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Porsche Panamera

7 months pregnant car life

I'm already 7 months pregnant and my stomach is getting big.I feel that my thinking circuit has changed significantly compared to before I became pregnant.I think that the human body is a mysterious thing.

I've always been a type of person who likes new things and challenges, but now I don't have that kind of feeling. The male hormone disappeared completely from my body and the female hormone seemed to be full of color.

When I was pregnant for the first and second children, I worked hard until just before childbirth, so I feel like I always had an aggressive attitude, but nowadays, due to the effects of coronavirus, my children are at home every day, and even outside. Since it is difficult to get out of the way and get stuck, it may be that the feeling is becoming more nesting.

So now, as if the people had changed, "I want to improve my driving"And"I want to go far away with my favorite carI feel less like I used to, and I feel more relaxed at home.

Anyway, I'm the type of person who wants to move, always want to do something ... No, it's really strange that the mother's body changes.

What to look for in a car

At the same time, the requirements for cars have changed. I used to say "The ride of the car is not very goodI didn't mind that much. Of course, it's comfortable to ride, but I'd rather like the suspension to be solid.It's such a great run, so it can't be helped if the ride quality is sacrificed.I often thought.

However, as my stomach grew bigger, I became more concerned about the ride comfort.This is because "shaking" is very painful when the road conditions are not good.Vibrations come directly to my abdomen, and I feel stress in my abdomen each time, so I feel more and more tired to ride.

Also, recently, I do not go on a Porsche for long distances, only movements in the neighborhood,I became more concerned about the ride comfort and comfort at low speeds.

In such a situation, I rode Panamera the other day after a long time, but I was again impressed by the awesomeness of Panamera.(I feel moved every time I ride, but w)

The ride is smooth, the air conditioner works quickly, the sunlight from the window glass is not hot, and the room is spacious. I usually ride in a manual car(BMW320i), Even at AT, I have a tendency to put my left hand on the shift lever, but if I hold the Panamera's shift lever lightly, it fits in my hand and it calms down.(I can't do this because the 992 shift lever is too small)

For other Porsche,GT3 runs well, but it does not feel comfortable"Boxster is fun, but the heating is pretty slow"Anyway, the inside of the car is hot with air cooling"There is a part that feels a little negative in terms of comfort, as the running is wonderful(Thank you for the luxurious environment ...)As for Panamera, there is no such thing at all, and it is stress-free.

The inside of the car is spacious and comfortable,Children will ride comfortably without complaining.(This is important w)Even in those areas, I think the Panamera is a comfortable and wonderful car for drivers and passengers. Therefore, I want to ride forever and anywhere.

In addition, while riding in the city is comfortable, running on the highway is as smooth as Nozomi on the Shinkansen, and running on mountain roads will make you feel as if the giant has become smaller. Power and acceleration are perfect.

As expectedBalance running and comfortIt's Panamera, it's amazing.

Also Panamera is of course a huge body, but lately I often see Cayenne and Mercedes SUVs running on narrow roads,Once you get used to this body size, ordinary roads and parking lots will not be particularly noticeable.(When I go to Osaka, I care about parking lots, etc.)

It's been 3 years since I bought Panamera. Considering the lifestyle of my home in the future, it was a story that I do not need a big car, so I bought a Panamera before the vehicle inspection, but Panamera is a car that can be used in any situation, so now it is 5 years or 10 years forever I honestly think that this is the car I want to drive.

Until now, over 4 years(Combined with Panamera edition that used to be at my house), I have seen Panamera from all angles, but the more I know it, the more I think it is an attractive car that can handle any situation.

Future car life

Depending on the situation we are in,The feelings you get in a car and the things you expect from a car are changing.Even so, at the beginning of pregnancy, I never thought that I, who is writing a car blog, would feel like this.

On the other hand, I think that the husband of a car otaku will never change ... w

I'm sure that things will change in the future and things that I had never imagined before. While saying something like this, I may be tired of moving after giving birth and riding in a car (laughs).

I would like to continue accepting changes from time to time, valuing the feelings from time to time, thanking the current environment, and enjoying the car life.

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  1. nave

    Good evening, Mina-san.

    It's been 7 months already.
    The progress seems to be going well and above all.
    2 months later? We pray for the safety of this big event! As expected, Mina also has a nest cage.
    As you can see, everything is due to hormones. Mina's personality seems to have changed because of hormones, so I'll definitely return after giving birth.
    This is my own request, but what do you think of your body coating?
    The body cover is also haute couture, so maybe the coating has something to do with it? I thought. Of course, even if I don't do body coating, I would have chosen the option that I didn't have my own husband's ideas, so I would like to know why. Also, whether or not to add oil additives as well ... I'm sorry to make an arbitrary request. In the future, I hope you will remember it when you run out of material (though I don't think the material will run out).

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Thank you very much!
      I see, it depends on the hormone.
      Somehow my personality has disappeared ...
      I was relieved to hear that I would be back after giving birth (laughs)

      I see, body coating,
      I think my husband wouldn't be particular about it, but I'd like to ask him a little!

      I'm sure everyone is concerned about body coating,
      It seems to be good news for the blog (laughs)
      Thank you!
      Continue to thank you.