Departure for Porsche 911 GT3 break-in touring – Shimanami Kaido to Shikoku


GT3 tooling break-in operation

Today, I would like to send a report of "Shikoku break-in touring" of GT3 touring by my husband. This report focuses on break-in and GT3 impressions, rather than writing "what road did you go" like Tohoku Touring the other day. Then please see.

Departure to Day 1 break-in touring

According to the GT3 instruction manual (2019 version), break-inBoth GT3 and GT3RS should not exceed 7,000 rpm at 1500 kmThere is a statement with ". The dealer also instructed me that way.
However, according to the manual of the 2018 GT3 in English at hand.3000km, 4000rpmBecause it is written, I think that the specification of the engine changed from MY 2019, or the policy was changed about the method of break-in.

Porsche 911 GT3 break-in method

According to the manual "The break-in operation should be as long as possible"I also decided to go out for touring for the time being. If it is true, I would like to go to Tohoku, but because there is not enough time for it, this timeTo ShikokuTo go.

GT3 touring at gas stations

Take Sanyo Road,About 2600 rpm with a 6-speed 100km / h cruise on the GT3Run on. It's a very peaceful flat ride with no feeling like a racing car. It is a level where you can talk normally, and you can listen to music well.(Of course, it's more noisy than a regular car)

This time, because it is a break-in operation, in order to avoid the burden on the driveline due to the failure of the downshift,Press the 'SPORT' button to enable auto blippingTo run. In the case of GT3, it differs from a regular modelEven if you press "SPORT", the control of the engine and underbody does not change.

Originally the engine is always a sport mode car.

So, in case of MT car, this buttonThe difference between whether or not auto-blippingIt is only ". By the way, in PDK version, it will be written as "PDK SPORT" and the shift schedule of PDK will change, and if it is a speed star that will come out from this, it will be an easy-to-understand notation as "AUTO BLIP" because it is an MT car.

If you drop from 6th to 5th and 4th, the tachometer's needle bounces, the exhaust flap opens and the volume of the sound is completely different. Turning from 4000 rpm to 5000 rpm, it's amazing from here.The exhaust noise when the GT3 cup car is running on the circuit is very similar.

In terms of volume, Boxster GTS is also quite noisy,Sound pressure is completely different than volume.

On the way, while traveling the engine within 5000 rpm on the way, cruise Sanyo Road to check the feeling of the engine. My break-in is'Run the engine moderately with as low load as possibleIt is a creed. By the way, although the maker is different, it is written about the break-in operation in the McLaren's manual which I used before.

"Please drive on various roads and engine speeds."
"Avoid driving at engine speeds below 2,000 rpm."
"Avoid driving for a long time at constant speed and load."
···And so on

When. So IMake GT3 experience various situations as much as possibleTo plan the course and how to drive this time. After that, GT3 passed through Okayama, walked along the island of Shimanami Kaido, and headed to a hotel in Ehime Prefecture tonight.

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

From Ehime to Kochi on Day 2 GT3

On the second morning, when I got on the GT3, the odometer was already over 500km. I stayed this time "Takanoko Hotel". I remember this hotel well, as it was also part of the Porsche Carrera Cup. In the past, they have stayed at Shikoku Touring several times, but the entrance of the hotel is decorated with classic cars such as Honda and NR, and it is an unbearable hotel for bike lovers.

Honda NR

Takanoko Hotel GT3 Cup Car

991.2 GT3 Touring Package Takanoko Hotel

Owners also like cars and bikes.There is a large parking lot, there is a frame without a car stop, and consideration for low-height cars is perfect.If this is a covered Porsche area, I will definitely stop at extra costs.

GT3 has a bad sleep awake as usual, and generates many noises until the oil temperature rises. Slowly walk through the city and advance GT3 to R33. When the oil gets warm, go hill climb at around 4000 rpm.Anyway, I bend, I bend.I'm already going to make a great turn.

"It's different from Boxster, Boxster! "

Yes, I get out of the corner while feeling like being said to GT3.
Already, reallyAbout Zaku and Gufu(Lol).

It may be a hairpin curve, but it may be a fast corner, but it doesn't matter. I bend as I expected without any gap.

Where is the limit?

I do not know at all.In particular, the effect of the rear axle steering seems to be great, and it is a really wonderful turning characteristicIt is.

Tooling with GT3

After all, GT3 can not but be called "another thing."

I thought that I was clearly different from Boxster,By far the amount and number of times the brake is applied is GT3Thing. I do not count, but I think that 2-3% is small. If it is Boxster, it will be easy to go through the corner where it seems that it will apply a load or kill a little speed and then turn.

Moreover,Surprise because I do not feel any fear or more than necessary side GIt is. The roll is minimal, and the rise of the yaw is not sudden, it occurs very smoothly and turns so as to turn around. This area is quite different from the seasoning that suddenly feels the side G like Ferrari 488.

"Is it really RR?", I can remember the strange feeling. The air-cooled 964 clearly feels the weight of the rear, put the load on the front, and it can not turn well unless it turns while applying torque,The GT3 has no idea of its RR at the general road level.Rather, it is a movement like MR. The car runs through the corner no matter who gets on.

On the other hand, if you brake on Theory Road in RR properly and turn while stepping on the accelerator, it will turn cleanly.Car that feels the depth of nostalgia that naturally responds to such orthodox drivingIt is.

Tooling with GT3

Cruising the R197 at a good pace, traveling along the mountain path from the middle to Shikoku karst. There are many gravels and pebbles on the mountain trails, so I can not speed up the pace.GT3 is wearing Michelin's pilot sports cup 2, a highly adhesive sports tireIn particular, there is no chance to roll up pebbles.

Although it is still good if it is only, since GT3 has few sound insulation materials of a wheel house,A rattling noise coming up inside the car bouncing pebbles to MoroIt is.

Bad road with GT3

991.2 GT 3

The Boxster sounds like it, but the GT3 sounds better than that, so I can't feel like it's going to fly at all. After all, it is not very fun to run a bad road system with GT3.

Incidentally,I have a front lift optionSo, even on rough terrain and bumpy forest roads, I could manage to run if the height was raised. About twice, Con! I heard a dull noise, but when I look at it later, I can not find a place that rubs the front lip or the bottom, so it's unlikely to be a big deal.

Let's talk about the brakes here.This GT3 has an optional PCCB.PCCB was the first time, but I could not feel the goodness of the effect on the first day of delivery. Of course it didn't work, but it wasn't that exciting again at the same level as a regular Porsche brake.

GT3 PCCB brake

However, as the distance is pursued, its effectiveness begins to become stronger.Certainly works well"I have come to feel. Perhaps the pads are familiar too, and the disc has a moderate heat and brake break-in is over.

And later, when I came back from touring and got on the Panamera,Realize the ugliness of PCCB anewdid. The normal brakes of the Panamera are also powerful, but the sense of the initial touch is completely different. However, it is not a feeling that the power of boost works at the beginning like a compact car like a domestic compact car, but it is a feeling that it works well with a high coefficient of friction just by applying lightly.

for that reason,If it's a normal road, there's no need to go deeper.The braking force can be freely controlled simply by gently braking with light foot pressure.

Also, there is a note in the manual,PCCB makes the brake noise better.The air-cooled 964's brake noise is awful, but it is as good as it sounds. There are occasions when it is quiet, but most stop while saying squeezing keys.

Well, IPorsche's brakes should only sound when NumboI don't particularly care because it is a person who thinks "," but it may be a complaint for those who bought the GT3 as a luxury car. In addition, it is easy to pinch pebbles, after rolling up pebbles, it is good, even if it runs, it is often said that it is sharp and squeaky.(It will disappear soon after running for a while)

GT3 tire

GT3 is extremely fast on the downhill, which goes from the Shikoku Karst to the favorite K48 and descends the Shikoku Mountains. It's not that fast. No, it's more stable than fast, and every corner is extravagant.

991.2 GT 3

Head from R197 to Kochi and enter Yokonami Kuroshio Line. It is a relatively tight corner continuous winding, but the GT3 runs in 3rd and 4th. If it is Boxster, 2nd and 3rd speed are the main, but if it is in break-in and if it is 2nd speed, the engine fades too much, and there is too much power, so it's a little scary. The speed hit is just right.

991.2 GT 3

Yokonami Kuroshio Line

As a feature of manual car of 991.2 type GT3,The computer adjusts the accelerator opening at the time of shift upThere is no need to loosen the accelerator. This is something that you do not get used to at first, and you lose the accelerator at the time of shift up, but when you get used to it, it feels transcendent.

If you hold down the accelerator and release the clutch, operate the shift, and engage the clutch, it will connect very smoothly. As long as the shift operation and the clutch operation are operated quickly,You can enjoy seamless acceleration like PDK.It's a lot of fun because you can enjoy the fun of manual operation and the inconsistencies like PDK at one time.

991.2 GT3 shift lever

By the way,Of course there is no problem even if you release the accelerator at the time of shift-up.At that time, the accelerator opening is given priority, and the computer does not intervene, so it will not be an obstacle for those who have their own arms. Note thatThis function is always enabled regardless of sports mode ON / OFFIt is. Some people don't know this feature because it isn't included in the documentation for some reason. If you are riding a 991.2 GT3 MT and you haven't tried it, please give it a try.

Enter Kochi city, and this is also a regular lodging during touringSouthern City Hotel] To advance GT3.This hotel also has a large parking lot and rooms and facilities are good for the price.So it's my favorite.

991.2 GT 3

Place a GT3 in a parking lot far enough that nobody is stopping to prevent Toller.I'm absolutely sorry next door"Parking while taking out the aura. And I finished the touring on this day.

(to be continued)

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  1. yone0531

    Mina nice to meet you. It arrived from the blog of blue Boxster of master of master of heart.
    I am an unhappy businessman, riding on an old BMW that fell by 10 years. (BMW is riding while saying that it is a six-cylinder losing hate tears)
    The report of this husband was very interesting. After all, I wonder if the most favorite thing is "The difference between Zaku and Gufu"!
    Involuntarily, I got on! I would like to put in a crush and the expression was great.
    Of course, the impressions were also very easy to understand and fun.
    Last but not least, I really don't like the financial ability of the two. (← 羨 very envious)
    Please enjoy with wonderful pictures and sentences from now on. I am looking forward to it.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much for coming from Ota-Wata's blog, nice to meet you.
      I imagined it would be a nice car that can feel the joy of running through BMW 10 years ago!

      > This husband's report was very interesting. After all, I wonder if the most favorite thing is "The difference between Zaku and Gufu"!

      Thank you very much (lol) Secretly, I think that my husband was expecting to pick it up,
      I think I'm really happy (laughs)

      > Last but not least, I really don't like the funds of the two. (← 羨 very envious)
      Thank you…! I am less than “5” in terms of financial ability, so everything is by my husband, so I have to do my best! I struggle with every day (laughs)

      We hope that we can send out articles that we find fun, from now on.
      Continue to thank you ^ ^

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Hello, GT3tp impressions, had been waiting for.

    It is a question now. Although it is a brake crunch of PCCB, I do not understand the description of the manual, but is it normal to scream regardless of the use situation?
    Or is there a difference in how to sing for hard braking and weak braking?

    At 718 Cayman, I was in the early stages of habituation, but I noticed that when I stepped on strongly I noticed that I didn't ring very much, and if I stepped on strongly for a while (perhaps just a few days), it ceased to sound at all, did not. The element carrera of this time has not been ringing even once, probably because it was trying to step firmly from the beginning.

    I think Boxster was no longer ringing, but does 964 always ring? .

    It may be that it sounds like it sounds, but it seems that it is better to be accustomed not to sound in terms of a braking device, but rather to work better.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      I do not know for a while about whether there is a big difference between strong braking and weak braking about PCCB noise.
      My husband says, "I didn't have it at first, but it has not been heard recently."

      However, 964 still says well
      As it does not sound during braking when moving loads on corner roads in mountain roads, it usually sounds like stopping when waiting for a traffic light.
      After all weak braking is easy to squeal ...

      I would like to ask Porsche once ... I wonder what you are saying.

  3. TONO

    Good evening Mina, sir.
    Oddly, yesterday, it is the orange which has been next to the wingless crayon (laugh)
    I listened to the story of clear wrapping on the front and the story of habituation.
    Touring still looked mature, and I felt good sense, and it is an old wording, but I felt that I was allowed to see the real "I wore sheep skin".
    I saw the PCCB story here, and I regret that I should have kept it.
    My orange is a standard red caliper, but I'm having trouble with this again.
    There is no dissatisfaction after that, and even the car weight that feels heavy is comfortable, and I can not release it anymore!
    (Oh, I will increase because I can not release ...)
    I am planning to have my son build a huge garage house (laughs)
    By the way, it's just Zeong for me!

    • MinaMina

      Good morning!

      > Oddly, yesterday, it is an orange that has been next to a wingless crayon (laughs)
      When I talked to my husband, I was delighted to say, "Oh!

      As you mentioned, touring is a great feeling of "the feel of wearing a sheepskin".
      I think it's a car that makes me feel the power of the bottom.

      > I'm planning to have my son build a huge garage house (laughs)
      Oh yeah that's great (laughs) If you have a garage, you can increase the number of cars! !

      > By the way, it's just Zeong for me!
      When I said to my husband, I was excited. As I grew up with Dragon Ball, Gundam hardly knows,
      "Hey, this is a zoning !!" It was shown to the photograph (laugh)

      However, I feel that I understand how great the GT3 is.
      Continue to thank you!

  4. 991-2 GT3 MT

    The habituation is already over. Thank you for the valuable impre. It looks like the clutch is really attached to the paddle shift with the sports button. I tried several times in the shift up, but I can't do it though I feel the incongruence is strongly felt in the past. Cup tires need to be careful about the hydroplaning phenomenon, but can you ride on rainy days? I also use it for commuting, so I got a stiff ride at less than 60 kilometers. What is your impression of the drive on a rainy day? I feel quick, but would you consider the Pilot Sport 4S when changing tires? Please give me your opinion again.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Thank you for always seeing the article!

      > It is necessary to pay attention to the hydroplaning phenomenon with cup tires. Can you ride on rainy days?
      It seems that I have never encountered a heavy rain so far, but it is safer than I thought, and I do not seem to ride stiffly.
      But he said, "If you run less than 100 km, it's a shame."

      > Do you think of Pilot Sports 4S at the time of tire replacement?
      I have not tried the cup tires on a rainy day yet, so I think that I think after experiencing it,
      But if I change to the next, I would say I should think in 4S after all ^ ^

      In addition, I will make an article when I actually changed the tires and so on!
      Continue to thank you!

  5. Cara

    Good morning

    I would like to break it in if it is possible (^ ω ^)
    Long time ago I did it all night long lol

    I wrote many times
    It will become more and more interesting from now on.
    The car that asks the driver
    There is hardly any nowadays ww

    If you ride in Suzuka again
    It shows me a different face.
    I'm looking forward to it (^ ω ^)

    • MinaMina


      Completed in one night ...! ! ! ! It's amazing! ! ! ! !
      The shop will be surprised too ^ ^

      GT3 is a very interesting and good car,
      However, Boxster is also wonderful,
      Because each one has goodness, I can not but let's get rid of it if I buy Porsche, my husband was muttering (laughs)

      When I go on a circuit run, I think I will have my husband take a video!
      Please tell me variously ^ ^