Completion of Porsche 911 GT3 – let's see, 9000rpm engine performance and something!

GT3 meter panel

GT3 run-in is complete

The 911 GT3 touring which finished the 1500km run-in and finished the oil change at the dealer the other day. The break-in period is "Do not rotate more than 7000 rpmIt was said that the husband had done so, but after the break-in, I was finally able to taste the nature of the wolf with a sheepskin.

So, today I would like to introduce a review of my husband who ran the GT3 Touring up to 9000 revolutions the other day.

Boxster GTS and 911 GT3

Two weeks have passed since GT3 came to my home. The 1,500km break-in has already been completed, and the GT3 that had been on the other day for oil change and initial inspection has returned to the dealer.

I was on the Boxster GTS during the check,If you get on GT3 after a few days, you can see the difference between the two directions.

991.2 GT3 Tooling Package

981 Boxster GTS

Both arePorscheThere is no doubt that it is a ride ofBoxster is better at ease of handling in the city and behavior at a bad road surfaceIt is. In addition, in small-scale winding such as the Sakai Driveway, there is a feeling that the power is almost exhausted, and there is also a more enjoyable aspect of Boxster.

After all GTS "A sports car that you can enjoy on the circuit, focusing on street applicationsI think that's the position.

One'sGT3 is a car that says "The permanent address is a circuit, but the streets can run well."I think that. The racing car's direct line of blood, but the original nature of the 911's ground tourer adds reasonable comfort, and you can feel the pleasure only on a high speed road or a relatively high speed stage Can.

Anyway, it's lacy, and I have a grudge that can always remove my fangs, but on the street I can hide it and run.

I own two cars and I feel various things, but one thing I can say is

"A place where you don't feel the lower models fade away just because you get on the upper models Porsche's amazing place"

That's it.

For many other cars,If you taste the upper model, you may be dissatisfied with the lower model's sense of power and tasteBut Porsche is less. Of course, I think there are problems with specifications and preferences. However, looking at the car's performance objectively, it can be achieved because the basic performance is very high and the characteristics and flavors of its grade are clear.

I would like to write an article separately about this area again.

Experience GT3 9000 rotation

back to the topic. The seasoned GT3 is stillOverall flexibility was greater than at the time of delivery.The suspension is also true, and there is a feeling that the brakes and the engine have become familiar. And the point is that the driver is getting used to the car. In recent years, there has been no tension in particular, and cars have come to be handled as expected.

During the break-in was limited to 7,000 rpm,Finally, when you remove that limiterCame.


Shift down and depress the accelerator deeply. Of course, just because the break-in is over, I will step gently without doing the rapid operation.

The exhaust valve opens at around 4000 rpm, but the volume and sound pressure are still amazing. And it passed away in a mere 6,000, 7,000 ... It is an unknown area from here.

Above 7500 rpm, the speed of the tachometer needle gains even more momentum.It is a big difference with Boxster that the volume and the rotational speed increase as the rotation speed increases.

In the case of Boxster, the sound quality becomes stronger at high speed and the volume becomes slightly faint. It is similar to the situation where an amateur sings the dore mifa soracid and raises the octave continuously to make it difficult for the voice to come out somewhere. The speed at which the rotation speed rises is also somewhat slower from around 7,000 revolutions.(Although it's ugly at all compared to a regular sports car)

As GT3 exceeds 8000 rpm, when it comes to the corner, G will grow and the neck will be taken behind.Even if I loosen the accelerator a little, I still try to turn with jealousy. It's an amazing speed and sound pressure. It does not decline at all. Rather, the needle of the tachometer aims at 9000 revolutions while letting the driver hear louder louder sound.

I disengaged the clutch slightly before 9000 rpm and shifted up. Even if you leave the accelerator, the GT3 computer controls the rotation and transfers torque to the next gear seamlessly without any major loss in acceleration.

It can not be expressed in terms of pleasant or pleasure anymore.Rather, I feel even crazy.

The rotation is suppressed to the middle rotation range, and it invades the corner at a slight overspeed. During the break-in, I tended to refrain, but to try a little more adventurous.

GT3 991

The pilot sports cup 2 intrudes into the corners in a drastic manner without releasing the road surface. Even if it is a side G that starts to slip with an ordinary car,The GT3 feels like it's divided into several steps and cuts into the steering wheel, and it's easy to get out of the corner.

I tried to look at the control information of the car body recorded in the Porsche Track Precision app later, but there is also a part of the understeer for a moment, but almostStay in neutral steerwas.

The potential of GT3 is probably not like this. Still, in my case my arm can not catch up and bring it to the circuit GT3's real ''ItchingI do not know.

I will bring GT3 to the circuit in the near future, and I would like to write a review on the circuit as well.

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  1. 991-2 GT3 MT

    The GT3 break-in operation is about 88 km / h at 2 speeds of 6000 revolutions, so it's hard because there are only a few places you can step on. Since we enjoy traveling with 1,700 kilometers and 6,000 revolutions bound at present, 9,000 revolutions are scheduled for traveling 3,000 kilometers. It is a feeling that I enjoy the acceleration at high speed when it is clear at the beginning of the day on the day when the front is clear on the day.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT

      Thank you very much! It is Mina.
      If you run about 3000 km, you will feel well familiar with the engine too ^ ^
      My husband still said that it was 2000 kg.

      > Just as a samurai who got a good sword will want to try and try it against the magic power Now, the GT3 magic power of stepping on it is also considerable.
      What a wonderful accurate expression! ! ! Husband also often says that GT3 is "more!
      After all GT3 is a car with a different dimension ...

      Somehow, someday with a husband and somewhere GT3 and I feel like being confused (laughs)
      Continue to thank you!

  2. 991-2 GT3 MT

    The GT3 break-in operation is about 88 km / h at 2 speeds of 6000 revolutions, so it's hard because there are only a few places you can step on. Since we enjoy traveling with 1,700 kilometers and 6,000 revolutions bound at present, 9,000 revolutions are scheduled for traveling 3,000 kilometers. At weekends, the speed is increased rapidly, maintaining the target speed, and running on a weekday is a feeling of enjoying the acceleration at high speed once or twice when the front is clear. Just as a samurai who has obtained a good sword will want to try and try it against the magic, so the GT3's magic, like stepping on it, is also pretty. I will do my best to look forward to the full speed acceleration of 9000 revolutions.