle, it is judging whether or not the driver is manipulating the steering wheel with or without reaction force from the steering wheel.
    By applying this principle, I will pluck the cuff with my left hand while talking with my hands (Sudanbai so that the right foot always steps on the brake for sure) If you press the knee or thigh against the handle it will automatically run. The other day I ran a 15 km congestion section without touching the handle at all.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!

      > By applying this principle, putting a cuff on the left foot with both hands talking, (just to make sure that the right foot stepping on the brake for precaution) If you press the knee or thigh against the handle it will automatically run. The other day I ran through a 15 km congestion section without touching the steering wheel.

      Well, you can do such a thing! Certainly it is possible in theory.
      Kenny, who tried this challenge, was also pleased, and ACC's technology with Porsche's traffic jam assist is amazing ...!