The appeal of the Porsche 911 GT3 found after riding for one year after delivery


Once again, Porsche 911 GT3

Recently, I have been riding the GT3 about once a month, but every time I rideYeah, this feeling!"Was there such a charm?There is a new excitement, and it seems that Porsche and GT3 are really deep cars.

The other day, my husband got on the passenger seat and ran my driving,I haven't been riding for more than a month, so I wonder if I will stall...I didn't think so, but I was able to drive normally. My husband too

Once you get used to it, you'll be fine. Like riding a bicycle, even if you don't ride for a long time, once you get on the bicycle, you'll be able to regain your senses in the first few tens of minutes.

I was saying. Disagreeable~Around the time when I was on the Boxster of a manual car and I was about to blow bubbles towards the white eyesI think that I came to here so often w

Rediscovering the charm of GT3

Actually, just before riding GT3 this timeI had a Cayenne test driveSo, I was wondering how that game would feel, but after all I realized that GT3 is a very nice car in the category of playing against Cayenne.

First of all, this direct feeling is hard to find anywhere else.From the moment you start with the clutch engaged, you will feel as if you were directly connected to the car.My husband, who was riding sideways,

It's been a year since I bought the GT3,Boxster recently(981 Boxster GTS)I felt a little unsatisfied when I got onWow. Boxster must be a very good car, but once I experience the terrible and stimulating performance of GT3, I am addicted.
after,GT3 is a car with a higher level of reliability than BoxsterI think Boxster, of course, turns well, stops, runs, and there is nothing to say, but the GT3's operability is so accurate that it feels that the driver can really trust the car.

However, I feel that I understand what my husband wants to say.

Boxster has a more supple ride than GT3 and the impact of uneven road surface is not that far, and the direct feeling when driving is thinner than GT3. However, it does not mean that Boxster's running is not good at all, but ``Compared to GT3, which has strong racing car elements...The Boxster has great performance and must be a fun car to drive.

Moreover,"GT3 is still exceptionalI feel."

Before, I was a little scared of the direct feeling of this GT3. I felt that my driving was transmitted to the car as it is, so if I drive poorly, it will be directly transmitted to the car, and my GT3 in particular is a manual, so I was more nervous.

So at the beginningIt would be nice to be able to drive with more control of the car, as it does not care. GT3 is still too early for me and I'm afraidHowever, I feel that this direct feeling becomes addictive as I get used to it.


Before I was delivered, I was wondering if I would run GT3 in the city,Actually you can ride without worrying about thatWow. There is also a front axle lift system, so you do not have to worry about rubbing at a general step,The ride is certainly hard, but once you get used to it, it doesn't matter.Well, from the beginning I like flat and hard ride.
Also, my boxster has a white body color and a red hood, so it's a little conspicuous in the city, but on the contrary, the crayon GT3 is not so prominent. I don't have any wings from GT3 touring. Even in that sense,After a year, I feel that I can use it more normally than I had expected.Wow.
Although,If you ride in everyday life or the main part of the city, it's definitely Boxster.I think the GT3 is a car with a Nambo, a touring (avoiding traffic jams), winding, and a car on a circuit by running in a place without stop and go.

He said.

I've only run a bit on the streets and highways in GT3, so when I have a baby and calm down, I want to go on a good road in GT3.

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  1. Fukusuke

    Nice to meet you, my name is Fukusuke.
    I always enjoy reading blogs from FB people.

    In particular, the impressions of the GT3 story and the owner are interesting.

    I look forward to blogging in the future, so I would appreciate your favor.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      I will continue to write GT3 stories and my husband's reviews, so
      Continue to thank you!

  2. Fukusuke


    Thank you for your reply.

    If there is the name of Fukuda who likes the FB, it's me, so if you like it, please look into that FB. My favorite car, the 997 GT3, will also appear. Lol

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! I will also see the FB ^ ^
      Continue to thank you.