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Living with Porsche

Choosing a car for my home

Before,Choosing a car (what to look for in a car) varies greatly depending on the family situation at that timeI wrote an article, but recently I'm realizing that more and more.

When I started writing this blog, and now, three years later, my home has really changed what I want from a car..

The car that was at my home when I started blogging three years ago,"Boxster GTS" "Panamera Edition" "Audi A3"was. The criteria for choosing a car areRunning is solid and sportyIt was a big thing, and the ride comfort, interior equipment, luxury, and comfort in the car were secondary.

Three years have passed since then, and the car now in my home is"Porsche Boxter GTS" "Porsche Panamera Turbo" "Porsche 911 GT3" "Porsche 911 (964)" "Nissan Note NISMO e-POWER" "BMW 320i".

And probably this fall, the "Panamera Turbo" will change to a "911 Cabriolet".(Production has finally started)

I mean, there are only two drivers in my house, but I'm sorry (-_-)

While putting the Tsukkomi that... a husband who likes cars"Sports car" "Running"While pursuing these factors, the number of cars that satisfy those requirements and have different personalities and attractiveness is increasing.

As a result, my husband wasWeekday commuting, weekends, and all year round riding a sports carwas there. Also, since I have been traveling for long distances as usual, when I looked at the mileage of each car, I was sending a car life of over 10,000 kilometers per year.

Contrary to Porsche...

However, recently, the situation of such a husband has changed a little. While enjoying sports cars for a long time,The car you usually ride on does not have to be that sporty. Rather than that, it may be better to have a car that you can usually relax and rideI feel like I'm starting to feel like this.

Also the children grow up(The eldest daughter is 6 years old, the second daughter is 3 years old, and will have a third baby in August)When I went out in a car with my family, children started to talk about the comfort of the car,After all it seems that there is a strong admiration for a big minivan and I muttered enviously saying "I also want that car ..."However, as a bonus, one more family...

It's kind of like that the cars in my house are all sporty.

And my husband recently came to say this.

Before I buy a Porsche like I do now, what I want from a car isRunning as a sports car"Or"Coupe styleIt was hard to think of an SUV or a car with a high car height.
However, I got on a Boxster, got on a GT3, had a 911, a McLaren, an SL... I had a sports car to a certain degree, and now I can drive without any hesitation, and the SUV allows me to relax and ride on Kuroko without making any claims. However, I'm starting to think that I should have one.
At the end of last year, when I was considering a notebook NISMO for a commuter car, I thought, "It must be sporty to some extent," but now "Since there is an ultimate sports car called GT3, it is not necessary to be a halfway sport to ride normallyThe idea has changed.
Even so, when you get on a Porsche, "After all it's Porsche!I'll say, w


Sure, I haven't driven as many sports cars as my husband, but after getting some experience,Certainly, I understand that my husband is saying recently."I think. If I can't ride an MT car now, the situation will be different, but it will be worth the practice and I will be able to drive MT specification GT3 and Boxster.You don't have to drive in a battle mode like this.I think.

The husband also said this way.

I think Cayenne is right,Recently, even Cayenne is sporty.I started to think. Although it's an SUV, it's still a Porsche.
Thinking that way,SUVs from Mercedes and BMW are more spacious and luxuriousEven if you can ride on and do not add options one by one like Porsche,Equipment is firmly attached from the beginning and the interior is luxuriousAnd I think the back seats are comfortable and it looks pretty good.Now I'm interested in GLS or X7I see.
Well, considering the price drop, I don't have the courage to buy a new car, but... I might look at the timing and look for a used one.


BMW 320i also...

In addition to such changes, my husband's company became remote work from the end of January due to the influence of coronavirus, and after a few months I saw that the company turned around without problems, so my husband will continue to work remotely. I decided to work in work main.

So, the notebook e-POWER NISMO that I bought for commuting at the beginning of the year did not ride much,It's a great car, but it's a waste to not ride.I've come to talk more often. And kids love this notebook NISMO"The back is wide! The cooler is cool and cool!"He said that he had taken more than usual.

On the other hand, I bought a BMW 320i last spring in order to be able to drive an MT car, and I ride it almost every day.Insanely hot(Certainly, the glass has no shading, no smoke, and the air conditioner does not work well.)The back is narrower than the notebookIs unpopular...(Sorry w)

"I also fulfilled the original purpose of being able to ride an MT car, and considering the whole of my house, it might be better for me to let go of the BMW and to ride NISMO normally."

It began to think.

However, my husband and I have never lost interest in cars, my husband still sees youtube reviews of cars and reads magazines every day, and I also say ``Buy Porsche yourselfThe goal of "" is ongoing, so my feelings for the car will not change.

However, admiring Porsche, which can be said to be the highest peak of a sports car, Porsche came to my house and rode Porsche on various roads, but I could say that it felt like it had gone around a little ...

Since there are already sports cars, it has become a feeling that it is better for five people to ride comfortably in everyday life.I think If you think about it,

While owning a Porsche, he has one SUV that can comfortably ride as a family car

Although there are many people who say,I see, that was it! I'm smart!I'm falling into my mind.

I think there will be some movement in the near future, but what will happen to the car situation in my house?

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  1. To be sunny

    No, I didn't think my husband would wake up in that direction.
    Me too
    Ferrari as an entertainer
    Porsche for real sports
    Of course
    Cayenne is too sporty for SUVs, and even BMW feels awkward w I like X7 and Alpina xb7.
    Right now, Range Motorcycles. I don't mind the dullness of handling. (I think it's likely to be 4,50 cm off the line I'm drawing, such as a high-speed lane change)
    But I like the suppleness and world view that can be brought out because it is heavy like RR and B.
    I want to drive lazily.
    Despite the fact that the x7 is a full-size SUV, it still feels like it's a BMW-like feeling, or in the class it runs properly. Ordinarily, I felt that it was a little light and the worldview of the SUV was weak. Unlike in the past, there are many light cars even SUVs recently, so it may be a good evolution to feel like riding a normal car, but I do not dare to say that the heavy world view like SUV is thin, I dare to be a heavy car. Will be attracted to.
    However, the X7 was the straight 6 of the 35D, so the impression seems to change again with the V8.
    As cars of a genre that does not require sports, we will stick to the world view.


    • MinaMina

      By car
      It seems that my husband has finally awakened to that world, and recently I'm just watching youtube on SUV reviews (laugh)

      > I want to drive slowly.
      I feel like I understand something. I don't want to be sporty every day,
      Recently I started to think that I wanted to drive slowly at high speed.
      (I would like to put the elbow on the elbow rest and drive with one hand.)

      Each manufacturer's SUV has its own view of the world, and they are different.
      I'm worried about the X7, and I want to go on a test drive with various SUVs.

      Even so, even if you look at the SUV of any manufacturer,
      I was impressed that the equipment was so extensive and that it was standard.

  2. To be sunny

    Somehow, Porsche came to my house → Only Porsche has become → → Besides Porsche?

    I'm looking forward to the future development w

    • MinaMina

      By car

      Good (laughs)! It's like a cushion! !! !!
      I didn't expect this to happen, but I hope I can continue to enjoy the real life of my car life.

  3. Ishi


    Relaxed SUV is good. I want SUVs even if I don't go outdoors.
    The SUV that I'm looking at right now (though there is a PHEV binding)

    1) Cayenne Coupe PHEV, if you don't care about budget. It's good to ride without rolling.
    2) VOLVO XC60 or XC90 PHEV if cost performance is the best choice. The image looks good after riding.
    3) GLE350de, you can drive a little less than 100km with just an EV! .. However, it is not in Japanese specifications. . . ..

    It is like this.
    Considering the case of a large child, a 7-seater SUV may be good.

    I am looking forward to the SUV review feature.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      So that's it! VOLVO has never been on board, so I'd like to try it on once!

      >3) GLE350de, you can drive a little less than 100km with just EV! .. However, it is not in Japanese specifications. . . ..
      That's right. It's a system that you can not get if it is Japanese specification again ...

      As Ishi says, children will grow older,
      I would like a 7-seater SUV. My parents can ride with me, and it seems to be convenient (though the size is large).

      I will try a test drive in the near future ^ ^

  4. taro

    Consider also choosing a car from a parenting perspective
    It was more than 10 years ago, but it was useful to switch to a car with a sliding door (Toyota Raum) according to the birth of my daughter.
    The advantage of the sliding door is that you do not have to worry about the door colliding with the next car in the parking lot.
    Since the seat surface is a little high and does not bend, it was easy to attach and detach the child seat.
    The advantage I noticed later was that it was a column shift, so I could move to the back seat without getting off the car.
    With today's cars, the smart key opens and closes automatically, and even if both hands are closed, you can open it with your feet.
    By the time my child was two, I bought a car that cost less than 300,000 yen, so I can't complain about rolling around corners or having a hard seat on my waist for long distances... (because of one yellow brake. It's cheaper...)

    • MinaMina

      When considering car selection from a child-rearing perspective, it seems like a car with a completely different personality.
      Children of my family still say various things about the size of the back seat and comfort, so
      Considering that a third person is born here and stacking baby seats, I think that I have to think variously.

      > (Because it's cheaper than one yellow brake...)
      If you think calmly, the yellow brake is too expensive, though it has such performance ^^;