I have seen the night view of the Keiyu Driveway in BMW!


Aim, MT girls

A week has passed since the delivery of the BMW 320i.I've been riding almost every day since delivery, so I've become quite used to driving.Enst stopped, and the slope start was lost. Even on a loose slope where auto-hold does not take place, it is now possible to start without getting stuck.

I've been to Kobe's Harborland, I got on the Hanshin Expressway, and I could go to a convenience store in the neighborhood or a supermarket with a parking lot that is hard to park.

However, I can not say that MT operation is still good.For now, I can drive nowLevel. So maybe you try to drive GT3 or Boxster right now,It will surely result in following a deep wound in the heart without going well againBecause things are visible ... w

If you compare with Dorakue, after defeating more enemies and raising the level, I would like to challenge the boss.

Let's go to see the night view

That night of one day. I took my daughter to the bath early, so I had a little time, so I decided to go to see Yuyai to see the night view. When I went there last time, I was blocked by the god of the mountain and could not see the night view,I feel like I'm about to graduate from a rainy womanSo I felt like it would be okay if I went to see it today.

I got on the 911 and went to see the night view of the Yuei Driveway.

I mean, recently, opportunities for being blessed with weather have increased. If you think about it carefully,After buying the BMW 320i by myself, it will be fine even on the day of touring and delivery dayI feel like I became. "Get your own MT car"I wonder if the god of the mountain of touring has acknowledged it ... not that much w

Don't take a cold bath to go to the night view, so put on the girls on their coats, and just for the husbandI'm going to see the night view from now onI mailed and got in to 320i.

On the way to home from home,Great practice route for slope startIt is. Because there are many subtle slopes where auto-hold can not be heard, it was a good practice to start to slip off the clutch.

At this time there are also few cars at this time, and they arrive at the toll of the driveway smoothly.

Suddenly, when you look at the thermometer that is built around the toll gate "14 degrees". I feel comfortable that it is not so cold, and let the car run at ease.

It's interesting to come to the driveway, and because it's an MT car, it's interesting if you can run it while giving a spin, but unfortunately I still don't have the skills so far, "2nd → 3rd → 4th → 3rd → 2ndI ran carefully while repeating.

Moreover,There are a lot of cat's eyes in Sakai.As someone who first came to the Ferrari 488 Spider for a long time ago had a history of accidentally stepping on the cat's eye and damaging the tire, he ran with caution not to step on the cat's eye But…The more you take care, the closer you will be to the cat's eyeIt is a thing (laugh)

Since this 320i is a raw grade and not a sporty model, I am honestIt's not like "I'll run it in a row"I think. The ride is soft and it is good for families to ride relaxedly. However, even if you turn the curve, there isOops!"I did not have a big role of" ", I was able to run without discomfort.

Higashi Rokko Observatory and favorite car

When we arrived at the Higashi Rokko Observatory, several cars had already stopped. It was good that the night view of the essence was ... well, it was a beautiful one.

When I checked the email of my smartphone here, such a reply from my husband.

Well, now, I also have a photo taken! ! I got home now. I was looking at the mail a little earlier, though


Well, really! ! YeahI was on duty at the GT3 Touring Tour today, so I was on my way back homeNo. It seems to be a couple that is similar to the one that is called (-_-) lol

I watched the night view for a while, and I wandered the observation deck, but it became a little cold, so I left the observation deck in about 10 minutes. On the way back, "2nd → 3rd → 4th → 3rd → 2nd"I drove with caution, but I felt again that the downshift was a bad job.

It is fine if you slow down to slow down and shift down carefully,When I try to drive a little crisply, I immediately get a shift shock.At this time, I think it would be cool if you could do heel and toe.Aiming at the day when brilliant heel and to can be done, there is only practice every dayIt is.

After returning home, I was shown a photo of a GT3 touring that my husband took on that day.

It's pretty beautiful ... Well, α7III is different.With the iPhone, it is difficult to take a night scene and a car well.Next time, I would like to go there with my husband at 320i and take a photo of my favorite car. At that time, I hope you can run more smoothly!

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  1. Cara

    Good morning \ (^ o ^) /

    The manual is more fun than anything.
    Basically, I prefer to shift down than shift up (^ ^)

    At first I think that heal toe is not necessary.
    Shift up or down
    Because except for the first gear, the second to fourth gear is the place where the gear ratio changes most
    It would be nice if the rotation can be adjusted here.
    I think shift up is not a problem.

    Slow down the speed enough to slow down and shift down
    Slightly slow just before clutch meat
    Please release
    I think I should not be stupid.
    Although the clutch will slip a little
    I think it will not be a problem on public roads.

    If this can be done next after the brake
    After adjusting the rotation with the accelerator (after wiping lightly)
    Let's do clutch-meat (^ ^)

    Heel toe is not a problem even if it is not a public road (^ ^)
    Even at the circuit
    It's pretty much without it,
    Because it is bothersome, I use heel toe.

    Let each other do our best (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      The pleasure of MT cars is getting stuck today.

      And how easy to understand! ! Thank you! ! !

      If you operate it carefully, you won't be nervous,
      I don't want to run separately to make a pass, so
      I will practice to be calm and to run.

      > If this can be done then after the brake
      > After adjusting the rotation with the accelerator (after gently wiping)
      > Let's do clutch-meat (^^)
      Wow I want to be able to be quick! It is cool if you can do this.
      I will do my best to practice firmly!

      > Let each other do our best (^ ^)
      The level is too different from Cara, I am sorry ...!
      Continue to thank you!