My younger brother Ferrari GTC4 Russo T was delivered. How does your older Porsche ride feel when you get on?

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T
Test drive report for each car

The other day,Brother-in-law riding Ferrari GTC4 Russo T just deliveredI came to my house. I'm already 9 months pregnant and I'm hungry, and I get drunk these days when I ride a sporty car.(Although it is okay to drive yourself...)This time, only my husband decided to get on. So, my husband wrote the impression of the test drive, so please see it if you like.

The Ferrari GTC4 Russo T, which my brother had been ordering for a long time, was delivered and I tried to drive a little, so I would like to write that impression today.

About my brother who likes cars

By the way, this "Younger brotherWho is that? I think many readers are skeptical of this, so let me briefly introduce it.

My brother is 5 years younger than me,It looks and personality doesn't look like me at all, and it doesn't look like anyone else's brother.On the other hand, there is something in common, like me,I started my own business from scratch, and now it is a human resources related businessI am doing a wide range of activities. AndI like cars from the beginningIt is.

However, the hobbies of cars are very different.I like Italian cars, I like super cars, I like SUVsAnd, I have a completely different hobby from me. I'm not sure at this point what my brother has, but as long as I know what car I bought in the past,

Ferrari 488 Spider, Maserati Ghibli, Maserati Gran Turismo(W I bought twice), AMG G63, Range Rover Sport, Lamborghini Huracan, Lexus LX570, Porsche Macan Turbo...

It is a car history. I still know that the desire to buy remainsFerrari's V8 tribute will be delivered soonIt seems.

It's such a car hobby, so no matter how far you go, you can't fully understand each other's car hobbies. That said,When we meet, we talk about cars rather than business, and sometimes we talk about cars for about an hour on the phone at night.Since it's about, there seems to be a part where you can understand each other.

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T, test drive

Such a younger brotherFerrari GTC4 Russo TWas delivered, so he took me to my home immediately.

I've seen GTC4 Russo several times, but this is the first time I've seen it. Since it is a Russo T, this is a model equipped with a V8 engine, and a maximum output of 610ps/maximum torque of 760Nm is squeezed out from a 3.9-liter turbo engine.

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T engine

The appearance is a wagon, a shooting break, or a unique design. If you are about the same age as meBMW Z3 Coupe Yan!Some people may say that.

Drive the Ferrari GTC4 Russo T

When I asked my brother,I love Ferrari, so I wanted a Ferrari that I could ride with my family and use everydayI heard that he did this. Certainly, this can accommodate four people, and can store luggage quite well. The minimum ground clearance is also sufficient, and it seems that there are few scenes to be concerned about when compared to 488.

The interior is made of precious white leather, and the point is the blue stitching that was carefully selected. The texture around the cockpit is very high, like Ferrari's, and it is full of luxury.(This white leather seems to get dirty easily, so I can't always let go of the cleaner.)

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T interior

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T seat

Since this car is a 4-seater, I tried to sit in the back seat, but when my brother with a height of 183 cm sat in a position with plenty of room in the front seat and I was 177 cm in the back seat, it looks like this. Isn't there one kobushi? Well,A rear seat that seems to be able to handle at all if you drive for about 1 hourAnd it was more comfortable than I imagined.

The engine is quite quiet for a FerrariWhen you press the start button on the steering wheel, you can start it smoothly by just barking "phone!"

When I started running,The rigidity of the body is amazing.The body feels stronger at low speeds than Porsche.

As for the ride quality that you are interested inIt is. The body is very solid, so it's not uncomfortable, but I'm betrayed by the image of the 4-seater coupe. It is a range where you can ride in the city at all, but there is a Ferrari properly,The riding comfort of a sports carYou should think that. Speaking of Ferrari, in my experience, it feels more like a California ride, but it feels more rigid than that.

Initially, in PorscheI thought it would be a Panamera-like ride, but rather than that, solidify about 2 stages.. It feels a little harder than a normal 911, and conveys the unevenness of the road and the road surface. By the way, the tire was a Michelin pilot sports 4S, so it seems not to be the tire.

However, since it is a new car with a mileage of just over 1000km, I would like to evaluate the ride comfort again after traveling a little longer and the suspension is familiar.

Ferrari GTC4 Russo T

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  1. Wooper

    It's really different from brothers.

    I also have a younger brother, but I am a bike enthusiast.
    Of course I like cars, but I prefer motorcycles to cars.
    I don't dislike it either, so some information
    I'm going to buy it, but for me like that
    I'm on a foreign car that I don't understand.
    Surprisingly expensive, with a unit price per kilo
    Maybe higher than Porsche or Ferrari
    Kato (bitter smile)
    Power weight ratio is also amazing, such a thing
    In the story of GT3, whether it is OK to run on public roads
    there is no.
    I'm so scared that I can't open the throttle.

    Well, my brother said I let go of the bike
    It seems they have been used to...

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper
      Even brothers are different (laughs)
      But I think it's rare that all of my siblings like motorcycles and cars.
      I had a hobby, but I imagined it would be fun to have various conversations.

      The world of motorcycles seems deep...w