How was it when you drove Suzuka Circuit in Porsche Boxster?

Porsche Boxter

Running meeting of Suzuka Circuit

The other day the husband took part in the running meeting of Suzuka Circuit at Boxster GTS. The schedule that I was able to participate,Only the traveling party organized by a certain tuning shopSo it was said that only around her own custom cars around her, her husband and her husband 's friends brought in a normal genuine Porsche and joined.(I was told that I felt quite out of place w)

that day"Run two hours per hour frame"I was able to run the Suzuka circuit thoroughly at a rare long running meeting, so I ran slowly, tried running seriously and enjoyed various things, so my husband who came home was satisfied It was.

However,I have not exchanged tires all the time(At the time of the car inspection at the end of October, the tire remaining groove F: 3.0 mm R: 5.0 mm), I could not compact much from the previous timeSeemingly,

I could have run faster if I changed the tires. Latter half, as soon as I seriously thought about to attack, the shoulder portion of the left front turned over on the way, I did not grip and I was scared of something, so I could run only in the second half because I was shed. Regarding courses taking, I was completely acquainted with PlayStation, but I was regrettable.

And it seemed like a bit of a regret.(I'm too embarrassed at times, I will go running again after changing tires w)

However, husband is running on the Suzuka circuit in the past in Boxter, but this time again,

Porsche is still amazing to be able to run such a gangs circuit so much in normal even without tuning at all. Porsche is also a site"After running through the Nürburgring, you can go shopping."I was singing, but I felt it was exactly the case.

As I said, I asked what was so amazing.

You can run on the circuit properly even in normal condition

Many of the other cars that participated were said to be tuning various parts such as brakes, mufflers, undercarriage, tires and so on to gorigori. Of course, there are also people who like to custom, but my husband"Porsche does not remodel it at all, it is as amazing to run like a tuning car like that, and to run the circuit without anxiety"He said.

Especially in high-speed corners such as 130R, there were cars that went out of courses and disturbing behavior,Even if it invaded at the same speed, Boxster seemed to be able to run as if sucking.He said that he was surprised again by his sense of stability.

When I ran the 130R for the first time in the past,I was afraid and fearfully invaded at about 110 km / hAnd. This time I practiced my course well, so I gradually raise 130, 140, 150 km / h · · · ·, I felt that Boxster seemed to be stable enough to raise the speed.
When I am running back straight, I feel a bit uneasy as I am feeling comfortable, but as soon as I stepped into the corner and entered the corner, the car body sank down so suddenly it sucked on the road surface Then,Was that Boxster so stable?"I thought.
I do not know what is PASM control or something, but I do not think that the suspension when running straight and the suspension in the corner are the same. Anyway I'm going to be stiff.
I do not know the limits because there is no arm and chest, but normal chassis, is this a big deal? But if it is Cayman, the rigidity is high so let's do it better.

When. While enjoying the race at the circuit, it can be brought into daily life as it is.

"Race on Sunday, drive on Monday" was the motto of many Porsche 356 drivers in the 1950s.
* Text quotation:Porsche-Everyday

Although the word is introduced to the site of Porsche, it is exactly right.

Boxter's limit?

On the other hand, depending on the scene,Because we are an open body we feel weakness on the circuit tooIt was said. Although it seems that there is no fear of lack of rigidity on general roads, sometime when invading by stepping on curbs at the entrance of Degner somewhat, the feeling that the body is blown away is known, the behavior is also slightly disturbed and the PSM may operate I heard there was.

Boxster GTS_ Suzuka Circuit _ Degner

Trying to get around the roadster that tuned the S character and reverse bank to Gorigori is pretty painful. I am running in sports plus mode and will allow some slides, but trying hard at the exit and stepping on the accelerator, the behavior is disturbed and PSM intervenes and gets angry.

And that. "Sometimes the track runs only occasionally, and for a fun run Boxster has no problem at all, but if you really want to keep in time with time is not Cayman GT 4 or GT 3, you can not do itIt was also said.

Do not you run down the track and do not feel bad?

Running on the circuit seemed to damage the car or getting sick, but I heard about that.

In this time I made a one-frame period of one hour long, but even if I ran the engine to my car and ran scattered, the oil temperature and water temperature were always stable(Water temperature is 90 ℃, oil temperature is surely stable around 104-107 ℃), Brakes work just as well,"The condition of the car has changed completely at the first lap and the last lap, at least I do not understand."

It was that. Besides, of course, the expressway on the way back and on the way back did not feel any discomfort, there seemed to be no problems at all, he said he was able to return.

Before,Running test before 911 and Panamera launch is not half-wayAlthough I wrote the article saying that, if that is the case, if you test that much, you can make me think that there is nothing wrong with running the circuit for 1-2 hours.

Porsche is a sports car

When I listened to the story of a person related to Porsche Japan before, consistently"Porsche is a sports car maker so it is ● ●"It was impressive that I was told. Also, those who visited Porsche manufacturing factory in Stuttgart, Germany,

"I was surprised to see GT 3 flowing normally on the line that assembled Normal 911 in the factory! The root of Porsche is a sports car!"

I was saying. After all, I felt it again this time that the base of the development of Porsche's car is in the race and Porsche is a sports car. I also want to run with Circuit Chan.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Hello Mina, It is shimoyannjp.

    My CARRERA is also a circuit run that I want to run once, but after all the tires seem to be wearing out pretty ne. When I run a full day on a full day, the new tire wears out, rather than it seems that the surface has melted, I heard that it is necessary to exchange, there is no need to experience anything so far · · · I also think. I feel like a luxurious game for me who is a waste exporter in the hurry of a poor salaryman.

    Well, but in Japan it is impossible to experience the original performance of 911 except in the circuit, so if you do not experience circuit running it may be a mistake, but (^ ^).

    In this story, the story of Mr. Boxter's thermometer was very helpful. My CARRERA always swings the water temperature gauge slightly to the right more than the middle. In terms of the temperature value is just around 90 ° C. Usually domestically produced cars are designed to be stable at 85 ° C in many cases and 85 ° C is often written at the center of the water temperature gauge, so if the needle is vertical it will be normal water temperature, such setting Although it is becoming, my CARRERA is leaning a little to the right as described above. It was worrying that the thermostat or water pump would be gone soon due to some abnormality of the cooling system or secular change, but I was relieved a bit. Thank you (^ ^).

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp

      > My CARRERA is also a circuit run that I want to run once, but it seems that the tires are going to wear out quite well.
      Running on the circuit at 911, it will be fun!
      The one who was talking about the other day said "Since 911 is RR, it turns out that corners are turning, acceleration of the rise is pushed from behind and it is so fast".
      That feeling is completely different from Boxster etc ^ ^

      > In this story, the story of your master 's Boxter' s water temperature gauge was very helpful.
      Oh! It was good! Water temperature is different for domestic cars and sports cars like Porsche!
      I did not know. This is learning.
      Thank you very much!

  2. cara

    Hello Mina!
    Finally this year is finally today, is not it?
    It is a fascinating year for a good relationship this year.
    Thank you

    I am also serving

  3. cara

    Good evening! A
    Finally this year is finally today, is not it?
    This year has a good relationship and it has become a fun year.
    Thank you

    As I already know, I went to Suzuka the other day, but it was a wonderful course.
    However, it was horrible.
    As written,
    The wonderfulness of Porsche is where you can combine daily activities and sports driving such as circuits! A

    I give you my best regards for next year.
    Have a nice New Year ♂ ️

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Thank you very much for your kind assistance in 2018.
      Last year I was not able to see you at Ashi, but this year I'm happy if I can meet with a couple at some timing by any means ^ ^

      Perhaps it may happen to meet you on the circuit by accident!

      And always, looking at the picture of cara's wonderful garage, "days are days to inflict the delusion with" I'm good "(lol)

      Well then, thank you humbly in 2019 ^ ^