Porsche new 718 Cayman GT4 – if your husband buys this specification

Porsche Cayman

The new Cayman GT4 and 718 spiders have just been announced, and in the twitter area this topic is the same from yesterday to today,The configurator was released overseasSo, it seems that husband had tried immediately. As I thought from the perspective of "If I buy it ..." I would like to introduce it.

New 718 Cayman GT 4


First of all, the color isMiami Bluechoose. I'm confused about Racing Yellow, but actually it looks very good blue, so I hope to have a Porsche of this color someday. in additionSports cars close to racing cars like GT4 look great with flashy colors.

718 Cayman GT 4

You can choose only one wheel, but you can choose multiple colors. Silver is also cool, but because it is a normal brake specification that is not PCCB,Select satin platinum that makes brake dust less noticeable. (It may be black, too)

The lights are not LEDs, but HID (black) with PDLS to give a feeling of tightness,Door handle painted recently high gloss black. This is an accent when viewed from the side and looks cool. It is an item I regret that I should have done it with GT3 touring.

Rear painted high-gloss GT4 emblem. This was matched with the door handle.

Chassis / interior

This is standard, as the Cayman GT4 can only select a 6-speed manual transmission.
The brake is not PCCB,I have a normal brake. This is in consideration of the economics at the circuit.

Color chooses red stitch specification of leather interior. This is exteriorBecause the brake caliper is red, it gives a sense of unity by matching it with that color.The center mark on the steering wheel is also red, and a carbon package is selected to make it look like a sports car, and the trim is carbon.The seat belt is also matched with the exterior color, and select Miami Blue.

Sheet isSelect a lightweight carbon full bucket seat that can only be selected with GT models and other models. I want to attach it by all means when thinking of a run on a circuit. Then, select a chrono package that will allow you to display performance such as torque and power on PCM with an analog stopwatch on the dashboard.

And with GT4, I want to run the circuit aggressively,I chose a club sports package and selected a roll cage and a six-point seat belt.

Others, such as comfortable equipment

  • Automatic anti-glare mirror
    • This option is selected as it has an automatic wiper with rain sensor
  • Electric door mirror
    • It is essential when considering parking in a multi-story parking lot in Japan.
  • Park assist and rear camera
    • This is a car that is hard to see behind, so this is not a problem.
  • Smoking package
    • We do not smoke cigarettes, but are convenient for charge of electronic gadget as 12V power supply increases

These are the specifications I have chosen based on the assumption that I will buy.
The contents of this configurator can be confirmed by this link, so please check if you are interested.
(This is a general-purpose configurator in Europe. It is not a Japanese specification, so be careful. 2019/06/19 14 o'clock as it seems that an error will occasionally occur on the server side. In that case, it will take a while Please try to leave it.)

New 718 Cayman GT4 Configurator

The new 718 spider configurator will also try out.
We will also make an article later, so please wait.

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    Nice to meet you.

    The person who has found Mina's blog from the other day and has seen it from the beginning.
    There is also a blog that was about to go past the station getting off happily ...
    The 718GT4, Spider's config home country has already begun.
    I'll take a peek

    I'm still reading a year-old blog (laughs)

    • MinaMina

      TOP GEAR
      Thank you for reading the blog and for your comments!

      > They have found Mina's blog from the other day and are watching from the beginning.
      > There is also a blog that I was about to pass the station getting off

      Well, is it true? Thank you! ! ! It is embarrassing because there are a lot of thin articles in the beginning at the very beginning ... lol
      But thank you for reading as you get past the getting off station.
      I am very happy.

      > The 718GT4, Spider's config home country has already begun.
      > I'll take a peek
      After all home country is quick! My husband said the specification of GT4 was decided soon, but spider said that it was difficult.

  2. Funny

    I am always looking forward to it!
    Three years have passed since the purchase of the 981 Boxstar black edition on a new old car, and it was initially ordered MT, but there is also the process of having purchased the new old car PDK model at the acquaintance's shop in the end because of the production limit. We are also considering replacement. So I got an interest in the Cayman GT4 and when I made a phone call to the Porsche Center, there were lots of problems such as lotteries, cost burdens, and the fact that I had never been purchased by an authorized dealer. I felt like it was. Well, yes, I'm sorry that I called suddenly. . .
    Therefore, I would be glad if you could tell me the procedure for purchasing a special model such as 911 GT3.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > I'm glad if you can tell me the procedure for purchasing a special model such as 911 GT3
      The road to buying a special model doesn't seem easy ...
      I also asked my husband, but it was different depending on the dealer, and depending on whether the person in charge was strong in the shop (Veterans etc.).

      I heard that some dealers bought Porsche for the first time on a first-come, first-served basis but bought a special vehicle
      It is said that there are also people.

      In the case of the dealer of my home, the customer base is quite thick, so it seems that special vehicles do not go around easily.
      My husband also bought Boxster GTS, Panamera Edition, Panamera Turbo, and said that he could finally buy GT3 this time. (It seems that only the frame has been lucky.)

      How about everyone else ...