Porsche 911 GT3 break-in touring-Kochi to Shikoku longitudinal, break-in to the end

GT3 Touring package

GT3 break-in touring

Today's article is the other dayThe second half of the 911 GT3 break-in touring.This time it was a two-night, three-day trip, so it seems that my husband is still not running enough, but it seems that GT3 has become familiar with myself with this touring. Then please see.

GT3 Kochi-To home

I have to go home as early as today.
The withdrawal symptoms of my drive addiction have never been met, but I can not help it.

First of all, aim at the Long River Dong skyline. It is easy to run on the pavement in the first half, but as the top is approached, the road is narrow and covered with cat's eye. And it is hard to run because there are many pebbles and twigs. "After all it was not the way to come with GT3"Remorseful, while working in photography, reconsidered, headed to the personal favorite R194.

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

R194 is a free run route connecting Kochi and Saijo City from north to southIt is. There are plenty of local cars and tourist cars, but there are many passing points and you will not be at a much lower pace.

When the odometer exceeds 800 km, the engine has become lighterThere is a feeling. If it is slowHard engineThe impression was], but the smoothness has clearly increased. The suspension also has a bad road, and it may have been jerking on uneven terrain, and it will be smoother and it will start to feel more comfortable to ride, and it will be possible to absorb the feel of the shift with less power .

The GT3 runs up in 3rd and 4th gear, aiming at a bribe. I'm about to shift the engine down to shift the engine,I tried to open the accelerator for the first time.Already,Acceleration of furyFor a moment, the front is slightly afloat, and the rising speed of the tachometer needle is in half.

991.2 GT3 touring

Feeling of engine of 4000-5000 rpm or more is different from before. It is not a production but the pure mechanical noise and exhaust noise of the racing engine itself resonate. if you noticeI am trying to point at 7000rpm, the limit value of break-in at a stretchSo I loosened the accelerator there.

It's a terrible car.

If you step further, you will continue to aim at 9000 rpm without any flooding.
Since then,At some places, turn the engine moderately with a guideline of 5000-6000 rpm,I will continue the habituation. Just because it is a break-in, the corners do not run sluggishly, but apply appropriate loads to the brakes and suspensions to make the moving parts and bushes compatible.

If you open the accelerator a bit more at the exit of the corner, the GT3 which has been stable until now will remove fangs for a moment. It tries to pull out the rear. It can not be handled at all with my arm or so, butPorsche high step dancing in the corner while swinging a big assIt seems like I can do it if I try to do it.

Compared to the age of air cooling, we hear the voices of "the modern Porsche has no merit" and "it is too stable" etc. But GT3 can enjoy the ability to handle whatever depending on the driver's arms I feel as if I have inherited it.

GT3 tire

While I'm doing this, I enter Saijo City, and from there I aim to ride home at high speed. "Should I cross the Seto Bridge and return on Sanyo Do, or should I return via Matsuyama Do-Awaji Island?"I was lost, but I chose the latter, which would be easier to drive with less traffic.

When I got on high speed, I felt a little different from the first day.The odometer is over 1000 km and there is a feeling that the whole car has come out with pliability.Besides, as a driver, I'm getting used to cars, and I think that the point where I can operate as I want is great.

90 km / h on the GT3 highway

On the way,Passed over BMW 523dHowever, although it does not come, it has followed the relentlessness even though the road is vacant. When it accelerates, it comes along and comes loose when it comes along.

I don't know if I'm trying to look at the car or trying to compare accelerations, but running around is dangerous and has become increasingly troublesome, so take a look at the 500ps kite, also serving as a break-in To

When downshifting, blipping blows away the explosions and GT3 accelerates as it pops. In a matter of seconds the following car gets smaller in the rearview mirror. Naturally, it has not been followed since then.

After that, while repeating acceleration and deceleration moderately, the McLaren-style break-inAvoid running for a long time at constant speed and loadI will keep faithfully].

Drive with GT3

By the time the Akashi Strait is visible, the fuel tank has also been cut 3/4, so slow down and cruise slowly. After getting off the highway, I get caught a little in the traffic jams of the tourists on the weekend,The clutch is also relatively light and easy to hold the meet point, so there is no pain at all.Rather, the succession of extremely slow start and stop may be easier than Boxster.

By the way,When GT3 is stalled, the engine does not start automatically even if you depress the clutch.This is probably because there is no idling stop function, so there is no such control system.

Also,Hill start assist of slope start works properly, but 'HOLD' does not appear in the meter panel like BoxsterSo, I do not know if it works in the first place, and I may be puzzled by the slope of a subtle angle. Although it is a fine point, Boxster is still superior in terms of convenience in everyday life.

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

Distance traveled by touring, fuel consumption etc.

Safely arrived at my garage.Although the parking space is slightly inclined, it can be parked without using the front lift.

Wipe the front mask, which is full of insects, with a slightly damp rag.This time I put a protection film, so it is very easy to take.It should have been put on Boxster if it was such a thing. If you buy a new car from now on, I would like to recommend a protection film.

Return the gear to neutral, apply the parking brake, idle the engine for a while and then turn off the engine. The trip information in this break-in touring is as follows.

Total mileage: 1,056km
Total operating time: 19: 36
Total average fuel efficiency: 12.3 L / 100 km (approximately 8.1 km / L)
Average speed: 57 km / h

Although there was a statement in the manual that fuel consumption would increase during break-in,The fuel consumption is better than I thought.The break-in is over, if you drive at a more constant speed, will you go near 10km / L? I think.

The break-in will probably end this week.

Well, the next one is 9000rpm!

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  1. k


    Nice to meet you.
    I always look forward to blogs.

    I met Porsche last year and switched from Cayman base grade to Cayman GTS this year.

    When I bought Porsche last year, the part that I would like to keep the distance longer than running it was big and I did not try to ride too much.
    It was the same at first after switching to GTS.

    However, recently I saw my husband's wonderful comment on this blog and noticed that I had to get on it to be able to ride Porsche. That is also the love of one car.

    As it was the first time in a long time that MT was difficult, the more you drove, the more you drove, the more you remembered your senses, and you can feel the greatness of Porsche now that there is a new discovery every time.

    I am really grateful to mina and her husband who made me realize that I could do this kind of experience.

    I am looking forward to a blog filled with various news items.

    I'm sorry for the sudden comment.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you!
      And you're on the Cayman GTS!
      I imagined that it would be insanely fun.

      > However, recently I saw my husband's wonderful comment on this blog and noticed that I had to get on it to be able to ride Porsche. That is also the love of one car.
      Thank you (laughs) My husband is somewhat crazy ... (laughs)
      But thank you for telling me that way. Also, especially in the case of Porsche, because the performance is great,
      I think once again that it is a car of running.

      > I am really grateful to mina and my husband for making me realize that I can do this kind of experience.
      It is a wasteful word ... Thank you.
      I'm just writing it selfishly every day ... but I hope everyone will enjoy reading it from now on,
      We hope our couples will enjoy car life as well.

      In addition, I am aware of the issue of duplicate comments.
      As this comment is not reflected until time has passed, so
      We are sorry to trouble you.

      Then thank you for your continued support.

  2. Cara

    Mr. Mina
    Is it in the middle of fun now (^ ω ^)
    Today's experience
    How was it!? ️

    State that habituation progresses well
    I am also happy.
    The break-in reduces the first explosion of the engine as much as possible
    It is good to be able to extend the distance
    It may already be over now ww

    GT3 is originally from low speed
    Pickup is good
    Exhaust volume increases to 3.8, 4.0
    It has become even easier.

    With the sense of 488 which is numerically fast
    I feel uplifting to the illusion.

    I can not give up
    I think the latest is the best
    Last GT1 crankcase
    Because there is too much power for me
    I will enjoy it for a while (^ ω ^)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Yes, I enjoy Experience Day yesterday and today!
      It was heavy rain yesterday, but it was fine today and it was good ...!

      The GT3 is still a car with a different taste and taste than the other 911.
      I feel that deepness every day while listening to comments and impressions of my husband.

      > The last GT1 crankcase
      > Because there is too much power for me
      > I'll enjoy it for a while (^ ω ^)
      Oh yes-996 and 997 have a very good engine!
      It is quite valuable if you think that it will not be installed by now. Wow ...!

      I'm glad to be able to share with you someday.
      Continue to thank you!