Try Porsche 911 GT3 at Okayama International Circuit

Porsche 911 GT3 circuit

My husband recently ran GT3 at the Okayama International Circuit. I wrote an article about your impressions at that time, so please take a look.

To the race with GT3

Official Porsche Club of Porsche since last yearPorsche Club JapanHave joined.

Originally, I'm not very good at collective action and I like being alone, so I'm not good at doing this, but for me it's an unusual event. However, this is the first time to participate in the event.Participate with GT3 because it is a driving event at Okayama International CircuitIt was to be.

At Okayama International Circuit, I ran with simulator iracing and rFactor2 at home, so I remembered the course somehow,This is my first time to run in real life.

I left home at 6:30 AM to arrive at 9am and headed west on Sanyo Road. It's been a long time since the GT3 expressway. As always, high-speed stability is amazing.With an extremely flat ride, the GT3 turned into a very comfortable machine, unlike the city..

There are many ways to go to the Okayama International Circuit, and there is no fixed road, but this time I decided to go north from the Wake IC instructed by Porsche's genuine navigation. (Why was this route this day...)

I came in refueling on the way and wasting time, but for some reason it arrived much earlier than planned. I decided to wait for the briefing time while loving GT3 in the pit where no one was present.

First run on Okayama International Circuit

The briefing is over and it's time for the first run.This time, it's a luxurious schedule that you can run 5 frames for 30 minutesIt is.

Lined up in the pit lane and lined up with GT3RS and GT2RS. Go out to the course with the green signal and accelerate.

You can enjoy acceleration that you cannot try on ordinary roads. "After all GT3 is fast"I was impressed by the acceleration and the sound, and one lap passed in a blink of an eye, and when the tires and engine warmed up, I moved to full-open driving.

Porsche's Track Precision app. Various information such as speed, rotation speed, accelerator opening and braking can be recorded and confirmed.

The only circuit in Japan that can fully enjoy the 9,000 rpm engine.Make a really comfortable turn. It's a masterpiece to bring beautifully to the red zone, with no atmosphere or catching at all. This engine is really amazing.

If you try to run it lightly, it seems that you can run around 1'49 to 50'.Porsche Official Track Precision AppWhile logging data in, repeat the lap and learn the course firmly.

Thinking about where to run at what speed and what to watch out for each lapRun. Among them, I'm not good at Hobbes Corner. The rear slips easily when the accelerator is opened at the exit.

I try to open it as carefully as possible, but the way the traction is applied also depends on how the record line is taken. I tried many times over and over and tried various record lines, but it seems that running a little out is easier for me.

GT3 opened my mind a little

The Track Precision app seems to be compatible with Apple Carplay recently.

Before, when I ran in Suzuka, I wasn't used to the car yet, and I had the feeling that I was completely in the car, but this time I feel like I can handle it a little.

For example,I got used to the strength of the PCCB's brakes, and I was able to understand how much I stepped on and how much it worked.However, I have become completely accustomed to how long I can withstand lateral G in high-speed corners and the GT3's unique ability to shift up while keeping the accelerator pedal depressed.

Among them, the effect of PCCB is amazing. The straight line of the back straight is about 220-230 km, but when I dropped it to about 60 km at once, the brake was delayed a little,Oh, maybe it was late. ..", but when I step on it, it feels even more effective.

Porsche PCCB

If you feel like you're used to cast iron brakes, you'll feel that you're still far ahead of your braking power. So I'm very relieved, and I think it's very effective on circuits where the use of brakes is key, such as the Okayama International Circuit.

This time,I should have run for 4 frames and run about 30-40 laps, but at that time, there was no visual defect in PCCB, and there was no deterioration in effectiveness.I will add that.

Want wings

The second corner (Williams Corner) is the fastest corner in Okayama International Circuit. Get up at the first corner and continue to the left at high speed. Looking at the data, it seems that it takes a lateral G of about 1.2 to 1.3 G at the peak,GT3 touring without wings has strong oversteer on data

I honestly think if it has big wings (rear wing) like GT3RS here.

This time, I ran with GT3RS, but the speed of the straight line is not so different. However, the cornering speed is still different and they are slightly separated. According to the GT3RS owner,Just adjusting the angle of the rear wing makes it considerably easier to driveIt seems that the impact of downforce is great.

If you think so, I will continueRS system is still good at the circuitI think. Well, in my case, touring is the main purpose, so a touring package without wings is fine, but if I consider a car with a circuit main in the future, I would like to use GT3RS instead of the usual GT3. think.

After all, the final running frame did not run, and the running meeting this time ended when I ran four frames. This time there were clubs of other models, so it was a mixed race, but after allThe races run between Porsche people are very good at manners and driving skills, so you can run with peace of mind.

It's a race event, so it's a lot of fun to drive your car on the circuit as much as you want, not the ranking or time.
If I have the opportunity again, I would like to participate.


If you like, please enjoy the sound of 9000 rpm.
(Because I chose a lap where other cars are not reflected as much as possible, it's embarrassing for both time and line.)

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  1. White beast

    looks comfortable~.
    That's good.

    • MinaMina

      White beast
      Thank you!
      It looks comfortable, isn't it? I also want to get on the passenger seat ^^

  2. Kazugane Hills

    Thank you for your hard work at the summer circuit.
    Please be careful about dehydration.
    Try running again when the outside temperature is around 20°C.
    The sound and straight growth will be orders of magnitude better.
    Of course time.
    (In the case of circuits with the same lap distance, the improvement of average speed is synonymous with time up)
    Only one point of advice from over 25 years of experience running the circuit with the rear engine
    It is traction above all that stabilizes the vehicle body. Be aware of the traction of the rear tires by always stepping lightly without over-extracting the accelerator.
    The cars of today are excellent in control and help the driver, but they still do not help beyond the physical barriers.
    After all, understanding the characteristics and running it is a shortcut to improvement.
    Whether you can run the mini circuit at 964 or learn the behavior at Course Gymkhana (I do it at Maishima.)

    Then again.

    • MinaMina

      Kazugane Hills
      Well, if you run on the circuit in midsummer, you should be careful of dehydration...!

      There seems to be a Porsche driving school in autumn,
      I wondered if I could drive more comfortably in that season.

      Thank you for your advice!
      After all, it is very important to understand the characteristics of a car before driving.
      The depth is deep.

      Thank you!

  3. yuke

    Amazing engine sound It's a racing car!
    It would be nice to be able to master it~

    I think it will be soon for children, but be careful of the accident and do your best

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      This engine sound is hard to hear on ordinary roads.
      I hope that someday I will also be able to experience the passenger seat.

  4. My Kyun

    Hello. I always look forward to the blog. It's a race event in Okuni that was run by the membership of the president of Porsche Club!
    I'm also a ghost member (laughs), but I've participated in this event several times before. However, I can't stand wearing a helmet and a racing suit in the summer, so I'm thinking of attending a running event sponsored by Osaka in the fall. Before and after that, ETCC ( will also be the driving event (time attack class, etc.) for European cars in Okokuni.
    I have participated many times, but would you like to participate?

    • MinaMina

      My Kyun
      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      You are a member of the Porsche Club!

      I think it would be nice to run Sarkkit around autumn.
      I will also tell my husband!

      Continue to thank you.

  5. 3minsoda

    Husband, why not go to the Central Circuit?

    • MinaMina

      3min soda
      You didn't go to the central circuit
      I feel like Suzuka or Okayama ^^