I went to Grand Front Mercedes me!


First, Mercedes Me

The other day, I am on the ground floor of Grand Front OsakaMercedes me (Mercedes me)Go toI have tried on the new A180.Mercedes-Me is an information transmission facility operated by Mercedes-Benz, with a focus on cafes and restaurant lounges. in Japan,Tokyo, Roppongi and Osaka, UmedaIt is in.

When I went to Osaka for work, I often passed in front of Mercedes Me, so I knew it for a long time,Just a shop with a Mercedes-Benz cafe and goods cornerI was thinking only.

One day, when I was looking at the site of Mercedes-Me without hesitation, I can test drive each model of Mercedes-Benz.TRIAL CRUISE (trial cruise)I knew that there was a service.

* Image Source:Mercedes me "TRIAL CRUISE"

The lineup of test rides is about 10 types including S-Class, E-Class, C-Class, GLA, A-Class, G-Class, and AMG models. As it is a test drive of almost all new modelsIt looks interesting, so let's go once", I decided to apply for a light feeling.

I've been thinking about which car to try for a while, but I think there are a lot of fears that suddenly applying for a test of AMG ... I was at my home until the other day,Test drive A-Class (A 180), a competitor to Volkswagen GolfI decided to try it.

I made a test drive for the A180!

The Mercedes Me trial cruise isI need a reservation in advanceIt becomes. Get an ID from the site, enter the required information, select a trial ride type and time zone, and your reservation is complete. Then, when you go to the reception of Mercedes-Me on the scheduled date and time, it is a flow that you can test drive.

That day. The previous meeting ended quite early, and I got on site one hour ago. I work in a nearby cafe and about 10 minutes before my reservation timeA little early ~"I went to the store while thinking," but I was able to receive smoothly.

First there is confirmation of license and simple questionnaire input work with tablet, and it is usual driving frequency and driving experience of left-hand drive car(Because there are also left steering wheel in the trial ride)If you have entered the required items, from the staff,

"If it is the current time zone,You can also drive on the highwayBut, how is it? "

I heard that. Wow! I never thought that I could test drive on the highway! "By all means, please!To tell

"You can only drive on the expressway at the 12 o'clock and 14 o'clock test frames of the A180It is.(Information as of June 3, 2019)I knew I was thinking that I could take this frame, but it was a coincidence. It was good"

And. I did not know it at all, but I did lucky w

I waited to see the goods in the store and the image of the monitor while I was waiting for the input of the questionnaire to finish, but it was exhibited in the center that I had a unique presenceMercedes AMG GT63. The body color is matte blue, powerful and the silhouette is also very cool.

Then I headed for the staff and the underground parking lot of the Grand Front because I was ready for the test ride. As I walked, "AMG GT, which was on display earlier,The body color is matte and cool, but is it normal to have a car wash?I asked. Then,

It is okay to have a normal car wash,Coating is not possible due to mattingSo, you need to wash the car in a vacuum.

And. I see ... I can not afford it ... I was too expensive to buy before that (-_-)

When I got down to the basement by elevator and went to the parking lot, there were a row of trial rides of Mercedes-Benz there.

Is there about 15 cars? All were shiny and cool. This time I will take a trial rideA180But from the staff,

If you do not mind,Demonstration of the remote parking assist function installed in the S class etc.You can show me what will you do? The driver can get out of the car and operate the smartphone from the outside to park the car.

I was asked, and I wanted to see anything if you could show me, so I decided to show it immediately.

When the S-class or a wide vehicle is parked in a narrow space, it is difficult to open the door, making it difficult to get in and out. At that time,The driver can park the car or take out the car from the parking space by operating the vehicle with the smartphone from outsideIt is.

Put the app in your smartphone in advance and register the vehicle,Operates when the circle on the smartphone screen is tracedAnd while that car moves ...

The car detects obstacles with a sensor, and the accelerator and brake work, forward and reverse, and the operation of the steering wheel are all automated. The driver sees that the vehicle has left,Once you have enough space to open the door, you can get in the carThat's why.

Also, if the parking space is stored in the vehicle beforehand,(The car automatically recognizes the parking space just past the parking space)All the cars will do everything from parking to everythingI was also shown a demo. I actually operated the smartphone, but this was also amazing.

But I was a little scared that the ghost was driving (-_-) w

of course,Final safety confirmation must be done by the driverHowever, I thought that it was a really great function because the sensor senses at a high level and parks almost perfectly.

It was time for a test ride on the A180, as it showed off Mercedes's latest safety equipment. ... So in the next article,State of the test drive experience of A180, impressionI would like to deliver etc.

そ の 後 After that, I wrote a test drive article.

I have been testing the new A-class with Mercedes me!

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  1. Cara

    If you look at such an article
    I want it.

    Because it does not suit me
    Let's buy it to my son www

    • MinaMina

      If you look at it in real life, you really want it! ! !

      > Let's buy a son www
      Www I want to be a son

  2. Wind slope

    Mercedes! Recently I'm doing well!

    Old-fashioned Oji's car taste is also suppressed as much as possible!

    The user experience is better than anything else.

    Goods are more substantial than any imported car manufacturer, and there are many things that you can try using in real life.
    The sense of the maker who is collaborating is Pikaichi!

    And because the user magazine "Mercedes Me" is firmly edited by Mercedes Japan, I am looking forward to any content!

    However, the cars themselves can not be compared because they have different intentions, but it's a Porsche with a dauntless!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind
      Thank you very much!

      As you say, recent Mercedes is really great!
      I was really surprised at the car that made it so good.

      Goods are also fulfilling.
      I will try to look in various ways again.

      > And since the user magazine "Mercedes Me" is firmly edited by Mercedes Japan, I look forward to any content!
      I got this C-class magazine, but it seems that there is a good response and I think I will read it well later on ^ ^
      The taste is completely different from Porsche, but I thought once again that it was a great car.

      But after all, Porsche is more fun!