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The other day,Article of the first part that tested the Cayenne CoupeI have posted, but I am waiting for you this time, I would like to introduce my husband's impression (second part).

One day I took a break during the rainy season, and in a rare sunny day, I had the opportunity to test drive the new Cayenne Coupe.The grade is an S model and the official name is "Cayenne S Coupe".

It has a gentler roofline than the normal Cayenne, which is not a coupe, and its overall height is a little lower, so its low and wide appearance makes it look quite sporty. The silhouette from the side is also very similar to the traditional Porsche 911 roofline. Especially if you compare it directly with the normal Cayenne, the difference is obvious.

I've tried a normal Cayenne before, but that Cayenne was a plain Cayenne, soHow different is S from plain? , And differences in driving due to differences in options, etc.I'll try this time.

Cayenne S Coupe

thisThe Cayenne S coupe has a 2.9L V6 engineIt is. This is without the help of VolkswagenDesigned in-house by PorscheA gem that is said to be. I haven't experienced this engine since I tried the current Panamera 4S, but I personally have a very good impression.

At that time, the light V6 sound was impressive, and the rotating feeling was also very sporty and light. This time it's installed in the Cayenne, not in Panamera, so I turned the ignition switch while looking forward to how it was seasoned.

The starting sound of the bare Cayenne (V6 of 3 liters) I used to ride was very quiet, so I listened carefully. Then, "Phone!The V6 engine wakes up with a light sound.

Like the other Porsche, "Bon!" The tachometer needle jumps up and it does not feel like barking.It's a louder volume than Cayenne's elementary model, but it's a gentle awakening.This car is a sports exhaust equipped car, but this quietness is surprisingwas.

However, it is more brave than ordinary passenger cars and sedans.

When I put my foot on the accelerator lightly and stepped on it, I felt the difference with the original Cayenne. However, I am not so confident because it will be a little while ago,The impression that the original Cayenne accelerator pedal was lighterIt is. By comparison, thisThe accelerator pedal of the Cayenne S coupe has a moderate weight and seems to be Porsche.In this case, it seems easy to keep the speed constant even during high-speed cruising.

Not a PDK,Cayenne's traditional Tiptronic S (8th speed) has a very smooth startWill do I think this is a very special item. The connection of the power of the start and the feeling of the rolling of the tire are quite good, and it is better than the poor sedan.

If you run through the streets in normal mode, you will be in fifth or sixth speed as soon as you notice. If you step on the accelerator as it is, the torqueful engine will give you the speed. In most cases, that's fine, but if it's a little crappy,If you step on the accelerator a little more, the gear will suddenly drop by two gears, and you will enter a violent dash system.It is.

The power output at that time may be a little overpowered, and some may find it difficult to drive. this isIt is very similar to the behavior of Panamera Turbo.

It's usually gentle, but once you peel off your fangs, the boost of the turbo is suddenly applied, and in combination with the downshifted gear ratio, you may try to accelerate more than the driver wants. If it's a dash from a toll booth, that's fine,You may feel a little overpowered when you want to overtake lightly in the city or when you want to go out quicklyIt is.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can always run in sports mode and run smoothly with low gears that make it difficult for you to kick down in the first place, but in that case fuel economy and the environment are not good either. So like thisThe behavior in the city is easier for the plain Cayenne to driveI thought.

Cayenne Coupe, ride comfort

The ride is outstandingly good.Great. I recognize that the new Cayenne is one of the cars with the highest ride comfort among the cars currently available. I've been riding various SUVs from other manufacturers, but I don't think there is a comfortable ride that is so flat and the rolling feeling of the tires is smooth.

I was marveled at the comfort of the spring suspension that was previously equipped on the plain Cayenne,I was also surprised by the air suspension of the Cayenne Coupe.Both rides are hard to ride, but in a strong senseFor things like smooth rolling of tires, is air suspension better?I think. Moreover,It is wonderful that this riding comfort can be achieved with the 21-inch option wheel.

Also, if you adjust the vehicle height, the range of riding comfort will change greatly, so those who want a wider range of riding comfort should choose the air suspension.

By the way, compared to the Cayenne of the previous generation, the ride quality and ride quality are quite different.The previous generation had a good sense of SUV in a good sense, and there was an SUV-like behavior that was swaying at low speeds.Impressive,The new Cayenne is even flatter, more luxurious and sportierThat is my impression.(The feeling that the lightness and sportyness of Macan is added to the previous Cayenne)

The test car this time was a specification without PDCC. On the other hand, the original Cayenne that I got on before had a PDCC.Is there a difference? I think there is a clear difference.The one with PDCC is flatter. Since it is a car with a high vehicle height, it has a slight side-to-side sway even though it has a flat ride compared to Panamera. that is,Vehicles equipped with PDCC can be suppressed considerably, anyway there is little vertical movement to the left and right and it does not shakeIt's That's the difference.

Although,The new Cayenne has a flat ride comfort even without PDCCAnd I think there are very few people who feel that shaking is uncomfortable. But,If you want to get a flatter sedan or coupe level to Cayenne, should you attach PDCC?I think. By the way, I like the ultra-flat ride, so I definitely want to add PDCC.

Next page → Cayenne S Coupe engine and handlingYes! ? What is your general opinion?

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  1. Ishi


    Your husband's review I read it interestingly.
    I didn't like the rolling comfort of the SUV either, but I wanted to test drive the 959 Cayenne.
    Also, I thought that the SUV coupe is a car that does not have a policy that complies with the market, but the idea changed when I saw the Cayenne coupe. I am aware that Porsche's life is over here.

    I am currently riding the 970 Panamera PHEV and the 971 Panamera PHEV was the next best candidate, but now I am leaning towards the Cayenne PHEV and Taikan. I assume PHEV, but I feel that Tiptro is better than PDK for compatibility with the motor, and the practicality of the back seat is the reason. Another reason is that Panamera tends to give too much speed because it is hard to experience Panamera even if speed comes out. (This is a rider problem, Panamera is not bad).

    Taikan is highly evaluated by various review videos, and I expect that it will be pretty good even if there are some lanterns, but in Japan I am worried about what happens to the charging infrastructure on the go, so it's a wait-and-see feeling. .. As for Taikan, sedans and station wagons have been announced, but I think that it will be expanded to SUVs and the like, so I think it will be good after the EV lineup has increased a little more.

    I haven't compared the Cayenne with or without PDCC, but if you buy it with a new car, I'm sure you will. And even if the loading capacity of the trunk is a little reduced, there is no chance of carrying such a large load, and even if the ceiling of the back seat is a little low, I hardly get behind, so I think that I will choose a coupe that is easy to understand. As with PCCB, PSCB is less interested in hole dust, braking power, and so on. As for the color, cashmere beige seems to be elegant, so I am worried about the actual thing. Beige of the interior is concerned about dirt, but beige of the exterior is surprisingly clean and easy to manage.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      As you say, Cayenne hybrids and Thai cans are very interesting.
      My husband also said that if you buy a Cayenne, a hybrid would be awesome.
      "The price drops quite a bit, so I'd rather buy it as a new car rather than buy it as a new car, but I do not have a PDCC with it..."

      PSCB is also interesting!
      When I talked to a person in charge of marketing at Porsche Japan, I said that Cayenne's PSCB is quite good,
      How good is it, I would like to try a Cayenne with this (although I have not tried buying a Cayenne and buying it at all...),
      I feel like that today these days.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    We always have fun look.

    In my case, I don't know much about recent AT cars,

    > When you want to overtake lightly in the city, or when you want to go out quickly

    If that's the case with older AT cars, I think it would be smoother to shift the gears with a constant accelerator operation rather than kick down.
    With the Cayenne Coupe S, I'm worried about the operability and acceleration feeling around here. Since it is a Porsche, I expect that various acceleration feelings can be obtained by various operations.

    The most recent experience was a Mercedes B class that I got on as a substitute, but it was smoother to drop it with a paddle. When I touched the paddle in AT mode, the gear seemed to change temporarily. However, even if I dropped it, the acceleration could be obtained.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for visiting our blog.

      > For old AT cars, I think it would be smoother to shift gears with a constant accelerator operation rather than kick down to shift gears.
      That's right, even if it is an AT car, it seems to be more fun if you can operate it to some extent by yourself.

      > The most recent experience was a Mercedes B-class riding a substitute car, but it was smoother to drop it with a paddle.
      That's right! Recent AT cars are quick to react even with paddles, so it seems that I can drive as I want.
      While watching various things, I wanted to try another car other than Porsche ^^;

      Thank you.

  3. Ishi

    Porsche Draemer

    I'm sorry from the side.

    > For old AT cars, I think it would be smoother to shift gears with a constant accelerator rather than kick down to shift gears.
    With the Cayenne Coupe S, I'm worried about the operability and acceleration feeling around here.

    Regarding this, it is not Cayenne, but the PDK of the 981 Boxster GTS I owned before and the Tiptro of the 970 Panamera PHEV I am currently riding, but kickdown is smoother than shifting down with a paddle I think. I feel that the car is more appropriate than me in determining the speed at which this acceleration should be reduced. Therefore, in my case, I almost no longer operate the paddle during acceleration. I sometimes choose the gear with the paddle to get the effect on the downhill, but that's about it.

    In normal mode, you may feel that the acceleration is slightly unsatisfactory depending on the scene in response to the accelerator depression, but in sports mode or higher, you can accelerate as you want without using the paddle without touching the paddle. I think.