Thinking of a car crash in a row of children in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture

Car and life

Accident by driving of the elderly

As in the last few months, every weekA car driven by the elderly gets stuck in a row of children, and precious lives are lostSee reports of the accident. Every time I see such news, I feel that my heart is tightened.

As always, my child who sent it to a nursery school ... a child with a big smile and waving his hand saying "Baibai", suddenly the child of the parent has suddenly gone, the feeling of parents.

Though it was considered safe and paying the best attention, the feeling of a nursery teacher that a small kindergarten child had an accident in front of her eyes.

The children who were by my side would also be really scared.

"If you have such an important child ..."I think so, my heart hurts and my tears are almost full.

So, every time I see coverage of such a caseFirst of all, before driving safely and enjoying the fun, driving safely", I always kept in mind.

Furthermore, recently, after driving a manual car,Awareness of safe driving has increased more than ever.Unlike AT vehicles, the part where operation is entrusted to the hand of the driver is large, and although you are used to manual driving, there are still situations where you are still nervous,Driving with a gap between carsAnd so on, on a daily basis.

However, these painful incidentsNo way there should be something that will happen around us"I was thinking somewhere in my heart.

Nishinomiya car accident

And yesterday morning, when the message arrived on the LINEs of the kindergarten mothers that the eldest daughter attends, and casually saw the notification displayed on the smartphone,

"There is an accident that a car rushes into a child near the garden ..."

When. When I saw the text, my heart was frozen for a moment. No way, my child has been caught up ...! ?

When I opened the LINE, "I went to the front of the site now, there are a lot of police, ambulances and media, and if I think about something, I check it,There was an accident that a car plunged into a row of nursery school childrenThe URL of the article of the accident was attached along with the text that it is so.

* Article · Image Source:Two children injured Hyogo-Nishinomiya arrested a 69-year-old girl

The site where the accident occurred was where I and my husbands both go by car every day, and the kindergarten where the eldest daughter goes is the end of the eye and nose. Also, before, there was a time when I went to the park in the beginning through the very way that there was an accident, even in the kindergarten of my daughters.

The nursery school to which the children who got involved in the accident attend is a very popular nursery school in the local area, and I went to visit to think that I would like to have my eldest daughter there.

It was a very close accident, so I was shocked when I read the article. However, although this accident may not be fortunate to be unhappy,The two injured children both have no difference in their livesSo I think it was really good there.

Manual car driving

Recently, weekly traffic accidents are reported.Is traffic accident increasing now than before?I tried to think "",The number of traffic fatalities in 2018 was lower than last year, the lowest ever since statistics beganThat's it. On the other hand, the percentage of elderly people seems to be increasing.(* Article Source:Traffic accident fatalities in 2018 3532 people-updated the lowest since statistics start, the percentage of elderly people increases)

Even though the number of accidents is decreasing, it is not clear that reports of daily traffic accidents are due to any intention of the media ... but I am conscious of safe driving as a person driving a car. I have never exceeded by.

When my husband and wife were talking about this, my husband

Many of the cars that made the accident ran out of control by mistake. ButA really safe car should be designed to stop as soon as the driver makes a mistake.I think. In that sense, MT cars are absolutely safe. If you make a mistake, the MT car will stop and stop.

When. I really think so.

Nowadays, most people take a license for AT only, so I think that many people are driving without knowing the structure of the car and how to move and stop the car in the first place.(I was so long though)

Car maker "Further enhance the technology and safety of automatic driving of carsOf course it is important. However, I thought that it is important not to leave people to cars but just to know and learn about cars properly and to be able to cope with them in the event of emergency.

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  1. Sakon

    It was hard to comment but I thought it was a very good article.
    As a parent with children, you must always be aware as a car lover.

    Especially after running on a closed course such as a circuit, you may feel scared of the general road.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you. Seems like it's for real.
      I went to Fuji Speedway on the weekend,
      When I returned from there, I was surprised that there were so many interruptions and impossible lane changes.
      I really want to be careful ...

  2. Thought

    Sorry for the first comment.
    I always enjoy watching blogs.

    Recently, I'm seeing in the news, etc. that the elderly people's stepping errors are frequent. Such an accident is a very painful thing that will make the perpetrator too unhappy, not to mention the victim.
    You don't think it's not related to you, you have to be really careful.

    By the way, I have only owned MT vehicles for 16 years since I got a license at 18. The AT car has come to want soon (-.-;

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Such an accident is a very painful thing that will make the perpetrator too unhappy, not to mention the victim.
      That's true ... I think everyone is surely good people, but it will be a suspect in an instant by the accident ....

      > By the way, I have only owned MT vehicles for 16 years since I got a license at 18. The AT car has come to want soon (-.-;
      Thank you so much! ! Great! ! ! !
      The clutch has been operated for 16 years! It's amazing! ! !

      If you keep driving an MT car, will you sometimes want an AT car? ^ ^

      On the contrary, I was an AT car for 18 years, so now I would like to keep riding on the MT car (laughs)

  3. Thought

    How long can I drive a car? It is nowadays today that I can think of various things, including etc.

    I was a complete MT carmaker, but when I tried on the VW Golf GTI (DSG) a few years ago, I was impressed by the evolution of AT cars. After that, I test drive Porsche's PDK and BMW 8AT, etc., and it doesn't lead to the purchase of what I came to want ... Still MT is also good ~ I think while driving my favorite car every day .

    Currently, we are preparing for AT car expansion, and Mina's blog is always encouraging (laughs)
    We look forward to the update in the future.

    • MinaMina

      That's true ... Every time I watch the news, I can make you think again.
      In the Porsche Track Experience, which I just joined the other day, the 83-year-old was participating and it was exciting.
      I also want to age like this! I thought again.

      > When I tried on the VW's Golf GTI (DSG) a few years ago, I was impressed by the evolution of AT cars.
      Thank you very much! ! ! ! But I really like the AT of golf. It's really clever.

      > We are currently preparing for AT car expansion, and Mina's blog is always encouraging (laughs)
      Thank you (laughs) I think the pattern is exactly the opposite of me, but the circumstances are similar ... (laughs)

      Please tell me if you buy an AT car ^ ^