I tried running with Boxster open during the fine rainy season

Porsche Boxter

Boxster after a long time

I feel that the rainy season this year has more rain than last year. When I was driving in a car the other day, it was very beautiful with lots of hydrangea blooming in the park along the river. It would be beautiful if I could take a picture of my car and hydrangea.

And this year's rainy season isn't raining every day, and there are plenty of sunny days between rainy seasons.The other day, I decided to open the Boxster and run it after a long absence.

I usually go shopping and pick up children, so I take a convenient BMW 320. So, actually, I haven't been riding the Porsche at home so often, and it was the first time in a month to ride a Boxster. So

The open car hasn't been in a long time. No matter how fine the weather is, it's still embarrassing to open the roof...

I was a little nervous,The open drive was so good that once I opened the roof, I wouldn't mind such a thing at all.

The breeze is pleasant, the green scent of tree-lined roads, the scent of a bakery, the sound of birds, the sound of an engine...It's really nice to run while feeling various things with all five senses. I thought once again that the open car is a good place to enjoy a fresh drive just by opening the roof, even in the neighborhoods where people often run often.

However, when it gets hotter than this,The sun is tight during the day and it is hard to open and runI think so, it may be the last time to open and run.

Then, a few days later, I had the opportunity to ride Boxster with my husband. How many years has it been to ride a Boxster with my husband...(These kids are going to school these days, so I have free time all morning.)

When you ride Boxster,I felt that the Boxster's riding comfort, which I thought was not so good, was a little rugged.I had a test drive with the Cayenne the other day, and I still remember the smooth ride, so I wonder if Boxster felt hard. My husband, regarding this ride,

The riding comfort of the driver's seat and the passenger's seat may differ, but after all, the riding comfort of one person and that of two people are quite different. It feels like it's bouncing a little, but it's obviously more supple when riding alone.

He said.

I see, the riding comfort will change considerably depending on the number of people riding.

9 months pregnant car life

It was fast and I was already 9 months pregnant. In August, I will be able to meet my child, and I feel that my fetal movements are getting bigger and my stomach is getting smaller every day.

Until I actually meet my child, I don't know what's going on.

And about the current car life,I raise the seat position when riding a Porsche MT carSo, my big belly is about to hit the steering wheel... w It's only a couple of weeks before I can enjoy driving Boxster and GT3.

And when I give birth, I will not be able to ride for a while more and more, so I hope I can ride Boxster one or two more times by then.

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  1. yone0531

    Mina Good evening.

    Previously, there was an article about driving GT3 with a pregnant body, while reading, "I wonder if there are several pregnant women driving Porsche in Japan.
    Furthermore, there are almost no manual cars. Furthermore, when it comes to GT3, I'm sure it will be the only pregnant woman in Japan."
    I was there.
    Come there, and today's article! No way! I'm having a baby next month, but I'll be able to ride for another 2-3 weeks
    How much do you like Porsche? Pregnancy is a boxer engine sound Porsche's gifted education!
    I hope you will have a healthy child next month. Please take care of yourself.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much.

      > There are almost no manual cars. Furthermore, when it comes to GT3, I'm sure it will be the only pregnant woman in Japan."
      I was there.

      Certainly... (laughs) I think it's extremely rare.
      Whether or not the born child will become a car lover by pretending to have this engine sound...

      First of all, I would like to keep in good physical condition so that I can have a healthy baby!
      Thank you.