I went to the night view spot to take a picture of Porsche Panamera.

Ashi Drive way

Photos of night view and car ...

From before, IThe sky is clear today so let's go to see the night view"When I headed to the night view spot, the sky was cloudy from the middle and was often hit by heavy rain. Just the other day, when I set out to take a night view and a picture of my car with Boxster and GT3, it was caught in a heavy rain of the idea, eventually ``Pay for two driveways, wet the car in the rain, and just go homeIt ’s just that.

As a result,

“From now on, let's not only judge that the weather is good, but just look at the weather forecast information, and check the rain cloud radar well.”

It became that.

And the other day. When I looked at the view of the sea side from the veranda at home, I was able to overlook pretty beautifully far away.It's time to see a beautiful night view todayThat means ...

After checking the rain cloud radar, rain clouds did not come out for a few hours, so we decided to go up to the mountain with four families in Panamera.

Night view and Panamera

Normally, the sky began to cloud as I approached the observatory, but the sky of this day managed to endure. However, it is not clear,There were some heavy clouds, but the distance was clear and clear.

When I arrived at the observatory, there were already quite a few cars.On such a sunny day, there are usually more cars"That's it.

It was 18:17 on the day and I arrived at the observatory around 17:45, so I decided to leave the photography to my husband while watching the sunset while playing with my children.

It was over 30 degrees on this day, but it was cool when I came to the observatory. There was a wind, it was very refreshing, and there were not many mosquitoes. I wish this summer has always been like this. AndWhile I was playing with my children, my husband took pictures of Panamera from start to finish (laughs)

After a while, the sun goes down and the city begins to light up.Scenery is in night view mode at once. The children were also saying “Wow, shiny and beautiful!”, But when I looked into the distance, my husband took out the tripod and took pictures more seriously than before (laughs).

After that, other cars started to return home, and noticed that they were on the observatory for over an hour and a half. However, my husband was able to take a satisfactory photo, so I decided to return home.

Panamera on the road

On the way home, I decided to go down the dark tunnel,Panamera LED headlights are incredibly brightI realized that again. If you are in the city, there are street lights and store lights, so it's so bright that you don't usually feel that way. Husband

It's scary because you can see the tip if you cool it in the air, but if you do Panamera, you can see it far away and there is no problem. It is amazing.

He said.

When I ran a romantic road at night in Germany,The farm road between the towns was really dark and I was pretty scared because I didn't know where the road was.However, if you have this light, it will be able to illuminate far, and you can drive comfortably on the night road.

I want to go to Germany again.



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