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1/3 earn 3 times

Currently, while writing this Porsche blog, I am spending my days running a company that I started in my twenties. "I made a company in my twenties"And"Choosing a way of life that does not belong to an organizationAt that point,Did your parents also do business or business?", but that's not the case at all.

I grew up in a very ordinary family where my father was a salaried worker and my mother was a housewife. My father is a hard-working and serious person, often saying "If you start working, three times more people work"Effort is a betrayalI remember being told something like.

My father has been on many business trips and overtime since I was so kind, and since I was in junior high school, I have been assigned to a single job all the time. The appearance of his father is memorable.

However, I wasn't looking at my father in a negative way.

That's what it means to work. I have to work hard from morning till night to get my salary.

I took it for granted.

Also, from seniors who worked part-time in college,If I become a member of society, I'll run out of time"School days were brightI was thinking that I would have to work hard and lose time when I became a member of society.

And finally I became a member of society and I was assigned to the sales department.,I spent a few years since I was a new graduate in the field of gangan sales, the world of gutism.

At that time, I worked desperately anyway,Overtime is a daily routine, and if you do not get results, it is natural to work on a holiday,And the longer they worked, the better their results would be. If they achieved more than their quota, they would be added to their salaries and bonuses.

Since I could only take a long-term vacation only during the year-end and New Year holidays, I planned an overseas trip from the summer, bought an early flight ticket, and went to overseas trips with my friends every year during the year-end and New Year holidays. AndThis kind of life is normal, and working people are like thisI always thought.

After that, when he was 27, he became independent and met his husband. When I met him, it had been a few years since I started my own company, but from that time I often said this.

There is a tendency in the world that it's bad to have fun earning money, to work and to get rid of Nambo, but I don't think so. So II'm not aiming to “work 3 times as much as a person and earn 3 times”, but aim to “get 3 times as much as 1/3 the time of a person”.Of course, it's not easy, and you may never reach that point. But unless you aim for it, you can never get close to it. I don't want to give up because I don't think it is possible, but I want to use my head to focus on my wisdom and aim for that.


Having lived in gut theory for many years,That's amazing. I wish I could do that, but it's actually impossibleI didn't listen to them very seriously." But every time, my husband said

No, why don't you move without thinking about anything like that. After thinking more and developing a strategy, move.

You can drink too much. Do not question the common sense of the world. Common sense is not right, so is that right? So, I'll try to think on a zero basis.

And so on... w At firstI know, but I can do that kind of dexterity!However, when I got married, I had a child, I could not move freely, and my physical strength was lower than when I was young, I gradually said,Certainly, I can't survive with guts anymore. I have to think about creating a mechanism to make money using my headThe thinking circuit changed.

And from the end of January of this year, my husband became homework due to the influence of coronavirus, and it was 5 months. Currently, the emergency declaration has been lifted, but my husband recently

I've been doing remote work for the whole company for a few months, but everyone is doing it so nicely, so my company will go remote work main in the future. I go to the office once a week right now, but I hope I can do it once a month in the near future.

I said. "That's right! So does the company go around?"Yeah, I'm turning around. I've created a mechanism for that."When.

Since my encounter, my husband has been saying the same thing ever since, and he is seriously aiming for it, and I feel that he is definitely climbing the stairs.

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  1. Peaberry

    I always see you happily.

    It is a personal matter, but I was able to deliver the 991.1 Carrera S yesterday!!
    However, since it is a loan, I will do my best to work so that I can buy it out lol
    However, as is the case with this article, I felt that I would like to further enhance the time of one life in order to earn money.

    From now on, as a Porsche owner, I will enjoy watching it!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > Yesterday I was able to deliver 991.1 Carrera S!!
      Congratulations! !! !! !! !! NA is the best! it's great! !!
      In this way, whenever I hear the voice of purchasing Porsche, I must do my best! I feel stronger.

      Thank you for your continued support ^^