Porsche new 718 spider – if your husband buys this specification

718 Spider Classic Interior Package
Porsche Boxter

Following the previous new Cayman GT4,My husband tried also about the configuration of the spiderSo, I would like to introduce it today.

New 718 Cayman GT4-this specification if the husband buys

New 718 Spider

This time the new 718 spider(There is a part that is described as "718 Boxster Spider" even on the Porsche site)I tried the configurator, but there were more options than GT4 and I was often lost.

For now, I will make 2 patterns this time so let's introduce it.

Pattern A: Spider Classic Interior Package


Probably, with this spider"Interior package Spyder Classic" thinks that there are many people who choose this. This is a combination of Bordeaux red and black, and in addition to the laser interior, the door panel and center console will be Alcantara.

Anyway, two-ton seat is cool. of course,Choosing a lightweight carbon full bucket seat is even more coolHowever, because I want to use the street as the main character of the spider, I chose a regular sports seat personally.

By the way, thisIf you choose Interior package Spyder Classic, most of the interiors can not be customized, and you will have to remove this package if you want to change the stitching or colorIt looks like. The point is probably the Porsche recommended package.


Exterior color isGT silver metallicchoose. This color is the most favorite of the Porsche Silver series. When buying a GT3 touring, it is the color that I was troubled to the end.It may look like normal silver in sunlight or bright places, but it has a metallic feel in indoors and slightly dark places, and it is very cool.
Besides, in the case of "Interior package Spyder Classic", the center console and the cup holder cover's trim are GT silver, so they may match the exterior color as well.

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

The hood looks good in black, butWhen I saw the Red Hooded Boxster in Silver, I had a very good memory and looked very goodSo I chose Akaboro. By the way, it seems that "Interior package Spyder Classic" will be automatically selected if it is Akaboro at the moment.

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

Then,Roll bar is painted body same colorI made it. This is one of the options I think was good at buying a Boxster GTS. Just make the color the same,The sense of unity of the body and roll bar comes out, and the lumpy feeling of the whole body becomes strong.(In the case of no paint, the whole body looks low, so it has good side with it)

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

The brake uses PCCB.Main use on the street than GT4It is not necessary to think about the economics of braking so much, and the reduction in unsprung weight makes it possible to improve riding comfort even on rough surfaces.

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

The light should be selected according to the design preference, but the one with the LED PDLS plus was attached at the time of Panamera Turbo purchase, but it is not so different from HID so much physically, so this time tooSelect normal HID with PDLS.

And, just as in GT4,Door handle has recently become fashionable high-gloss blackIt is.

718 Spider (A)

Pattern B: A little adult spider


Unlike Pattern A, I do not choose "Interior package Spyder Classic", I will try to change the color and the like of the stitch by myself. However,When the configurator is done with a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge, some options may not be reflected in the image, or different parts may change.. This is a problem that also existed before GT3.

When done with IE, it can be confirmed in 3D, and the accuracy of reflection will also increase

Therefore, launch Internet Explorer (IE) and execute it in IE.With IE, you can use Unity's 3D plug-in, so you can see the finished image in 3D, and the reflection of the options will be more accurate.'S. However, since it will be heavy on PCs with poor graphics capabilities, we recommend using them on PCs with high graphics performance to some extent.

After repeated trial and error, I triedTurn the interior stitching, door handle straps, and seat belts yellow with the PCCB yellow caliper. I tried to make the seat and interior a standard black and timeless specification.


The exterior color of the exterior matches the yellow color well, and it also sets a crayon (choke) that you love personally. Other options are the same as pattern A, butSpecifications that made the hood black and chicIt is.

718 spider

718 spider

718 Spider (B)

Common pattern: Other / comfort equipment etc

The handle chooses leather. This is a completely personal preferenceBut I can't really like Alcantara. Before, when I bought the McLaren 650S, it was almost a full Alcantara specification. Certainly it is sporty and cool, but I can not feel a sense of luxury compared to leather, and I have a regrettable memory.

after,Because it is an open car, a seat heater is essential. in additionSteering heaterI also put it. It came with the AMG S63 coupe and was useful on a very cold day. This would be even more useful in winter if it is an open car.I regret that I should have put it on Boxster GTS.

Others are almost the same as the previous GT4.

How was that?
Basically, I think that the color should be a personal favorite color, but the rest is the balance between convenience and design, and the point is how much comfort equipment is attached. I, etc., are the most frequently used situations such as long distance touring and winding driving etc.It is good to choose the best specification while imagining the usage and environmentI think.

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    Good evening.

    I tried to configure!
    The color of the exterior is not decided. . .
    I think in other colors because it is white now

    After all it is likely to choose a spider classic interior package

    Is it fighting with config for a while

    Let's go up to the sun on Sunday



    Good evening.

    I tried to configure!

    The color of the exterior is not determined. . .

    I think other colors because the current color is white

    The interior seems to choose a spider classic interior package.

    For a while fighting with config

    Let's go up to the sun on Sunday

    • MinaMina

      TOP GEAR

      Oh, I was immediately configured ^ _ ^
      The Spider Classic Interior Package is cool!
      I feel refined.

      Can you come on Sunday? ?
      If it is not raining, my house will also be going in the early morning at 8-10 o'clock ^ _ ^

      If you can come, it would be nice if you could see me ^ _ ^

  3. Ruun Rumba

    "We will tell you that the difference in performance of mobile suits is not the decisive difference in strength. ...!"

    Hi, I'm Char-Aznable. (Lol)

    Finally it is! New Boku Spa was announced! cool! Anyway cool! And I want (laughs)

    I had a delusion of Akaboro or Crayon, but for four consecutive cars, it would be GT Horro. It is hard to throw away the red hood on solid black.

    It is about the most important production line, but PC of the Meitaro region seems to be a perfect lottery. I'm expecting something like an arbitrary IPO allocation method for a face-to-face brokerage firm (laughs)

    I bought a Boxster of order cancellation with the intention of offering. It is MT of base grade, but how Miami Blue! My uncle is a little nervous (laughs)

    If I compare my spa to a mobile suit, I think that it is a shaur only gelugug if I add that it is a stylish, high-performance and special model (first limited)

    Well then, thank you again!

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba

      > "Tell me that the difference in performance of mobile suits is not the decisive difference in strength. ...!"
      > Hi, I am Char. Asnable. (Lol)

      Runrun Rumba also comes with the Gundam generation! It is Mina.
      After all Shaa is popular, though ... I think that there are a lot of people who like Shaa even if you look around.

      > It is about the most important production limit, but PCs in the area of the Mantaiko seem to be a complete lottery
      Thank you so much! Perfect lottery ... But, in fact, can you do something a little better? I will try to think (laughs)

      > If I compare my spa to a mobile suit, I think it is a shaur-only gerugug if I add that it is a stylish, high-performance and special model (first limited)
      What is gergug! When I asked my husband, he explained in detail (laughs)
      After all it is extremely strong to be dedicated to Char!

      Anyway, the Miami Blue Boxster! If you buy an order cancellation,
      Sazo PC will be happy ...! ! !

      If you are assigned to me, please let me know ^ ^