Porsche 911 GTS (late 991) test drive – wife's daily use review

Test drive report for each car

911 Carrera GTS

The other day, my husband borrowed a 911 Carrera GTS from an acquaintance and I was able to get it on for a while, so today I tried to write an impression of my riding.

I really appreciate this environment where I can ride various Porsche on a daily basis and I am really grateful for having a valuable experience that I can not do easily. I would like to thank my husband's acquaintances on this occasion(But you probably wouldn't read the blog w).

Again, I said,Looking at the wife who usually works"Porsche rides like carsI'll write with my husband's eyes.

The "911 Carrera GTS" I borrowed this time is a late 991 model. The body color was GT silver and there were not many options, but since it was a GTS with GT steering with steering heater and interior laser package, sports chrono, sports exhaust, PASM etc were already attached.

911 Carrera GTS, test drive

Ride comfort

The ride of the 911 Carrera GTS on the first day was not very good.Although it does not go with GT3,Shaking laterallyThere were quite a few. Especially now, because I am a pregnant woman, my stomach was shaken every time I ran on the rough road, every time my stomach was strengthened and I got sick after riding for about 30 minutes. After returning home,

Akan, this is too hard or too hot for pregnant women (-_-)

And from my husband,

Maybe I was scared and I ran too slowly at a low speed w When I got to some speed, the ride was pretty good.

It was said.

Certainly, I tried running a little on the mountain road on this day, but I was working on the road and the surface condition was bad, and I was driving toro, so I think that it may have been because of that ... ,Next day.

I went to a nearby supermarket with GTS, but I accelerated to some extent and tried to drive as usual. Then, I certainly did not feel much of the sideways swing I felt the day before,Rather, the sense of security coming from the firm body was felt stronger.

The day before, "I can get on the 911 GTS ...!"

However, 981 Boxster GTS in my house is still better(Driving distance 40000km)The ride is supple,Personally, I like riding in the city because Boxster is easier to ride.

However, if this 911 GTS also runs about 20,000 km(The mileage was 7,000km when borrowed)The ride may be more supple.

Engine sound

The engine volume is quite loud.Regarding the engine start-up sound, Boxster GTS and Panamera Turbo in our house were quite loud, but I got an impression close to that. The sound quality was a good turbo sound.

However, because of the mood of spring, I opened the windows comfortably and drove all the time,I was really worried about the loudness of the idling sound waiting for the signal.Sensitively larger than Boxster,This idling volume shouldn't be a bit of a concern every time you wait for a traffic light in town ...I thought.

Also, I tried sports and sports plus mode in the city for trial, but there was not much speed,Suddenly the gear drops, the number of revolutions rises, the engine sound becomes a rather loud treble,I was turned around by a pedestrian walking sideways.

Of course, I was surprised, and inadvertently muttered, "I'm sorry ..."

However, if you switch to sports plus mode while running on a mountain path, the number of revolutions rises with a good feeling, the engine sound jumps up comfortably and you can run very fun,After all, GTS has to run on such a road at least!"I thought again.

From another point of view,You can run normally in the normal mode in the city, while you can run boldly on the mountain road and the mountain pass with the sound of the engine like GTSSo, I felt that it was wonderful to be able to feel both runs on one machine.

Even so, it will not be possible to run the 911 Carrera GTS fully on the general road. also,If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy the true value by bringing it to the circuit,I guess you won't be able to feel the original running of GTS.

Ease of driving

The 718 Cayman I got on the other day was also tight and driving was very easy, but after allWhen it came to the 911 GTS, the feeling of solidity and solidity was even higher.As expected, it is 911, and it is GTS.

However, even though there was a solid feeling and a solid feeling, the running was very light and smooth,Modern 911 is really easy to driveI was deeply moved.

The other day, I got on an air-cooled Porsche 964, but I realized again that the steering was heavy and there were tips for driving,This 911GTS can be driven comfortably by anyone like me without thinking.

No, the evolution of performance as a car for the past 30 years is really terrible.

In addition, the GT3 has a low vehicle height, and even if it is a little step, you have to drive with care that `` does not slip '', but GTS does not need to worry so much, so in that sense I felt that it was easy to drive and I could use it everyday without any problems.

Porsche 911 GTS, conclusion

What I thought while writing this article. It says, "I have been trying a lot of test rides, but I can only drive terribly at all times,The test drive has been completed without completely understanding the charm and splendor of the car"I'm saying that. From my husband,

It would be nice to drive normally like driving a car in our house. Why do you want to drive like that all the time, wasteful w

It was said.

When it comes to people's cars, much less Porsche, I get nervous every time and I can't run normally easily ... (-_-)

However, if I had the opportunity to get on the car again, I wouldn't mean that I would fly faster, but rather drive as usual and write down my impressions.

Based on that, the 911 GTS I drove this time is a home where my husband uses the highway for commuting, goes on a car on holidays, and his wife usually uses on weekdays I thought it might be fine.

However, if you do not go to run much, if your home is mainly for everyday use,After all, from my wife's point of view, I'm more happy with a model that I can ride with little more care..

If you think so, after all the plain 911 or the 718 Cayman I got on the other day is easier to ride. While saying somehow, if my husband actually buys 911 GTS, I will be pleased with the tension going up, but w

That's why I want to give my husband a test drive impression later.

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  1. To be sunny

    It's the same GT Silver GTS as me!
    GTS is too hard for everyday use in town. I think too. Uncomfortable ww
    I can use it everyday, I can play sports, and I feel like a versatile balance up to Carrera S.
    After all, that engine of GT3 is sensual. GTS is not. But it is a very fun car in the marginal area.
    It may be hard to understand in the Carrera series. 35GTR-like
    It is a very fun car. It is a car that I think there is usually another car. Carrera S is an overwhelming car life balance.

    • MinaMina

      By car
      > It's the same GT Silver GTS as me!
      That's right! ! As always, the car lineup is amazing ...!

      GTS is so hard ... I knew this time. It was harder than expected.

      > It is a very fun car to attack 35 GTR-like or properly.
      That's right! It seems to be a lot of fun when you attack and run with Ashi.
      I want to experience it once.

      My husband said, "GTS is definitely hard. I am paralyzed on my usual hardcore,
      But I want to ride it normally. If I buy 911 in the future, it will be three choices of bare, GT3, turbo S ''

  2. To be sunny

    No, I can no longer match the Porsche collector couple w
    Oh, it was updated when I opened YouTube.
    Boxster is no longer smooth when I'm riding a 3Siri manual. I haven't been on a manual recently ... I want ...

    • MinaMina

      By car
      ... www
      Thank you for watching youtube! Certainly, if you drive a manual car every day, you will get used to it ~ ^^
      Carman Aya, please add a manual car to the lineup! I'm looking forward to it!