To tell the truth, I am not a "wife who made it possible to understand the hobby of a car lover's husband".

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Wife understanding husband's hobby

Recently, I got such comments on blog comments and twitter.

· Your wife who understands this hobby's hobby is a wonderful couple.
· My wife who understands Porsche's driving as sports is amazing after all (laugh)
· My wife enjoys having an understanding.

Thank you for saying that in that way ... m (_ _) m. Just recently,"Husband's hobby has understanding and wife who watched warmly that situation"I feel like the image is walking alone, I am very thankful, but I often feel comfortable,"Well, that was not my wife!"I thought I would write it again.(Because I do not do that extra thing)

My stance

We thought that the couple is slightly different from the couple of the general public, but first I wrote about my basic stance as my wife.

1 Instead of favorite things, please earn

"Instead of doing whatever you want, earn it"What a stupid way of saying. Basically I,

"I hope my husband do something I like and motivate me so that I can earn a certain amount of money."

I think. Talking to such familiar friends like this"The way of thinking is Showa"It is said that, as the number of dwelling households is increasing recently, the tendency that "housework is shared by a couple, and husbands actively take care of the children and do housework that they stay" on the day off) There are, but I do not want such things to my husband.

As long as my husband likes doing housework, you may ask, but my husband also constantly"I do not want being divided into housework or mandated, I do not do housework."So if you do not want to do it but you force it, stress will accumulate in your daily life and the performance of your husband's work will go down.

So do not do housekeeping, so please make sure you like what you like, on the other hand, earn a lot of money

So I tell my husband that way. If you return the back"I do something I like and I use money for whatever I want, I do not make money at all."If it comes to the state like that, it definitely makes no mistake, it shows implicitly that it is stubborn (explosion)

2 I will do whatever I want

Moreover"Because you also do whatever you want, I also do whatever you want"It is a stance that. From her husband when she got married,

"If you want to become a full-time housewife, you can work if you want to work, you can do whatever you want, so please do it well."

It was said. So"I understand! I am willing to speak with your words, I will do that!"As much as I am, I have been liking it after marriage.

Whether I am married or birth, I wanted to continue working somehow in some way, so I became a member of society for about 15 years(I can hardly understand it at the age of this year w), I have been working forever. Of course, when a child is born,"Pick up kindergartens and nurseries"Ya"I have to go to the hospital in a hurry as I got a fever"Although it comes out something like that, I changed my way of working while making my own trial and error, and my husband also supported me, so I came here.

Now I also want to write a Porsche blog and the things I want to do are overflowing and it fills a lot and it gets punctured by myself so well from my husband,

No, I do not want to die like that. More comfortably.

It is said"But I want to do what I want to do!"For example, they are letting me do as I like. Basic Since I am a personality that I can not give up what I want to do,"Women should protect their families"And"Because I am making money, you must listen to Yuu"If I told you like that, I definitely think it will be stingy.

3 Do not complain about the household chores

I am not good at doing housekeeping, I do not like it much. Therefore,I do not clean well, I push the switch of the room several times a weekIt is. I never make cooked rice and it is common for me to buy some prepared dishes because it is troublesome to make today.(Nowadays,Panasonic's Rotisserie Grill & SmokeSo, I started to make pizza and roast beef, but I only make the basic set if I set it)

But for my husband, if I do not do housekeeping, I will ask my wife"Please clean more beautifully"And"Prepare rice with more variations"There is no aura that says something, and such things have never been said before. What, my husband recently"When I ask the housekeeper, I will eh."I came to say "explosion"

4 Please be yourself for yourself

As for the family housework I do"Because you are adults to each other, please do yourself for yourself"That's my stance. So I do not clean anything even though my husband's room is dirty, and I do not wash it unless I put it in a laundry basket, even though I think that this is washing.

Because I think that health management and physical condition management are not the responsibilities of my wife and that he himself consciously thinks, for example"Make rice as vegetable main"And"Stop deep-frying because I want to diet"I will do so, but basically I will not do it from here.

... and when I write this again"I'm envious because I have an understanding about cars, but it's a pretty messy thing for my wife."Was not it supposed to be thought (- _ -)

Actually, since my husband and my husband had similar experiences before meeting,

"If you get married, you can not do what you want to do, you will not get married" faction

was. But while speaking variously"I do not want to fit themselves to the couple of the world, but I'd like to take care of their favorite things."I understood that the same idea was the same, I decided to marry.

My husband's surroundings"No way, I told you that I will never marry Mr. ○ ○ will get married!"I heard that he was surprised.

What is being made free ...

About nine years ago, as soon as I started my current job, I met my husband, 7 years older. My job was not going well at all, so it was a tough time, so my husband often got work advice, and even after marriage I got messed up on the site and server relations.(Because my husband is an IT store)

However, since it was a self-contained type from the beginning, the personality of "being driven down, puncturing, breaking down his physical condition and revealing to her husband for the first time" remains unchanged, and if it explodes regularly"Wait again" wHe was asked to consult while being told.

After giving birth to the eldest daughter, I have been punctured with work and parenting compatibility"I quit this job already!"And when I tell while crying

"Okay if you want to do so, why do you want honestly?"

And they asked me"No no, I guess you are giving up in such a place!"I was inspired each time.(While I am a simple personality w)

And this year. Following the results of the work I have done so far, I burned out completely, I lowered the weight of my work a bit and decided to seriously do this Porsche blog for that. Even then,

"Well, if Mina wants it, do you want to do it?"

He said quietly. If I am in the opposite position"Even though I have done so far, I can not give up here!"I guess I'd say something like that (explosion). Then,

"If you do seriously the Porsche blog, I will support it."

, I began to support a variety of server blog relationships, tuning, providing stories. And the other day,It was too root-rooted downeven when,

"Do not try hard on that kind of thing.

He gave me advice while laughing and even when he got mad at childcare and complained of complaints, he silently talked to the end.(I was doing it while smart)


"Mina-chan,Masako ShirasuIf it comes to something like that, yeah. I ask Mina for anything that the world wants his wife to ask. If you do love me more then yeah. "

I will say.

... Yes, since I got married, until now,

"In fact, I was the one who let me go free"

If it is not my husband, now I think that I can not be done like this.

I'm embarrassed to write things that are not in the handle, so let's stop around here ... I mean"Husband's hobby has understanding and wife who watched warmly that situation"rather than"Because I am also going to like it, I hope my husband likes it"It was my wife named w

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    Ha ha ha LOL (Because there is no pictogram)

    • MinaMina



  2. cara

    It is a wonderful couple! A
    We also want to follow an apprenticeship.
    We are working together, too
    I just like what I like
    I am doing it.
    I can not do housework at all
    Even if you say you want to ask Duskin
    In about several times a year
    I say it's fine.
    It is the best to be able to make friends

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      There is no such thing, thank you very much!
      Frequently from the mother, "You and your couple have not changed, but they are similar" (laugh)

      Wife is amazing ...! Housekeeping, childcare, work as well, three children ...!
      However, since each of the shape of a couple or family is so, as you say, it is best to be able to make friends with each other ^ ^