My husband ordered a Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package (no wings).

MT (manual) ride

No way GT 3

I received a mail suddenly from my husband the other day lunch."Now that Mr. H has contacted me, I heard that the frame of the GT3 Touring came out! If I buy it, I will not decide the specification soon, so I will be going to the Porsche Center from now!"When.

Wait, are you serious (; ゚ Д ゚)! What?

Me: "Can I secure a parking lot? What will Boxster do?"
Husband: "Such is afterwards! Anyway if I miss this opportunity, I am afraid!"

So, about an hour and a half after that,"I ordered!"And email again. No, I did not expect that my husband would decide to purchase 911 GT 3 at this explosive speed.

"Honest 911" requested by her husband

Her husband has long ago said "If I buy 911 I would like a solid "genuine 911" as much as possible. But there is not the best specification 911 that I'm pretty sureIt was said. And last year, when 911 Carrera T was released it said "This is nice!" ...

It seemed that we abandoned it because MT spec did not come in Japan. In those days,

"I know that PDK is good, but I do not have MT in Japanese specification 911 Carrera T. (- _-) If I have MT, I would buy it. Why do you provide the same options as Germany? .. If there are restrictions on the number, or somewhat expensive, please do not shave only options. "

I was often blurred.

Thereafter, there was an announcement that "MT of GT 3 came out", "I can not handle cars that can handle the 500 horsepower NA engine with MT well afterwards! What?I was excited and playing a configulator, but "First of all, I do not know whether MT car comes in Japan(Not parallel import)There is a rumor that it is said that it did not examine seriously after that.

I decided the specification in 30 minutes

While doing so,911 GT 3 Touring came out.

"This is amazing! With GT 3 without feathers!I do not know GT 3 GT 3"What a stylish car you are, (゚ ∀ ゚)!"

And, while her husband was fascinated for a moment(My husband does not like to stand out, and even a brand name is a strange person who dares to buy things unknown if it is a brand name), "Is not it introduced to Japan yet?There was rumor that it was "You can not select a tooling package on the web page of Japanese ConfiguratorBecause "I'm sure that it will not come into JapanThat's why I gave up.

One day, from Porsche owner who happened to have met at Ashi Driveway, "It seems that there is regular import of GT3 touring in Japan as wellHusband who heard the story saying. I immediately contact Mr. H in charge and "911GT3 When the frame of the tooling comes around, I'd like to ask for it"However, as it was said that" possibility may be low, "I was giving up that it was impossible anyway this time.

One day, from the dealer there is a message saying "Good luck, there is a frame of GT3 Touring""If you can decide immediately, you can secure it."Because it was that,

"You can buy the new 992 later, but you can only buy this GT3 Touring now!"

He seems to have decided on haste. My husband who came home said "In only 30 minutes, even if I order GT 3 ...It seemed unbelievable yet.

The GT3 touring I ordered by my husband, I definitely decided this body color if I buy it beforeOptionally PCCB (Porsche ceramic composite brake) was attached to crayonThat's right, I will introduce about the detailed specifications again.

By the way, this GT3 Touring, Probably Production in February 2019, car delivery is likely to end at the end of April or GW.

"981 What do you do with Boxster GTS?"Once I exchanged the tires before, I will put it once in a few palms, yeah cars. It is expensive to buy, maintenance costs also increase, but also earn it by working hard at work againIt was said.

Discover catalog of GT3

Outside the excited husband, I have almost no knowledge about GT 3 and touring, "I can not wait ..." and I can only reply. So, I decided to take a look at the catalog of GT3 my husband got from dealers the other day.

In other words, a few years ago, when my car was not interested in anything yet, my husband"GT 3 yeah ya"He said that,"What wing feather! Like a runner! If you buy it, that feather will fall in the night!"I was saying ... (- _ -).

But strangely, after I liked Porsche and interested in the car, that wing (wing) has become familiar with the eyes"On the contrary there are those feathers so it's cool"It began to think. However, as soon as I thought "Feathers are cool", my husband chose the absence of wings without a fight ... (Explosion)

The catalog of 911 GT3 is quite thick. Turning over, at the beginning"Born in Flacht"The letters of. It seems that the 911 GT 3 is made in the place called "Hula Hato". Hula Hato ... I heard it for the first time.

Hulahato,Located in the Swabian region of Germany, home of Porsche Motorsport.It is a state-of-the-art complex facility close to the Weissach Development Center, and it seems that 911 GT 3 Cup, 911 RSR, and 919 hybrid were also born here. In addition to assembling engines, transmissions, chassis, etc., in construction holes exceeding 12,000 m2,Developing vehicles from scratchcan do.

Next to that,

Porsche's engineers are pouring in the experiences cultivated in every race and pursuing the perfect condition day by day. At the end of the day,"Further improvement will be impossible"They will think. But the next morning, I ask myself."Can we make it even better?"To speed agility by 1%, 1/100 seconds, to achieve 1 g weight reduction. Only this attitude can produce one of the highest peaks in Porsche.

The sentence is. It's amazing ... There are a lot of people who like Porsche, including these postures.

911 What is the attraction of GT 3?

A lot of the attraction of GT 3 was explained in the catalog.


The engine is a newly designed 911 GT 3 cup derived,4.0 liter horizontally opposed six cylinder naturally aspirated engine. It produces a maximum output of 368 kw (500 PS) and a maximum torque of 460 N - m. This engine is low mounted on the rear center of gravity, only 3.4 seconds from the start to 100 km / h, the maximum speed is 318 km / h.(0 to 100 km / h 3.9 seconds for MT, maximum speed 320 km / h)Reburimit(Allowable upper limit of engine rotation)What a 9000 rpm. A pure sound of a high-performance naturally aspirating unit is a big appeal of the GT 3.

Donzake ... It's amazing. It is exactly the highest peak of the NA engine.

Body light weight

In the body,Composite material of aluminum and steelIs used,For the front end and rear end, lightweight polyurethaneHas been adopted.Rear lid, rear spoiler and its upright made of carbonso,For the connecting rod, titaniumIs used. I see ... it should be expensive.

Rear axle steering standard equipment

In our Panamera turbo, rear axle steering was optional, but the 911 GT 3 is standard equipment. When equipped with rear axle steering gear,An electronic control system is provided on the left and right rear wheels, and the rear axle is steered according to the driving situation, the steering operation, the running speedWilling to.

In low-speed driving, the system steers the rear wheel in the opposite direction to the front wheel. As a result, the same effect as when shortening the wheel base can be obtained and the turning radius becomes small, so that it is possible to perform more dynamic running in a tight corner.

AlsoIn high-speed driving, the system steers the rear wheel in the same direction as the front wheel.Running stability is enhanced as in the case where the wheelbase is extended, and agility is also improved by simultaneously steering the front and rear axles. This effect is demonstrated especially when overtaking on a circuit and lane change on a highway.

This function is attached to 911, not to the gigantic Panamera, so the sky will no doubt move quickly.

High performance brake

The 911 GT 3 is equipped with an extremely powerful brake system,Brake booster tuned exclusively according to the performance of the car. AlsoTwo-piece cast iron disc and aluminum caliperThe weight of the brake system is reduced, the unsprung weight and the rotating mass are greatly reduced. Moreover, it demonstrates powerful braking power even in bad weather and under severe conditions of motor sports.

"Even at the moment of deceleration, you can enjoy uncontrolled pleasure"That's it.

The price exceeds 20 million yen by tax, but considering such as light weight, high performance engine, high performance brake equipment ... etc"I wonder the price will be that much"I am convinced somewhat. If you add an option to this, it is lightly over 25 million yen.

Touring Package

I got out, a tooling package. GT 3 is optional, without wing (wing)"Touring package"You can choose. The tooling package is not limited to circuits,One to enjoy the driving experience at various opportunitiesA lot There is no wing, the feeling that I saw just seems not to be much different from 911, but its performance is exactly"A wolf that covered the sheep's skin"It is being described.

"Fusion of true GT sports and calm sophistication"Porsche unique style pursues the balance of these two contradictions. By the way,"Where the contradictions are balanced, it seems to me, it is understandable to those who understand, I do not know for those who do not understand.That is Umaya ... There is aesthetics there ..."He was mumbling.

Is the car delivered after 4 months ...?

As I was watching the 911 (991.2) GT 3 (MT) test drive review video was introduced to the net as well"Very comfortable ride" "Lighter than the clutch thought"I heard that they can drive very naturally. It seems that everyday use does not seem to have any problem.

I also want to drive if GT 3 is delivered, but, anyway"MT two-seater"So ...

First of all let's be able to drive Boxster MT properly!(But I feel like I can drive recently)Let's do our best

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  1. Ishi B

    Congratulations on the GT3 Touring Package.

    I saw a GT 3 with no feathers at the hotel parking lot in the past, and I knew there existed a tooling package for the first time there. Although there was no wing, I had released an apparently different aura from the normal 911.

    I can sympathize very much with the part "Honestly understand ..." that my husband is saying.

    Certainly I could only order the left handle. I only ride on the right, but for this car I think that I can practice the left handle.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you!
      Although there is no wing indeed, unlike the 911 atmosphere, when I saw it for the first time, I thought "What is this?

      > The husband said "You understand to understand ...", I can sympathize very much.
      Thank you ^ ^ I think that I am very pleased if you say so.

      Well, it seems that there is only a left handle, but Ishi B also has a chance if you have the opportunity! Lol

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Oh, oh.
    GT 3 Touring, nice, nice, nice ...

    The car owned by those who understand value is happy.

    Is Boxster this thing of Mina by this? No, Targa is supposed to join, so it seems that you can have a museum soon.

    • MinaMina


      > The car owned by those who understand value is happy.
      Thank you ^ ^ I think that my husband is happy if you can say it like that.
      Boxster ... may be mine if I could take it, but Boxter has not forgiven my heart yet ... ^^;
      Oh, it is true, when Targa is added, it will be a museum - before that I have to build a garage ...!
      (My husband is seriously thinking about building a garage ...) It has become some wonderful development somehow.

  3. Porshefreek

    Hello! I came from Twitter! I imported touring packs in parallel, and I ordered again with regular frame added this time lol Smile touring pack is pretty good! The clutch is also light and is the best 911! May I look forward to it ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Porshefreek
      Thank you for twitter!

      > I also import touring packs in parallel, and I ordered again with regular frame added this time lol
      Wow it's amazing lol! !
      In parallel imports, I have heard rumors that Navi can not be used.

      The clutch of the tooling package, it is light!
      It seems easy to drive, everyday use seems to be problematic, I am looking forward to delivering cars from now ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  4. Manma

    Mr. Mina

    It is comical.
    By the way, why, I decided the body color as "crayons"
    Do you have any special reasons?
    I am glad if you can study such as the origins of naming "crayons", the purpose of color, differences from other similar colors, etc.!
    Thank you! !

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama
      Thank you very much for your time earlier (lol)
      I asked my husband about the origins of the crayon naming and the reasons why they chose, the reply came back.
      Crayon probably thinks about the color that it seems to have come from the appearance of the new Panamera. I came to see Crayon 's Panamera in a small instructor, and I became concerned and later came to see pictures of crayons with GT 3 and GT 3 RS.

      Reason for choosing:

      · At first glance, it looks like matte with matte, but in reality there is a sense of gloss.
      · When it is white, it is hard to feel three-dimensional feeling, but if it is crayon, it is a point that you can feel a stereoscopic effect despite a light color system.
      · The trend of the European car color in recent years has been fading gray series.
      · Also it is decisive in Japan that it seems not to be covered with other people. (Crayons are popular colors in Europe and America)

      Incidentally, this color is not called crayons in the United States but Chalk (chalk). As a fairly similar color, Porsche has Fashion Grey and Sport Classic Gray. (There are also articles which compare when examining with the net, etc.)

      Also, I thought that the duality of the GT 3 tooling, GT 3 but without feathers, and the duality of the crayons seemingly looks whitish but actually the deep color, in common.
      That was (laugh)
      Well then, thank you very much for your continued support in the future!

  5. Manma

    Hello Mina,

    It is comical.
    I see. Very well understood!
    And we are looking forward to the picture of the actual car! !
    Hello, thank you for your continued support ('◇') ゞ

  6. 9eenbee

    I am looking forward to it.
    The LHD of the crayon is stopped, and when I turn around to pass by, GT3 Touring. It was somewhere in Tokyo in the evening, but it's wonderful.
    I'm riding a 997.2S and 718 Spider, but I'd love to get one if I get the chance.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      > When the LHD of the crayon is stopped and I turn around to pass by, GT3 Touring. It was somewhere in Tokyo in the evening, but it's wonderful.
      That's right! Touring has a unique atmosphere, doesn't it?
      I always think that the color of the crayon is also beautiful ^^