I was a paper driver for 12 years, until I became a MT driver.

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I was a paper driver for over 10 years

I'm a type of person who immediately takes action when it comes to intuitively exciting things and the concrete image of the future that can be obtained by doing that, but on the contrary,I will never do anything regarding the fact that the future cannot be concretely imaged and that the anxiety and trouble are greater than the excitement.He has a stubborn personality.

In the meantime, I have long been talking about driving a car.NOIt has been through. The reason is that I was a paper driver for over 10 years, so I was only worried about driving a car, and when I was told by people around me that it would be fun to drive a car,I am enjoying driving a car"I couldn't imagine it at all.

From that state, the road to waking up to the fun of driving and participating in Porsche's driving school with MT car was not overnight, as it was now.After all my husband was patient and persistent w, the result of pushing my backLooking back, I think again.

Road to MT

I was enthusiastic about getting a license (AT limited) when I was in the first year of college, but from that point on, I only got on the car about five times in about 12 years. And once I rubbed the car with a ticket machine at the parking lot,Driving a car is difficult and scaryTime has passed without wiping out the image.

Even at the company where I joined as a new graduate, my colleagues and seniors got on the car and did business, but from my boss,

"I can't let you drive a car because it's dangerous to watch your everyday activities."

I was the only person who was open on trains, buses and on foot.(I used to use taxis too)

Also, after I started working and started living alone, I chose a property near the station,Whether traveling to work or playingwas. I have never felt inconvenienced in this life, and on the other hand, I was able to build a computer while traveling by train, which was very efficient, so I thought that I would never drive a car for the rest of my life.

Even though I met my husband, I was not interested in cars at all, even though my husband likes carsBetter to be able to drive the carEven though my husband told me, I didn't drive at all.

Cars of my home at the time

However, since a while after I got pregnant with my first husband,

It's time to drive a carso. My house is in the suburbs, so I can't go anywhere with a car. What if your child suddenly has a fever and must go to the hospital? Do you call a taxi every time? Really I can't drive.

I was repeatedly told that.

"As expected, if you say so, it sure isI started to drive my car to a nearby supermarket on the weekend, but I was nervous and tired after only 10 minutes driving, so I went home with my husband on my way home. I would often drive home.

One day. From my husband who came to work,

"Today, Umeda(Center of Osaka City)Come pick me up"

I received an email.

"Well, I've been driving to a supermarket in the neighborhood for only 10 minutes, but I'm absolutely forced.I thought I would have replied so, but I couldn't say so forever, so I decided to go and pick up at my husband's car Mercedes-Benz SLK at that time.

Although the first drive to Osaka city was very nervous, there were many scenes where I was asked to change lanes without being interrupted forcibly because I was in the SLK, which is clearly a sports car, and I managed to reach Umeda I was able to.

Here is the picture that my husband took.

"My wife picked me up at Umeda for the first time. It was my first time driving alone.

I mean, if you park in the middle of such a road, you can't do it (-_-) This isn't possible...

However, this made me confident, and since then I have been driving more and more frequently. And last year, finally, I participated in Porsche's driving school with MT Boxster, but my husband on his SNS,

I came to see a driving school where my wife participates. By the time I met him, my wife, who had no interest in the car, managed to drive an MT car so far.

I wrote.

On top of German car trust

My husband didn't force me to drive my car, but every time I went to drive with him,Try driving, try drivingI continued to say.

Honestly, it was hard (laughs), and every time I was told that, "No, I can't drive a car!" he declined hundreds of times.You should definitely be able to drive the carHer husband's belief was not unwavering. Also,

German cars are really different from domestic cars. It's very stable on the highway, easy to drive, and absolutely safe.

He sometimes said, "I was able to get a chance to get into the car while doing rough treatment.

surely,When I first drove on the highway with SLK, I was surprised at the sense of stabilityAnd, maybe because I got into such a car, I could trust the car and gradually become able to drive.

Well, well, I think my husband has kept telling me to drive so persistently. In this regard, it can be said that the husband's many years of sales efforts have paid off.

Before,"I continued to say persistently without giving upWhen saying, "Sora so, this is really w"My husband returned, but I suppose my husband wouldn't have expected that he would write a Porsche blog as well as drive a car.(I didn't even imagine it)

Not only in car life, but in the future, I hope to keep opening my new curiosity without losing curiosity.

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  1. Kiyon

    I always enjoy reading.
    I think they are a wonderful couple! We will continue to blog, raise children and drive! Good luck.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      From now on, it seems that I will be more and more busy, but I will do my best greedily and fun ^^
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Yasu

    I am always watching the couple.

    I read the blog too much and the baby that will be born this month is kind of like a relative's child.

    It's still hot, but please love yourself.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting the blog with your husband and wife!

      > I read the blog too much, and the baby that will be born this month is kind of like a relative's child.
      I'm kind of happy (laughs) Thank you! !! !!
      I think it will be born soon, but I will report it again on the blog ^ ^

  3. taro

    Pick up to Umeda...
    It's kind of like the TV's "Getting Started".
    Actually, maybe the master waiting more than Mina was harassed?

    • MinaMina

      Certainly, my husband would have been harassed ^^;
      When my daughter got a license in the future, I suddenly imagined that I would be so harassed and waiting for pick-up ^^;

  4. snow


    I will always be happy to see you.

    My wife is in the same situation as Mina, and we are currently updating the paper driver history ^_^;
    I will talk about my car with my wife someday and keep pushing my wife's back so that we can drive together ^_^
    We will continue to support blogs from a female perspective on cars.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > My wife is in the same situation as Mina, and we are currently updating the paper driver history ^_^;
      That's right ^^;
      If you don't drive for a long time, you need a lot of power to drive from there.
      But I'm sure we'll be driving together in the future!

      I will keep updating my blog at my own pace.
      Thank you for your consideration!