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On this blog the other day, "We accept questions from people who are thinking of Porsche owners and Porsche purchase, it is nice if you can answer the readers of the whole country who support this blog and share it later"I wrote an article called" At that moment"Timing of Porsche's initial oil change"When asking a question about it, I got a lot of responses from readers, and I got a lot of other useful information, so I would like to introduce it.(Please understand that we are editing a little, such as excerpts of only the necessary parts so that the comments can understand the context before and after.)

Comments from readers

1. Timing of initial oil change

The other day I bought 970 Panamera SE Hybrid in second hand. In case of plug-in hybrid, it will be displayed"Mileage ≠ the operating distance of the engine"So it seems difficult to make a judgment, but in my case it is second hand, so without considering too much nervousness"About once in a year"I think about it.
People of dealers too"Recent cars are okay with yearly oil change unless it gets so overturned."It said. By the way, at the time of 981 Boxster GTS I bought with a new car before, I exchanged at 1000 km, 5000 km after delivery, afterwards I think I was exchanging about one year or 10,000 km as a guide. (Mr. Ishi B)

I am sorry about the story other than Porsche. Before current 958,Four BMWs were connected, but the first oil change was 20000 kilometerswas. In luxury European cars, the traceability is solid, so it seems that the tolerance of the cylinder block and the piston seems to combine well and it is because the oil does not become dirty. MoreoverOil change itself, anti-ecologyIt seems to be said (Mr. Sakamichi of the wind)

The current Maserati Ghibli was about 1 year or 10,000 miles (16000 km) from the first time, and it was roughly once a year since then. Because I did only ride for 3 years, I do not know what happened after I went there as it was. Now it is Panamera 4 Ehybrid but it seems almost impossible to ride in severe conditions, so as I was told by the dealer"Is it okay with a year or ten thousand miles (because I live in the US)"I think.
Hybrid seems to be disagreeable even in the Prius version, etc. as it is late as the engine use becomes less, or whether the engine stops starting and repeating, so it is better to start early. (SN)

In 718 (MY 2017) the oil change is"15,000 km or 1 year"It seems to be said that it is supposed to be. Of course I think that it is a story of using the idling stop function. In my case, my feelings could not be missed long ago, and I exchanged once with break-in completion (5,000 km schedule is 6,500 km).Opinion that maintenance personnel at Porsche Center Fukuoka also "can change only the first"It was like.
With my driving pace, it will be less than 15,000 km in one year, so I change it to 1 year inspection (16,600 km) and 2 year inspection (28,300 km). Although I imagined that I would not know anything in the recent two year inspection, after replacement it is a little but it is a terrible thing to see that the rotation gets lighter. (Porsche Dreamer)

971 Regarding Panamera Turbo Executives, Mr. H who is in charge of my dealer"Let's exchange for the first time at around 2000 km"You said. When asking "Do you do it in about 1000 km?" "Well, but it was a little too early, was not it." So, just like the year-end and New Year 's Osaka round - trip and so on, it seems that it will be about 2000 km so I'm adding an oil / filter change appointment at the beginning of the year. (How to support your life)

I am on elementary Panamera. Since it is about 2000 Km exceeded now, if you contact the dealer,"Once it can be exchanged between 3000-4000 Km, it's okay, after riding a little more."I was advised. Naturally it is free for minutes to exchange arbitrarily in an early minute, is one year or 10000 Km a number for guarantee? (Mr. Kaz)

991 We are on the late Carrera, but it is recommended to exchange at the time you reach 1 year or 10000 km earlier. Filter replacement is once in two times. I am exchanging at 5000 km and 13000 km, but the timing is blurred by the dealer's oil change campaign etc. Lol
What I would like to talk about here is that in an authorized dealer at the time of the first exchange, when asking "Is it good for one year or 10,000 km?"It is better to go in less than 5000 km at the beginning because the oil in delivery is not Mobile 1 itself, because it contains a lot of cleaning ingredients, so we recommend the first exchange after break-in."I did it with.
I have written this story so far because I never read on the internet. Does anyone hear similar stories? (Masa Yan)

2. Measures against door punch

I own Cayenne 957 and Boxster 981 S. How to prevent your own door punch,
① Do not use Porsche to buy supermarkets etc.
② Search for a place that is open widely even if it is going to walk a little.
③ Avoid the sides of dented cars and dirty cars.(Conversely, if you go out with a Bokoboko car, there will be empty spaces next to it, which may make returning ride easier)
④ When there is no vacancy I park the car as high as possible next to the driver's seat side.(Because it seems that the driver in the passenger seat does not care as much as the driver to open and close the door)
At sightseeing spots, etc., when a parking lot where there is a parking staff member is chosen, the person in charge will take care and will pick a place where I can not say anything. (Ms. Casimachikara)

When my 996 carrera appeared in the world, it was ridiculed that the car width was uselessly useless than 993, but now it became the most slim type among water cooled 911. And, of course it is NG to be door punched, but in the case of 911 the door is so long that I may inadvertently do a door punch before getting used to getting on and off ... / /.
In order to avoid disgusting there, in my case it is the most end of the space, the outside of the white line is a fence and I am looking for about 1 meter between the fence and the white line at the end of it, I try to stop over a white line. Then, the other car comes in only one side of the other side, and even if the door is fully opened here, it does not reach the opposite white line, so worry of hitting worrying worry also disappears.
In parking buildings etc, I got up to an inconvenient place of the high strata and sometimes stopped the white line in the space of two cars across the middle, but I can not recommend it except on the day which is pretty much ^ ^). (Shimoyannjp)

Regarding Cayenne which he owns, in the kindergarten there are a parking lot of an elementary school pick-up, a parking lot of learning, a shopping mall from a neighborhood supermarket of ordinary shopping, a parking lot of work here and there ... a narrow road in a residential area ...Sometimes, the kids run around by the car while placing backpacks and school bags in the carSometimes. In winter, I am going to leave for a rough road on the snowy road with skiing.
After passing through the mountain road of winter snow, the lower half of the car is murky, if you forcibly escape the car buried in the snow, it will be full of fine scratches anymore. But my wife is"Oh, you got a bruise, hmm."I do not mind otherwise.
Since it is a car, it is also SUV, so using it, riding it,It seems that I think that some scratches are riding well evidence, charming. The striking scar is cured indeed, but if it is not so, it is not irritating and riding all the way, in any situations it is good to use, easy to use, easy to drive, comfortable to ride I am satisfied with being a good cayenne.
Measures to counter the door punch of our house,"Things that you hardly mind"That's what it is. (BUPPA)

3. Daylight

971 Panillera's Daylight does not disappear while drivingIs not it? When stopping, long pressing the switch at the right end of the dashboard temporarily disappears, but it will automatically spot if you give a certain speed. Actually, the current apartment was decided by the size of the parking lot when moving was decided.
Still, when putting it in the mechanical type, the outside of the tire can only afford about 2 cm on the left and right, so when putting in the parking we will put in while looking at the mirror on the front. If you do not erase daylight at this time it will make you look dazzling by reflection. Well,I was glad it could go out even temporarily,I think everyday. (How to support your life)

Regarding Porsche's Daylight, I was thinking about doing a method like 981S (registered in December 2013) at daylight, but as the regulation changed about half a year ago, the nearest Porsche At the center at the side sill part I got the option to float the company name with organic EL and set me up on daylight as well.
In the Porsche Center I coded it with the service because it connects to the computer anyway. In the explanation received at the time of pick up"Daylight lights during normal driving, headlight lights up when speed exceeds 140 km / h, and daylight turns off when headlight turns on"I did it with.
As you can not confirm the statutory speed indeed, as expected it will be confirmed, but when the headlight turns on with the headlight turning on more than 140 km in the daytime, the navigation screen will be in night mode, so I think that we can confirm . (Ms. Casimachikara)

4.971 Panamera Turbo Executive

After delivering the car, I only ran about 500 km, but I used a lot of impressions.
【good point】
· Running is perfect. Acceleration is also complaints.
· I think the best thing compared to other companies is cornering. It reacts as expected and it does not take any roll at all.
· Massage function is more than expected. I wish I had attached to the back seat at this.
· The hardness of the seat is comfortable. I am not concerned about hardness or softness while driving.
· Touch panel can be used better than I thought. There is not much confusion.
【Well point】
· It is an underground parking lot because it is an apartment, but it takes too much time to read the position information of Navi when it got outside.
· Driving by lowering the steering wheel, the far right side (where navigation can be displayed) of the instrument panel 5 series display is difficult to see. Or almost it can not be seen. Lol
· Although I listen to downloading music on a cell phone yesterday a bug has occurred → Since then, the reasons and countermeasures to be looked at at a dealer are unknown, but it suddenly fixed.
I hope there are no other bugs. (How to support your life)

5. New Cayenne

There is a feeling of returning to the ancestry a little, and this is one of the pleasing points for our house which is connecting from the first generation again. Tiptronic is evolving year by year, and I think that I think that we can not deal with the current PDK although we wrote before considering off-road and demographics to the last. I think that it is the result of responding to thorough user needs while also saying that the body became lighter.
Light and stable, smooth running corners Smoothly eliminate front, rear, left and right moment of rear seatdoing. It's a trekking Porsche, please buy it! My house is waiting for my wife's hybrid that Japan specification will come out next year (cara)

New Cayenne

6. Gorilli sound of the tire at low speed on cold weather in winter

I also experienced at 981. Especially when I left from temporary stop on T-junction and turned left, I was getting fuzzy. I thought whether the tire was hard in winter and the mountain decreased with 12000 km running in 3 years,If you change from Pirelli P Zero to Michelin Pilot Sports 4, it will reach the level you do not mind even if you go through the same place (it is the exit of the house)became.
For nearly two years after that, the mileage has reached 22000 Km, but at the moment there are no bad sounds and vibrations. I think that it was the influence of the hardness of the tire and escape by the remaining mountain in my 981 case. (Ms. Casimachikara)

7. Auto-blip

I always think,I think that auto blipping is not a sports mode or a sports plus, but a normal mode is more appropriateI guess. It would be appreciated if it would be possible to select independently from the driving mode if possible.
When I am tired, or when I do not want to cause a shift shock when someone is on the passenger seat(In order not to show that the shift change is bad)You can use it. Heel & two do not care. Even though I can not do it, I feel comfortable when the rotation is decided. I think that this is enough for public roads. (Mr. Ishi B)

【Q】 (Porsche Dreamer)
Although it may become too little maniac,When it is auto-blipping, at what timing will it be blippedIs not it? What will happen to the speed change until the clutch is engaged after reacting when the gear enters by the shift operation?(Rotation will rise all the time if the clutch is not connected easily?Or will you react to it if you try to connect the clutch? I guess that it will not make it in time for the clutch to connect ....
As soon as I can experience it, I understand it soon, but unfortunately I have never met MT test car yet.
【A】 (Mr. Ishi B)
It will be bleached when the shift knob enters. As I tried, I did not connect with the clutch stepping on purpose after the shift operation, but the rotation speed dropped and a shock occurred when I joined there (laugh). Actually it responds to the bleach pink tone or it will release the clutch pedal unconsciously when my shift operation is completed, so if you use auto blipping you will not feel a shock.

8. Countermeasure for car stains

In front of the house the carport in front of the house and the front of the garage behind the house were unpaved, so we only had to park and the other people were wearing dust just by going through nearby. Even if you cover the body cover, fine dust that passes through will stick. In the beginning of this year I took the measures to prevent dust at the same time.
① I extended the garage with the ceiling and the inner wall to eliminate the exposure of pillars and beams.
② In order to eliminate the concrete skimmer on the lower side of the shutter of the garage, a Netherlands form tape (a round urethane tape with a diameter of 19 mm) was pasted(Tape to close the clearance with sheet metal paint)
③ The passage from the entrance of the house to the end of the garage was about 60 M paved with water permeability
④ half of the garage(Side on which 918 S is placed)Only the epoxy type floor coating agent was adhered to the grain P tile and the edge was surrounded by aluminum material with a width of 40 mm and a heat of 4 mm.(The only reason I put P tiles on half is to maintain the bikes of my hobby in the remaining half of the space, so because I was worried about scratching the floor with a center stand or dirty with oil etc.)
I think that it could not be solved by only one method, but the synergistic effect of four resulted in much less dust. Among them, ③ was extraordinary.
As for ②, actually it was perfect if I made the garage floor 2 cm higher and set a step by just the middle of the shutter, but the state of dust is completely different inside and outside of the shutter, even if only the form tape.
Afterwards I think whether it is perfect if invasion of dust from the clearance with the rail on the side of the shutter is stopped, but I can not think of an appropriate method at the moment. If you know a good idea please give me a professor. (Ms. Casimachikara)

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Thank you for always having lots of comments. And I'm sorry I could not introduce all the comments. Everyone,From "air cooling to water cooling" or "from 911 to Cayenne"As we are riding in every kind of Porsche, I always think that information that I receive is not biased so much, it is very informative and valuable.(Also, I am studying myself very much)

Since comments and messages are accepted from time to time,"What you would like to ask other Porsche owners" "What you want to share"If you have any, please feel free to comment from the message column. Continue to thank you.

By the way, the summary of the comments by readers who posted in the past is here.

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  1. Shunji Tsuboi

    I always see you happily
    Thank you
    I asked the question of the door punch
    It was very helpful
    Especially it was helpful to stop at the opponent's driver's seat side
    If there is a chance, please let me ask a question
    Please take care of yourself

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Tsuboi
      Thank you ^ ^!
      It was good to serve you.
      I will also learn so much by asking questions and responding to everyone,
      Please do not hesitate to comment if there is something again.

      Continue to thank you.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Summary of Q & A, is not it.
    Mr. Ishi B responded to my Q, I would like to thank you once again.

    By the way, it seems that there is no link to new arrival comment on this blog at first glance, I feel that I wish I could have it. Is not it because I have not been found?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! From now on I will also introduce the voice of readers!
      Also, I have not set up a link to new arrival comment at the moment, but I will use it as a valuable opinion for future blog management.
      Thank you!

  3. cara

    Good morning.
    Quote Thank you.
    Still in the sale of hybrids in Japan
    It is a wife who is not worried w ww
    It is a strange state that we place a deposit as soon as we decide options and colors as well

    Porsche Dreamer's opinion It is wonderful.
    Because it tends to miss rice

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      > Not yet selling hybrids in Japan
      > It is a wife who is not worried w w w
      > It is a strange state that we place a deposit as soon as possible and decide options and colors. Ww

      Er ... (haha)! !
      But even though I do not know anything yet, it is a very nice customer from a dealer to move oneself (laugh)
      If you purchase Cayenne hybrid, I definitely would like to ask a review!

      That wonderful Cayenne, moreover, is hybrid ... I'm curious!