[Porsche Owner's File #22] 911 Carrera 4 GTS (991) Purchase/Option/Run Review

Porsche owners file

A project that came out of the reader's request "I want you to share the live voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The 22nd bullet is from "Manma","911 Carrera 4 GTS"It is purchase, option, traveling review.

〘Owner information〙
・My favorite car introduced this time: 991 type 911 Carrera 4 GTS (MY2015)
· Pen name: Manma
· Residential area / Residence: Hokkaido / Mansion
· Family composition: wife(Paper driver), High school student, junior high school student family
· Past travelers' favorite history:
Honda Prelude (BB4) → Honda Integra Type R (DB8) → Honda Odyssey (RB1) + NSX (NA1) →
Audi A6 Avant (C6) → Audi S4 (B8) → BMW M3 Sedan (E90) → Porsche Panamera 4S (971) → Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 (C257), and Carrera 4 GTS came to our house as the first 911 ..
・A few words to our readers: We would be happy if we could help everyone who is considering purchasing 911.

1) History of purchase

Unfortunately, on the blogPorsche Owners File # 11As I wrote in ", the basics of choosing a car are "Fast, cool, and beautiful instrument panel (lighting)In that respect, the Porsche car is perfectly coded.

This time, after releasing the 971 Panamera 4S for 8 months due to various reasons, the people who leave are not isolated to every day, the more it passes"Porsche Ross" saying "I want to ride a Porsche car again!"However, the strong feelings that could be said and the fact that the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 did not give me the option of letting go with a wonderful car,To increase the number of carsI did.

(I happened to see a vehicle that seems to be my Panamera in the neighborhood, and I think it had a great influence on this decision... Panamera, after all...

there,"If you want to increase the number of cars, you can use a sports car that is purely for you, without thinking about riding with your family, then buy 911 this timeI made a decision.

Regarding such 911, I also considered the latest 992 type, but my poor car deviation value"It was built with the NA model." "The air-cooled model seemed to have a strong hobby element." "It was the taillight of the 991 type 911 Carrera 4 that was fascinated by Porsche cars in the first place."From the retrospective, I decided to search for a certified used car by setting the target of the 911 first machine to the 991.1 type 4WD model.

Then, while searching for certified second-hand cars every day, GTS wearing black parts seems very cool,With sports chrono package
A sports exhaust system is standard equipmentBecause of the ease of searching, I decided to narrow down the purchase target to GTS models.

2) Option / specification

Carrara white metallic, GTS interior package (carmine red), seat heater (front left and right), BOSE sound system, rear view camera (retrofit? Only camera, no sensor)

When looking for a certified used car,

1. Exterior "White"
2. Optional "GTS Interior Package" (any color is acceptable)
3. The wheel is genuine "Black color painting 20 inch 911 Turbo S wheel, center lock system"
4. "Right handle"

Has been defined as mandatory.

In the first placeThere were not many individuals even with 991.1 GTS plus 4WD, but I did not have a good encounter because of the above 4 conditionsHowever, one day, I discovered my favorite machine that was just updated on the HP of a certain Porsche Center in Tokyo on the same day, and ordered it the same day without looking at the actual thing.

By the way, there was no discount at all, but thanks to the person in chargeInstallation of smoke film on body coat and rear glass,furtherFree replacement of all new tiresI got it.

In addition, I decided to give up daylighting by coding because it was opposed by the local Porsche Center.(Coding seems not to be a problem at the place of purchase, so it seems that each Porsche Center will have different support).

3) Background to delivery

・Orders from the beginning of January 2020 → Delivery of vehicles from the end of January 2020

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

① Engine

NA 3799cc horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine boasting 430PS and 440NmBut first of all, the powerful sound at the start makes me feel excited.(I care a little depending on time and place).

Next is the start, but according to the wording of the catalogThe torque in the low rpm range is sufficient, for example, when starting from a signal waiting, the cruise speed is reached without stress.Give me

In this respect, I do not feel any wobbling or powerlessness when I get in from CLS53 to 911, but remembering the E90 M3 Sedan, this is a little like in the low speed range, "Is it slow to step on the accelerator?" There may have been(There was no creep phenomenon in DCT of M3 Sedan. Is it related?).

Such a 911,The accelerator responds sharply and quickly as much as you type, whether you press it softly or operate it strongly.I think. This was the same impression for the 971 Panamera and the 992 type 911 Carrera 4S that I rode, so it may be a common feature for Porsche cars.

The tachometer reacts politely to the accelerator work, and the energy is transmitted to the car without any waste,Exactly one personis not it.

Now, regarding the engine sound,Exciting instep height that becomes violent from 2500 rpm and reminiscent of VTEC sound from around 4000 rpmPlay, and blow up at once(According to the published material, the timbre seems to change at 4300 rpm and 6300 rpm, but the impression is as above.)

Especially clear engine sound without turbidity at high rpm is unique to NA and GTSI am interpreting after that. In this regard, I'm really happy to meet the 911 and GTS model.

The above is the impression in normal mode,When sport mode is selected, the engine response becomes more sensitive, and the sound doubles in clarity and power.(The sports exhaust system that turns on at the same time as the sports mode is very effective.), I fall into the illusion that I am riding a racing car while being an amateur.

Especially sports exhaust sounds so good that you always want to keep them on.To be honest, I didn't expect the tone to change so much when the sports exhaust was turned on and off.

Incidentally,Sports plus modeRegarding,Gear change setting speed shifts to high speed rangeTo doImmediate downshift with a slight deceleration or accelerator onTo doThe accelerator response is super sensitive, as if the engine power was transmitted from the accelerator pedal to the right foot....
In that situation, it is completely out of my hands.

As per the instructions,Settings designed for circuit driving...I strongly agree with.


The description of PDK in the catalog of 991.1 type Carrera / Carrera S is almost the same as that of GTS, and I can not imagine the special function as GTS, butCompared with Panamera and M3, 911 is several steps smootherI think.

AndIn sports and sports plus mode, switching speed stands out more than smoothnessI think. Especially in Sports Plus, shift changes are performed at a dramatic speed like "Lightning Fire".

As for the sound, as the owner of this blog pointed out, it certainly is "Baffon!I feel like I am connected. From my point of view, this is exciting enough, but I'm also worried about the 981 GTS "Pashung!"

As an aside, regarding the amount of paddle operation,I wonder if I can shift gears a bit more shallowly.I thought. I wonder if the paddle operation amount of 992 type Carrera and 971 Panamera is close to the image of a general shift.

In addition, I have not been able to get acquainted with the technique of controlling the shift change only with the accelerator work, so I want some time.

③ Handling

When I turn the steering wheel, I feel the oneness with the caris.

Four tires are always properly grounded on the road with proper load and balanceDoes that mean? Up and down, left and right turns, and running as if you are sticking to the asphalt with a powerful magnet without shifting in any situation is a different dimension of handling.

To the last, accurate and light footwork,Impressed every time you operate the steering wheel at an intersection or winding in the suburbsI will do it.

EspeciallyIn Sport Plus mode, everything is orders of magnitude sharperBecome. Let's say it's as if you're watching a video that suddenly started to play at double speed, but the transition of the scenery seen from the driver's seat is like a choppy jump.

By the way,My machine is a PASM normal chassisHowever, if you combine PASM sports chassis (standard for 991.2 GTS), PDCC, and rear axle steering (not selectable for 991.1 GTS), what kind of world will be shown and the depth of Porsche car I'm curious.

④ Fuel economy

City riding 5-6km/l, high speed 10km/l, slightly worse than 971 Panamera 4SI have the impression that The refueling port is at the front, but is it better to have some gasoline in order to have a better car balance?

As a lesson after the two years ago the eastern Hokkaido earthquake, we try not to reduce the amount of gasoline to less than half, but depending on the amount of gasoline loaded,
I wonder if the behavior will change.

⑤ Comfort and ride

When I put it in the passenger seat of the 997 type 911 Carrera 4S, I remembered the feeling that the front wheels would rise when accelerating from the medium speed range, but in this 911 there was no such thing,I feel a feeling of grounding that sticks to any situation.Still, the ride is smoother and flatter than I expected,
When it comes to sports cars, I think it is very comfortable to ride.

However,Be sure to pick up the seams of the elevated roads and the roughness of the road surface regardless of the degreeTherefore, I am a little worried that passengers will not feel pain.

In this regard, if it is 991.2 GTS equipped with PASM sports chassis as standard, this blog(Porsche 911 GTS dated April 5, 2020
(Test drive in the second half of 991)-Review of wife's daily use)As you can see, is it a basic setting?

Incidentally,The seat position is low, and you should sit down so that you can sink further.Therefore, it will be operated at a position that is one step lower than the surrounding cars. The guard rails and the tires of the side-by-side cars are right next to each other, which is a unique feature of a sports car, and I think it helps to improve the ride comfort.

SuchThe seat is a standard "Sports Seat Plus", but it is a good point in terms of fit and comfort.I think At the beginning of delivery, I thought that the movements before and after the seat were manual, which made me feel cheap, but since I barely touch the front and back, I no longer feel that.

The design of the sports seat vs. sports seat plus (I did not notice the difference in the back (;'・ω・)), and whether 14 seats are added to enhance the hold function and so on. I think it depends a lot on individual taste and usage,
I would like to check at any time through the information provided on the blog and the actual experience of visiting the showroom.

Also, the brake (standard equipment),It is said that "Porsche's brakes are the best in the universe", and it works terribly wellI think. The high braking performance is directly linked to a sense of security when riding.

By the way, the standard brake disc diameter was 340mm at the front, 330mm at the rear, and 350mm when the PCCB was selected in the catalog.

⑥ Family's reaction

``Is my wife no longer convinced that I can say nothing to me, or do I think that the car can always sell after all, even if I tell the fact of the purchase, ``You can pay (loan) properly, hmm...I am pretending to be indifferent."

Eldest son(Recently young people, they are not interested in cars)IsDad buys a car like I buy a new pencil"I don't know what the honor and praise is," she said to her daughter.The previous car (971 Panamera) is cooler! I hate round eyes (911)!"I was thrown away, and I feel that my shoulders are narrow.

⑦ Favorite points

The 911 has a beautiful curved finish,Depending on the angle of view and the shading of the shadows, the impression of losing words just by looking at the bodyI will remember I think the exterior parts with black finish, wide rear fenders, and the straight LED lights on the rear, which are also used only in the 4-wheel drive model of the 991 type, complement the beauty of the 911.

Insert the key into the ignition and twist to start the engineAt the beginning, I was a little skeptical about turning a car-shaped key, but now it's my favorite.

At the same time, I can feel the sportiness of the car clicking when I press the key to lock or unlock the door.

The feel of Alcantara,Carbon parts of GTS interior packageIs also high point.

After all, is it the engine sound?The extraordinary nature that a lacy engine sound can be heard from behind the driver's seatAlways makes my chest hot.

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