Impressions of riding an air-cooled Porsche 911 (type 964) after a long absence

Air-cooled Porsche

Porsche 911 964C2

The other day, I got on my air-cooled Porsche 911, 964C2 after a long absence. Certainly, the last ride was last fall, so I drove for the first time in more than six months.

My husband recently rides an air-cooled Porsche, but every time I ride,

964 is really good. Whenever I switch GT3 and 964 in the parking lot and come back,After all GT3 is wonderful, so I want to go home with GT3 as it is.I think I'll get on the 964 while thinking about it, but when I get on the 964, I'm thinking, "Ah, it's a really good car, there might be Boxster and GT3."

And saying the same thing every time with a full smile (laugh)

Also, my house 964 is not a manual but a tiptronic, but my husband,

Tiptronic is also fun enough. I think this AT is really good for this era. Especially after changing the AT fluid, it became even better, and you can easily enjoy the goodness of the 964 chassis anywhere in the city. So,You can enjoy the luxury of using 964 as a daily foot without stress.
I think Tiptronic was good in my current car lineup.(However, if you don't have another MT car, I think you buy MT)

We are talking with others.

I was looking at such a husband a little cold, but after a long time riding an air-cooled Porsche, I was also ``It ’s really a car"I was impressed.

I can not express well, but "Oh ... I guess this is a Porsche ...I feel. In comparison, it is clear that GT3 and Boxster GTS in our house are considerably seasoned and directed.

Of course, its water-cooling performance is also wonderful and modern Porsche is easier to drive many times, but when you get on the plain 964,Simple, simple and well-made carIt is amazing.

Since I have never driven a Porsche older than 964, I feel that this solid feeling, undercarriage, steering operation, and even everything "may be the origin of today's water-cooled Porsche". It is very fun to run around the city without speeding.

Also, the engine soundThe engine is working wellIt sounds very natural and good without any gimmicks.

Also surprising,Runs firmly, unlike a car made 30 years agoThing. The lightness and response when stepping on the accelerator feels youthful, unlike a classic car, and it is surprisingly stable even on a highway.

Of course, the steering is heavy, and when turning around an intersection at a very low speed, it may not really turn,However, the real pleasure of Porsche driving fun and taste is condensed in that analogyfeel like.

And when I get on it, I feel very happy and it is a good car. Husband also about 964,

The sound and atmosphere are good, but in additionThe feeling of “steering” is the real pleasure of Porsche in this eraYeah.
During this time, we drove on Route 194 in Shikoku during heavy rain, but the driver's response and sound, lateral G, vibrations, etc. were transmitted to the driver as analog information, such as road surface conditions and limit values.
Modern water-cooled Porsche has PSM, and if you do not care, the car will run properly,The air-cooled Porsche feels like the car gives the driver information one by one and the driver "steers" to respond to it.So interesting.

they said. I see.

In the near future, I want to run Rokko and Ashi in this 964!

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  1. nave

    Good evening, Mina-san.

    As your husband said, 964 has a very uncontrollable feeling. At 930, there is a memory that seems to have increased the control feeling. About 20 years ago, I got 964 for the first time in my husband's words and felt it. I was really surprised or overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information from the road. At that time I did my best to save up to 2 million and save it as a down payment, and tried to buy an R32GT-R (asking my husband) Bring it! When I told me what I was saying, it was 964 that I brought it to Homma (laugh) I just said Porsche appropriately without understanding anything. At that time, after five years, I started off with 4.5 million, and I was able to ride on air cooling at an incredibly reasonable price. But at that time all 911s were air-cooled. So, after 160 km, the front wheels had no sense of contact with the ground, and I almost flew due to the rut of heavy rain. I just started to concentrate on driving to find steering information. Until then, ignorant reckless driving had caused several self-harm accidents, but it disappeared after 964. The car is no more Akan, can you control it? Porsche, who uttered the voice, grew to Homma. Too much empathy for her husband's words
    There is a thing that we are excited to deliver 981 today.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Thank you!
      How did you buy the 964, right?
      But I think that's true, if you don't have your parents opposed, that's not going to happen.

      Air-cooled Porsche, I am accustomed to water cooling control, but the level is still high,
      I want to be able to ride.

      > I have delivered 981 today and I'm excited.
      Oh finally! ! ! ! That was right! ! ! ! Congratulations!
      I would be glad if you could share your impressions! !


    Mina, husband
    I am one person who owns 964 Carrera 2. My daughter was born in 1991 and purchased a 1991 model in commemoration. Almost 30 years have passed. Every time I ride, I think, "It's a really good car!" Unfortunately, right now I have to temporarily cancel my registration and start the engine once every few weeks. The oil leak from the engine has become a little worse, so I am in this state now. I want to overhaul and resurrect next year. Now I am commuting on a 970se hybrid. He also owns 987, but he is still sick and hospitalized. When will you come back? It is inevitable that you own a foreign car. I am dreaming that two cars will be back and have a fun Porsche life.

    • MinaMina

      964, the same as the age of a child, is wonderful!
      Every time I ride, I think it's really amazing because it runs so well that I can't imagine a car made 30 years ago.

      987 is also owned!
      My husband often keeps preventive maintenance for 964,
      I think that Porsche with an old model is difficult to maintain ^ ^;
      But it's a really wonderful run.

      > I am dreaming that two cars will be back and have a fun Porsche life.
      It is a wonderful Porsche Life! I would be glad if you could tell me variously.
      Continue to thank you.

  3. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's a mood ~ (^_^)
    964, it will be fun!
    After all, the air-cooled Porsche has a high Porsche concentration.
    Although it is fun to fly, just running slowly can be exciting enough.
    Of course, the latest model is fast and wonderful.
    By all means, please go to Ashi in 964 (^^) /

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      It's a mado! !
      Air-cooled Porsche has a high Porsche concentration as you say!
      I still haven't been able to handle it, so I want to practice more.

      > By all means, in 964, please go to Ashiyu (^^) /
      Yes! By all means thank you in that case ^^