With Porsche 911 GT3 and Panamera, I ran on the pass!

Ashi Drive way

Go to GT3 and Panamaera

One Sunday morning, after a long time, four family members went to the Yuei driveway. Husband has just finished break-inGT3 toolingSo I put two daughtersPanamera TurboTo head on.

I have been riding my favorite BMW 320i for a long time,It's been a while for about two weeks to ride on the Panamera. I tried to ride on the Panamera while driving a little while pounding, but I didn't think with the usual habit,I stepped on a clutch that should not be there with my left foot.

Yes, there is no clutch in the Panamera (laughs)

When I regain my mind and start the engine,BuowonPanamera woke up bravely with a cry of "". "Oh, it was like this, it sounded like this. After all, it's really cool," said the husband on the next GT3 while being impressedI'll go ahead"Panamyera was launched after seeing the sign".

Panamera, how smooth and powerful the ride is.

When I used to ride on Panamera every day, I used to get used to it and it was normal, but this dayAfter riding for the first time in a long time, I was able to reaffirm the wonders of the Panamera.

There was a scene called "Oh, I gotta w" while stepping on the clutch that should not be many times with the left foot while on the way to Sakai.If you only get on a MT car for a short while, so much the feeling of stepping on the clutch will soak into your body... No, it is accustomed and frightening.

To Higashi Rokko Observatory

As soon as you leave the toll booth of the Sui Driveway, the GT3 going ahead will speed up and climb up the mountain path. I was running cautiously on an uphill curve with a slight slope,The speed on straight lines and normal curves is half.

The GT3 is a great machine that can make a sharp turn even though it does not have a brake lamp at all.

Behind the girls "Do your best, mother-wait for dad!"GT3 has gone out of sight in a blink of an eye and ran away. GT3 is really fast.(Maybe I'm late w)

After that, they arrived safely at the Higashi Rokko Observatory, and when they saw the clock, it was still before 9:00, but there were already gathered sports cars that had no place to park their cars.

I stopped Panamera at a place away from my husband's GT3 and looked around, there were some Porsches that I used to see before, "Is that one the owner?Even though I was thinking, I just got rid of the children who rushed out on the driveway and just passed over (-_-)

Three GT3 + GT2RS

When the children are playing on the observation deck,For 964 owners of beautiful red body color whom husbands met beforeI was able to say a little.

It was nice to be a friendly, gentlemanly and very good person, and I wish I could talk more, but especially because the second-year-old child moved in selfishness, I was desperately looking at my daughters and I couldn't get in touch with everyone ... sorry.

Since I took pictures of the cars gathered on the observation deck from beginning to end, I was doing my best, but if children grow up after two or three years, I will be able to talk to you more slowly.

When doing so, my husbandMove the place and let's go take a picture of 3 GT3s lined up"It has been said. Anything, my husband's acquaintance's GT3 owner, and the owner of the GT3 who first encountered this day, and my husband's GT3 touring,With all of them at 991.2, this rare 3 shot is stored on the cameraIt seems to be a matter of course.

Oh, it looks interesting (面 д ()! !

I immediately got on the Panamera, ran a car after my husband's GT3 and arrived at a parking lot where I could take pictures.All three cars are 991.2 GT3s, but the headlights and body colors and specifications are different,It was very beautiful when I looked at it side by side.

My husband and you talked for a while, and while I was playing with the children, a loud engine noise came from far away. "Something amazing will be coming!"Why not GT2RS will come when you are thinking and waiting!"

MoreoverWeissach packageIt is!

I wondered if it passed by and I dropped by the parking lot.

Something is going to be great ...

If you ask,The owner of GT2RS seems to be the same dealer as my home, and has many other unusual Porsche and super carsIt was. Really, everyone is amazing. What is your job done?

Everyone had been having a chat for a while, but now it is becoming suspicious that the cloud of the cloud has become suspicious and it's getting cold. I got to say goodbye in a little time,If you come to Yui, you can always meet againThat's nice.

Even on that day, I was able to spend a very healthy time going home in the morning.


Actually, on this day, a GT2RS passenger seat was carrying a male student with a camera. "Is it the son of the owner of GT2RS?I was thinking while I was thinking, but I was watching it while thinking that I like the car because I was taking a photo for a while.

As we understood later, if you were riding this GT2RS,Famous as a university student taking pictures of a yearning super car,Mr. KUGATTIIt was!

When I was looking at twitter after I came home, I happened to find that the four shots of GT3 and GT2RS were up, and when I looked at the name of the person who was posted, it was Mr. KUGATTI.

seriously! Did you do so ...!

"Sorry ... I wish I could talk at once ..."I regret that while trying to get in touch with twitter, I will be able to interview you later!(I will post an interview on my blog again, so stay tuned)

After all, when I go to Yuari, it is interesting because there is something to meet each time. And after that, it is great to be connected with twitter immediately. I feel with the skin that the world is spreading through Porsche, and I can not stop the excitement if I imagine the development from now on.

I will also get up early and try to go to the early morning on Sunday morning!


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. ym997

    Nice to meet you, 997 riders.
    I remember that day as it was the last drive of the 987 Boxster I took 11 years. Well, GT3TP and! Well, GT2RS is also running! It has become w
    I saw Crayon for the first time, but it is amazingly beautiful. Sound was also powerful!
    As we go to the moment, and also the dealer together, thank you again!

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for viewing the blog!

      > Remember that day was the last drive of the 987 Boxster, which took 11 years.
      Thank you very much! It was a very emotional day.

      That day was the GT3 festival (laughs) I was thinking that I might have arranged so much.

      > I saw Crayon for the first time, but it is amazingly beautiful. Sound was also powerful!
      Thank you! It runs about 2000 km now, and it seems that the sounds are getting better and familiar!
      I also go to the Yuei Driveway for a while, so I look forward to seeing you there ^ ^