Porsche? No, this is RUF! Test drive RUF RCT

Test drive report for each car

My husband usually has a lot of opportunities to get on the car of acquaintances and blog readers(I'm jealous w)This time, he was driving a very rare Porsche called "RUF".

Since I was still a Porsche and lacked studying and did not know the name RUF, my husband said,I got it on the roof!"While excitably speaking," Eh, Nissan roof (-_-)?(To say that, Nissan Leaf)"Has been returned.

So, my husband wrote my impressions immediately, so please take a look.

About RUF

The other day, I had the opportunity to ride a very rare car.

What a RUF.RUF (roof) is a tuning maker of Porsche in Germany, which tunes Porsche cars and sells complete kits. I didn't know much more about it, so when I looked into it,

RUF is officially recognized as a manufacturer in Germany because it is not tuned to already completed Porsche, but is provided by Porsche in a white body state and manufactures it as a RUF car from scratch

That's it.

The company also sells the restoring business and kits to convert Porsche vehicles into RUF vehicles.

964 based RUF, RCT test drive

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary 964,Wearing parts made of RUF in some places, an unusual aura is transmitted through Hishishi.There is a big turbo wing from the rear, so I thought it was a 964 turbo, and the rear fender did not overhang.

Yes, RUF RCT is a turbo car,It does not use the original wide turbo body, but uses a normal Carrera bodyAnd that.

The engine is a single turbo with 3.6L horizontally opposed 6 cylinders. When I asked the owner,Squeeze power of 380PS or more and 550Nm or more as published by manufacturersThat. This "over" is cool like a tuning maker.

First, I experienced it in the passenger seat. When I slip into my bucket seat and enter the room, I see almost the same sight as my 964. Speaking differently, it is about a seat and a steering wheel, but if you look closely, the meter is also different,Not a Porsche] Is gradually transmitted.

The owner released the shift at the first speed with a familiar hand, and when the clutch was smoothly engaged, the car started moving forward.

The ride at low and medium speeds is extremely good.Of course, although it is hard, there is no feeling like riding a monster machine,I was surprised at the comfort more than expected.Each time you exit a corner,Outstanding rigidity and crispness of the bodyIs also transmitted to the passenger seat.

If you increase the speed in a straight line, you may experience large pitching in places where the damping force and the undulation cycle do not match, but the body feels really tight.

The sound of the engine is not as loud as the sound, but it is a racy sound that seems to be flat 6 with a considerable volume.It is clearly different from the ordinary 964 Carrera 2 on which I am riding, and it has a harder sound.

On the way, the owner kindly let me drive.When you sit in the driver's seat, there are many differences between the seats, but it feels like you're riding on a more compact car than your 964.

Starting from the 1st gear to the 2nd gear and accelerating while traversing the position where the clutch is engaged, there is no oddly lower torque than expected. If you heard of a single turbo in an old car and RUF, you had a more cumbersome image without permission, but there is no such thing at all.

Anyways,Accelerator work is easy, and it runs fast from low speed.

I'm not used to it, so of course I didn't turn it up to high rpm,The response of the engine is perfect and it is easy to drive.That is my first impression. Regarding handling, it looks quite different from the normal 964.The normal 964 feels difficult to bend unless you load it firmly in front, but this RUF RCT hardly feels that.

Of course, it may be different at higher speeds, but at the speed of normal winding, turning the steering wheel normally will make you bend quickly.

Yes, this feeling has recently beenClose to the latest water-cooled Porsche". My first impression of handling was that it was close to my recent rides of 991 and 992. I felt that way, not exaggeration.

I especially felt thatAnyway, the feeling of ground contact, stability and response at the front are clearly different from ordinary 964.That's all. It can be said that the normal 964 front tread is wide and the steering ratio is a little quick, or you can go through the winding as you want even if you operate the steering wheel a bit.

RUF, something similar to Porsche

Because it was a short test drive, it is heavily aware that it is 100 years earlier to talk about RUF,Porsche and RUF are similar but differentI just understood. AndThe direction that RUF was aiming for in this era may be close to the direction that 911 is aiming for nowI thought.

In that sense, RUF is a manufacturer that has advanced and foresight. If you have the chance, you want to ride a modern RUF.

Owner, thank you very much for experiencing this rare car this time!

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  1. Wooper

    Good roof!
    Thank you for an interesting article.
    I haven't seen the roof up close on a test ride.

    By reading this, Alpina's car making
    I was reminded.
    It is sometimes said that BMW is actually Alpina
    Do you want to make a car like that (M?
    However, it is not possible to do so due to cost and efficiency issues.

    A small but clear automaker,
    Purchase a white body from the manufacturer ...
    Alpina and BMW, Roof and Porsche have a similar relationship
    It may be.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper

      Thank you.
      I also saw it for the first time in my husband's photo.

      > Alpina and BMW, Roof and Porsche have a similar relationship
      > Maybe.
      I see ... Alpina is praised by everyone on board, and says that her husband wants it someday.
      Even if you want to make the car you want to make, it seems difficult to become a large company ...

      I felt that romance was jammed on the alpina and roof.