The new Porsche 911 Cabriolet (992) was ordered with this optional specification

New Porsche 911 Sport Design Package
Type 992

The next car of Panamera,Original new 911 (Type 992),FurthermoreCabrioletHowever, my husband wrote the article, so this time I would like to introduce what options were added.(Today is April Fool's Day, but no lie w)

New 911 (type 992) cabriolet

This concept isAdult comfortable 911 cabrioletThat's it.(Since it is Japanese, the black of the 911 logo is not reflected, so the European config is used.)

Standard interior Black / Mohave beige, partial leather seats

It is heavily aware that leather is better up to the dashboard with full leather specifications,This time, normal interiorThen, it was made beige so that it looks beautiful even when the hood is opened like an open car.

Sports seat

The seat is a normal sports seatdid. The Sport Seat Plus wraps around your shoulders, so it is good for sports driving, but your shoulders will be slightly stiff in long hours. This time I want to relax and ride, so don't choose.

after,If you make a sports seat plus, the back of the seat is silver instead of the color of the seat as standardBecome. There will be more things to do, such as putting a grain of wood on it, but this time, considering the overall balance, I thought that the back of the seat would be the same color as the seat, so I made it a standard sheet.

Seat ventilation (front)

If you have a convertible car, you must.This is useful when the summer is hot. This is a regret option that I didn't give at Boxster.

Sports design package

This is one of the options I always wanted to choose.In the case of a cabriolet, the ass looks quite large. That's attractive, but I want a bit more smart.

Therefore,Select a sports design package that raises the position of the rear license plate.As a result, the thickness of the rear is slightly reduced to make it look sportier.

The front also becomes a C-shaped aero, giving a slightly aggressive look.

Also, looking at the recent 992 Turbo S design and the GT3 and GTS spy shots that will appear in the future,The position of the rear number is on the top, following the flow of this sports design packageFrom this, it is predicted that this design will become the mainstream for the future 992 sports system.

One of the reasons for this was that we wanted to be a little ahead of the new design.

Sport design side skirt

This is one of the options I regretted when I bought Boxster and GT3. Adopted this time for the third time honest. Since the side skirt becomes the same color as the body,When viewed from the side, it is good that the vehicle height looks low visually.

Sports chrono package

Needless to say, this is required. I want you to make it even more standard equipment w

19 inch / 20 inch Carrera wheels

This time, I was very lost here.

In the case of a plain Carrera, the size of the brake disc is 330mm, which is slightly smaller than the S 350mm. Meanwhile, if you wear optional wheels of 20 inches / 21 inches,The brake disc looks relatively small, and if it is a wheel with few spokes, it looks squashes.

So, if you want to have a 20-inch / 21-inch base model, you want to have a PCCB with a large-diameter disk in a balanced manner, but that would make the cost too high.

Also, this timeBecause we are thinking about riding comfort, we adopted standard 19 inch / 20 inchdid. The design of this standard wheel wasn't too bad, it was the size of an optional wheel a long time ago, and it didn't seem too bad for what I saw so far.

Porsche 992 standard wheel

LED headlights, including PDLS Plus

The upper LED matrix headlight was previously selected with Panamera Turbo, but since it was not used much for my home use,Select the one with PDLS Plus below.

This is one of my favorite features because the light angle of the PDLS Plus changes with the steering wheel.

Automatic anti-glare mirror

It doesn't matter which anti-glare is,Automatic wiper function comes as a setSo choose.

Adaptive cruise control

At first, I thought it would not be necessary for 911,This time, I chose the concept because it emphasizes comfort.For high-speed long-distance travel, it is very convenient.

Lane change assist

A dealer representative said, "It would be better if it was a hoodIt was recommended and selected. Certainly, Boxster etc. does not look desperately behind the diagonal, so we will adopt it this time considering safety.

Porsche entry & drive system

Selected by strong request of wife.I don't care much about myself, but if I have children, I often get on and off with lots of luggage, so I don't need to take out the key every time.

Multi-function GT sports steering wheel

It's hard to tell from the name what kind of steering wheel, but the point isGT sports steering (small diameter sports handle) with steering heaterthing.

I remember using the AMG S63 Coupe in the past, and I thought it would be more useful in the winter if a convertible car.

Storage package

This is an option that comes with a glove net on the passenger seat. It's free.

Porsche Crest embossed headrest

A Porsche mark is engraved on the headrest of the seat. Since it was a convertible car, I thought it would be better to see it from the outside, so I chose it.

Dark Paldao Interior Package

It is a rather expensive option,I like this wood grain because it is very cool and does not feel the old-fashioned wood grain imagined from "wood grain".If this is selected, the interior will become lighter at a stretch as the trim changes from black to silver in addition to the wood grain panel.

911 logo high gloss black finish

Normally, the rear grade emblem will be silver "911 Carrera", butChanged to 911 and made it a high-gloss black emblemdid.

Aventurine green and "911" silver seemed to make the emblem too noticeable, so I chose black.

Also, I thought about putting a white circle on the tachometer,Because there is no white element on the exterior and other parts, I stopped thinking about balance.

911 cabriolet, other commitments

Then,This time, I did not select the sports exhaust that would always be included.

First of all,This concept is a comfortable specificationIf you enjoy the sound, there are 981 Boxster GTS and GT3 touring,There is no need to ask for sound in this carThat, andThe normal exhaust square muffler end is turbo muffler-like and coolThe reason is that the square muffler end fits well with the rear bumper of the sports design package.

Also, at worst, you can add it later if you want(There are no retrofit options at this time, but I think they will come later)So, I decided to forego this time.

I don't know when the car will be delivered yet, but I want to wait patiently for the comfortable 911 Cabrio to come to our house.

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  1. nave

    Good evening, Mina-san.

    Nice specification announcement? Thank you very much.
    I removed it (especially Spoeg)

    I'm looking forward to the delivery〰☺

    By the way, it is a simple question, is it a PDK this time?

    And since Panamera is gone, the blog title
    Changed to 911Life? (Lol)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave

      Thank you!
      This time, the specifications are a bit different from before.

      > By the way, it is a simple question, is it a PDK this time?
      Yes, it is PDK. I guess MT hasn't been selected in Japan yet. Is it coming soon ...

      > And since Panamera is gone, is the blog title changed to 911Life? (Lol)
      Certainly (laughs) Panamera will be gone ...!
      Since the blog domain can not be changed, even if Panamera disappears and returns, it will remain panamera-life forever.
      If you had any trouble, I should have set "porsche-life" ... (crying)

  2. Ishi


    When choosing a new car option, it is fun to look at because the owner will be particular about what concept to finish the car.

    The color of the seat is white, so I don't think it gets too hot, but it's nice to have seat ventilation.

    It seems that PCCB is not covered by this concept,
    The other day, I consulted a dealer at 981 Boxpa about PCCB retrofitting, and was surprised that it was just under 5 million including labor tax! The quote has been returned.

    PCCB is limited to new car options ...

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      I am looking forward to seeing what it feels like because it is not present in my house.

      > The other day, I consulted a dealer at 981 Bokuspa for a PCCB retrofit and was surprised that it was just under 5 million including labor tax! The quote has been returned.
      Wow! ! ! ! ! ! That's what it is ...
      My husband also said, "I want to give Boxster a PCCB", but do you do that much?

      Really, if you attach a PCCB, it must be a new car ... ^ ^;

  3. PorscheDreamer

    Hello Mina.

    We look at 992 option choices interestingly.

    Anyway, I think
    ・ Sports design package, fair price, but this is a standard design
    ・ Why there is no PSCB in the brake 911
    ・ Anti-glare mirror, multi-function GT steering Is there too little information that it is set with an automatic wiper and heater?

    It is such a place.

    If you listen to it on YouTube etc., with 991.2 it seems that the rotation sound of the engine body can be heard clearly when you turn it full without the sports exhaust, so I am looking forward to seeing it with 992. In my 991.2 (without spoiler), I like the sound when running up a high-speed ramp or shifting up from the second full speed to the third speed at the confluence of the highway.

    • MinaMina

      Certainly, the sports design package standard is fine ^^; It is more sporty and more sporty design.
      There are many points that I do not know about Porsche options unless I check it in detail,
      It's difficult ... I think.

      > When listening on YouTube etc., I think that the sound of the rotation of the engine body can be heard clearly in 991.2 without sports exhaust when fully turned
      That's right! ! I'm looking forward to hearing the actual sound now!
      No production quota has yet been decided, so I'm glad if it is delivered this year ...

  4. COCO

    MINA like Hello.
    And nice to meet you.
    I always enjoy reading.

    We ordered Porsche 992 on June 1st to commemorate the 60th birthday this year.
    There were various noises from my wife, such as "make it red" and "in red leather",
    After all it was calm with white & black leather.

    The main options are full leather, supokuro, front lift, dark pardao, etc.
    I didn't touch the appearance at all. Well, I'd like to run gentle to fit the age.

    Actually, I would like to ask MINA.
    After that, did the dealer explain anything about the delivery date of the cabriolet ordered?

    In my case, even with the production quota in July, it is said that December is the worst in September due to good luck.
    Are you sure? ?

    We are struggling with the expected life expectancy every day and waiting for the delivery of the car with our neck lengthened.

    I am looking forward to various Porsche articles from MINA.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting the blog.

      > I ordered a Porsche 992 on June 1 to commemorate the 60th birthday.
      That's right! Congratulations!
      And your wife is very fashionable ^^

      > Did the dealer ever explain anything about the delivery date of the cabriolet you ordered?
      In the case of my house, I was told that the factory was stopped in Corona for a while,
      I was informed about May or June that I might be able to deliver the car in September if it was soon.

      After all, as it was planned, it seems that production is now finished and it is on a boat,
      There is no delivery in mid-September.

      It depends on the dealer,
      I thought that it might be a bit late in corona than I expected ~ ^.

  5. COCO

    Hello Mina,
    Thank you for letting me know.
    It was written on Mina's blog that the husband received the delivery explanation.
    Excuse me. I was overlooking.

    I'm looking forward to delivery. I am looking forward to the articles on delivery.

    Is Mina's delivery waiting Porsche 2020 model?
    In the case of me, the model year 2021 will be changed due to a slight difference in ordering time, and the vehicle body price will increase by about 400,000 yen.
    I remember feeling somewhat lost.




    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      No, I was planning to write an article related to delivery, so I have not written it in detail, so
      I will ask my husband again and write!

      > Is Mina's delivery waiting Porsche 2020?
      > In my case, the model year 2021 will be changed due to a slight difference in ordering time, and the vehicle price will increase by about 400,000 yen.

      Yes, my house was produced in July, so it was last year 2020.
      I ordered this quickly, but due to the production on the Porsche side, the price of the main unit will be higher than when I applied for it.<