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Porsche Sportscar Together Day

Porsche's annual festival, held on the weekend of June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun)Porsche Sports Car Today 2019Went to ". Porsche Sports Car to Gather Day isNew 911 exhibition, circuit parade run in Porsche, watching Porsche raceAnd so on, it is a Porsche all-colored event where you can "take in" Porsche.

As we take children with us this time andTraveling long distances in the morning from the middle of the night, going to the event as it is a great deal"Because I entered the day before.

The car I took to Fuji from home this time isTwo units, the 911 (964C2) and the Panamera.Since my husband is to participate in the 911 / Classic contest on Saturday at 964, air cooling is absolute. Also I, of Porsche track experienceWarm Up Light +"I'm going to participate in the Panamera, so Panamera absolutely.

... Well, I have to go with 2 cars this time too ... I was going to go with 2 cars (laughs)

So today's article, I would like to introduce a collection of events and events that left an impression on Porsche Sports Car Gather Day 2019.

1Display of the new 911 (992)

On the afternoon of the 15th, I went to the venue to see the semi-finals of Porsche Esports Racing Japan (PERJ), but my daughters began to make noise behind me, so I was covering up, "Hello!"Speaking from someone.

When I looked up ... there was Alex, who is in charge of Porsche Japan's products! This blog is also appearing for a while.

* When you visit Porsche Japan headquarters (2018.9)

* At the time of the macan snick preview

After that, my husband and I talk to Alex, and it becomes a topic of "exhibition of the new 911", "I saw 911 exhibited in the parking lot, but it was heavy rain so I could not see very wellIf you answer

Oh, it's on the third floor of this building! I will explain from now if it is good! ?

I told you that I was able to tell Alex in detail.

The new 911 isFirst public to the public at Porsche Sports Car Gather Day 2019So it was also one of the featured content.

The appearance isCooler than I had seen in photos and videos in advance, the design has a fresh feel while reminiscent of air cooling. However, I was desperate to follow the children running around, and my husband had been listening to the explanation from beginning to end, so I would like to introduce the new 911 later in a separate article.

2 new and old famous cars Porsche

My husband joined at 964911 / Classic ContentHowever, the cars from the old Porsche cars were impressive, but as much as that, the cars of the participants who normally parked in the parking lot and the display cars of other events were amazing.

DuringI have never seen it in such a museum!I thought it would be like spending half a day just looking at the parking lot. Whether it is new or old, there is probably no other event where Porsche from all over Japan meets in one place.

Watching 3 races

This time,PCCJ(Porsche Carrera Cup Japan),PSCJ(Porsche Sprint Challenge Japan),PCCA(Porsche Carrera Cup Asia)Etc, various Porsche races were held.

Ordinarily,PCCJ is almost always held as a support race for other major racesSo there aren't many chances to see such a Porsche all-out race.

In addition, the race to see live in the near future is still very powerful.Watch the race while feeling with the five senses, such as engine noise, a sense of speed, and a race development of throbIt was a lot of fun.

Also, not only the main stand at Fuji Speedway,Advan corner (hairpin), Prius cornerThere are various places to watch the game, so it is good to enjoy the race with a different expression if you change the place.

Qualifying had been canceled due to heavy rain on the 15th, but it was fine on the 16th and the 30-minute race ended in no time.

Also this time, thanks to Mr. Porsche Japan,Interview with Ukyo Sugahara who is competing in Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) as a junior driver of Porsche Japan this seasonAs I was able to do it, I would like to make an article about the contents later.

Also from this time,Porsche Esports Racing Japan (PERJ), an e-sport race semi-final final raceWas held. PERJ is a software for PlayStation 4 (PS4).Gran Turismo SPORTIn this Porsche Sports Car to Gather Day 2019, a simulator was used and a hot battle like a real race unfolded.

My husband, who usually plays car racing games at home, also watched the race to eat, but

Arihen, too good, I can not do it, Arihen ...

W it was saying

To compete in the Carrera Cup, it takes a lot of money, so I can't easily compete.It is a very good attempt to extend the base of race fans, as e-sports can enter the game if only a game console is purchasedI think. However, because the hurdle to participate is low, it will be a fierce fight.

After personally "How fast are the people who won or won e-sports and actually drive a Carrera Cup car or RSR?"I also wanted to see it.(Unrealistically impossible w)

4 Meeting Porsche Companions

In this Porsche sports car to gather day,I was able to meet all of you nice people including twtitter's followers and blog readersIt was very good.

Make a T-shirt "Porsche came to my house" in advance, "I made it but I'm too embarrassed to wear ... (-_-)"Because I was wearing ..." because I was thinking while wearing, "Sometimes ..." I had a voice. A total of about 10 people might have met.

By the way, these T-shirts and some other designs,As I introduced to twitter, I received a lot of voices saying "I want it!"We are preparing to buy it at UT now w

Everyone who met at this event is very kind, warm and nice peopleAfter all, Porsche fans are all good people!I was convinced again (laughs)

Also, famous in the twitter car community,He is a representative of the HOC (Heisei Owners Club) and a member of the Toho Maezawa super car projectMr. Yamaken"I was able to meet again, and I also met with Mr. Yamaken's friend Sakichan.

Her husband was also included in the air cooling talk and sports car talk, but both were very good young men.

(* Yamaken, Ka-chan, I tried to hide my husband)

5 Kids Corner and Kids Facilities

As a child who participated with the children,It was good to have a kids corner in the lounge.However, the kids corner was in the back of the lounge, so I didn't notice the existence at first and finally I knew it on the second day.

Since I found the Kids Corner, the children played there all the time, and I enjoyed making friends with my friends, so I was thankful as a parent.

There was also a kids corner where you could take a minicar or go-kart in another place, but the children were embarrassed and didn't get on ... sorry (-_-)

6 parade run

It was fun to be able to run the Fuji Speedway in a parade runNah. It was a very good opportunity for someone like me, not being able to run the circuit with my own car, or even just to go to a driving event.

The circuit is wide and large, just putting yourself in it will increase your tension. Also, the actual course isThere were many times more undulation than watching the race on the screen, and I could feel the difficulty and fun of the course.

After running home straight "It would be nice if this was filled up with spectators and you would be the first place there ~I also enjoyed running while delusional (laughs)

We were not able to run while watching Mt. Fuji at a parade run on Saturday the 15th (Saturday), but unfortunately it was fine last year and it was fine that we were able to see Mt. Fuji while running on the circuit it was good.

The back side of 7 motor sports is seen

This time,Grid walk and pit walk where you can see the Carrera Cup car up closeI did not participate in, but when I joined before, it was fresh that I was working on the back of the engineer, and that many thick tires were prepared ... I was able to see such a reverse side.

For what I usually watch the race"Machine" and "driver"I can only see, but many people are involved in the part I can't actually see, and one race can be held.

I like to see not only the front stage, but rather the other side(Because I used to plan and manage events in my previous work)If this is a large-scale event,There are so many people involved, so it will be difficult to prepare and run on the day ...I think about things like that.

This time, I was in the hall until the end of the event, but withdrawing the vehicle at the end of the event, the staff members gathered and had a conversation with a smile and thank you.It is an event with these people"I came to the end.

Points to be expected in the future

This is difficult because it becomes a problem on the circuit side,Fuji Speedway has some issues for barrier-freeI felt that. My house took a stroller this time, but there was no elevator(May have been, but I could not find it)If you take a stroller many times, go up and down the stairs, and at the end it will be bothersome,As my second daughter carried a stroller as it was carried over and over again, she had a slight muscle pain w

Well ... I think that there are not many people coming to the circuit while the children are so small, but I think it would be nice if the space was a little more barrier-free and easy to move, including people with wheelchairs and people with bad feet.

After that, catering on the first day of the lounge.The taste was delicious but the amount was smallNaa. The first day was a late lunch after joining the Porsche Track Experience, and I watched the clock before 14:00(We heard that lunch is ready until 15:00)By that time, there was almost no catering rice left and no additions, "Lunch, only this is ... ..."I felt a little disappointed.

On the contrary, we had plenty of drinks such as tea and juice, so we drank so much that we could not tell how many they got. Thank you ... w

My husband is

It's common at events in the IT industry, but it's interesting to have user sessions. There were over 2000 attendees this time, but I was able to hear the Porsche owner's presentation or the live voice from the crowded Porsche fan and the owner, and the Porsche Japan people can hear the new model presentation and questions from Porsche Japan. If there is a corner, users are likely to get along well. Don't beat me in the user session (laughs). My presentation is professional.

He said.


As a whole, it was a very enjoyable and fulfilling event, so when leaving Fuji Speedway at the end,Sazae feeling of Sunday nightThere was no half w

And while I was on my way home, I remembered that I was watching the air cooling driven by my husband in front.

Well, in the previous blog, "I want to realize my dream of going touring with two cars by one dayI wrote an article "


When I wrote the article, children are small, so "Even if we go to touring with 2 cars, it will be 10 years from now even if it is quick"I was thinking, but if I notice, I'm just going to touring with two cars right now.

However, there are many troubles along the way, as two children are together, so there are many troubles.It should be possibleI was very happy that I felt that I was thinking that I was thinking.

Actually,I want to go to overseas to see F1 and races and write blog posts at overseas Apple stores and cafes wI have a dream of ... but I think it would be nice if I could approach one step at a time without deciding that it was impossible.

I would like to go there again with my family at this event next year! Thank you all!

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  1. Mack

    Thank you very much for your helpful and motivational reports.

    In fact, I also participated in this PTE for the first time.
    We thought that we would like to talk several times on the day, but we saw where it was enjoyed in the family with friends, and we thought that uncle who did not know disturbed.
    The spin of the Panamera was very wonderful.

    PTE, as reported, was able to experience Porsche's Prince Pall and it was really good to participate.
    By the way, I was the 114th boxster.
    Next time, if you have a chance to meet you, let me say hello.

    I look forward to a report that will spread Porsche's thought in the future.
    Thank you.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog! !
      And you were participating in PTE! ! !

      > On the day, I thought that I would like to talk to you several times, but I saw a part of the family enjoying themselves and I thought about it being disturbed by the uncle who I did not know.
      Well, I didn't mind at all ... I mean, my daughters were running around, and I was only going to sloppy, rather than being a close friend (laughs)
      I would be glad if you could make a voice if you join us next time or something ^ ^

      > PTE, as reported, was able to experience the Porsche Prince Pal and it was really good to participate.
      Oh, you came in the 114th box star! ! ! I think that I am different from Panamera if it is Boxster, so I would like to join in Boxster if I have the opportunity.
      As you mentioned, the Porsche principal was able to experience it and it was a really wonderful program.
      We will post PTE report articles later ^ ^

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      And by all means, let me say hello at the next opportunity. Thank you for your continued support!

  2. Sakon

    I wanted to join by all means with very beautiful pictures and exciting articles.
    It is far from Sendai, but ...
    The romper of the second girl's PORCHE logo? It is very cute ^ ^

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > I want to join by all means with very beautiful pictures and exciting articles.
      > It's far from Sendai, but ...

      If you look at it, it is about 40 km from Sendai rather than going from Fuji to my house.
      But it's a lot of fun and fun events, so please join us next time ^^

      > The romper of the second girl's PORCHE logo? It is very cute ^ ^
      Thank you! It is a children's T-shirt, but I bought it at Porsche Center and bought it.

  3. polo9090

    Nice to meet you!
    I always see it happily.

    I participated in this event on the day.
    I saw a person who would probably be Mr. Mina, but I did not speak out. It was good that the couple who were all in a rucksack had a nice feeling of relationship. Also, the children were cute with two people!

    Actually I live in the neighborhood of Mr. Mina's home, so I think that I may meet you in Sakai. At that time, I will give my courage and make a voice, so please give me my best regards.

    We look forward to reading blogs from now on!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > I saw a person who probably would be Mr. Mina, but I did not speak out
      That was right! I'm sorry I'm playing with my children!
      I wanted to say hello by all means if you got a voice ^ ^

      Oh, I live around here!
      My husband and I often go to the store, so when you see me at the store,
      I would be glad if you could make a voice.

      Continue to thank you.

  4. Sakon

    40km! (Laughs) I can not say such sweet things.
    Come next year ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina


      > 40km! (Laughs) I can not say such sweet things.
      It was 40km (lol)
      We look forward to seeing you next year!
      Continue to thank you.

  5. Enmity

    Good evening. It is seven golfers who commented on the article of golf before.

    PSTD, I also participated. Since I live in Shizuoka Prefecture and can go in about an hour, Fuji Speedway is a welcome event for Porsche lovers.
    I was very happy that I could see the 992 in a close view and I saw the Carrera Cup Asia Top Pro drivers in the pitwalk.
    You also enjoyed the mina family. Fuji Speedway has been running in a mini car race, but it's wide and it feels good.

    If you look at a general display vehicle, the kind owner will tell you the maintenance cost of Porsche, etc. I think that the Porsche owner has many good people, and at the same time, it is full of delusions of 996 and 997

    I am looking forward to the fun Porscheneta articles from now on.

    • MinaMina

      Sea cucumber
      PSTD, you were participating!
      It's really envious that you live in Shizuoka.

      The carrera cup Asian driver and the aura were amazing ...
      It was an event with a variety of looks.

      > If you look at the display vehicle in general, the kind owner will tell you the maintenance cost of Porsche, etc. I think that Porsche owner has many good people, and at the same time, it is full of delusions of 996, the first half of 997.

      That's really true! Porsche owners are really good people (laughs)
      Especially for those who like cars who will be participating in such events, they share the fact that they are purely Porsche cars, so I think they are warm.
      Thank you very much for your continued support from now on!