Traveling on a highway with Porsche Panamera - ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) really tried what fuel economy is good

Panamera turbo

Run on a highway at Panamera

The other day, there was an errand in Nagoya on weekdays,Heading by Panamera using the expressway from home to NagoyaIt was to be. However, as there were many images of trucks and cars"It would be easier to drive using ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) all the time"While thinking ...

If at all"Going is a normal driving, returning by ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and comparing how much difference is in fuel consumption"I thought that was also interesting, I decided to try. It is said that "fuel efficiency generally tends to improve in ACC where the accelerator operation becomes constant", but what is it actually like?

However, the highway on the way to and on the way back is slightly different from the downward sloping uphill, so it does not match the exact comparison, but ... well, it's a bit of a try.

First by my driving

Where we set navigator to go"Meishin Expressway → Shinmeishin Expressway → Tomei Osaka Expressway → Nagoya High-Speed Downtown City Ring Line"It was the route that arrived the fastest in about two and a half hours, so I decided to head on this route.

In this run,

· Do not skip as much as possible, cruising brakes, cruising at the same speed
· If the number of cars decreases, the basic will run in the driving lane and overtake by unreasonable acceleration when overtaking

I kept in mind.(It was natural, but I was not conscious of it all the time.

Although I started early, the downhill road from my house to the Meishin expressway was always crowded, so I got a considerable fuel consumption there. However, once I got on the expressway I was able to run relatively smoothly. We did not get a break on the way, and arrived in Nagoya in less than two and a half hours as planned.

At this point the fuel consumption is "8.3 L / 100 km(My husband has always set it in European notation)". In other words,Approximately 12 km / LIt is.

Match me!

Normally this time it is excellent, if you travel long distances in Panamera, fuel consumption is often "9.0 - 10 km / L". Although I arrived in Nagoya, I spent a bit of time trying to find a parking lot near the destination, but I found an indoor underground parking lot safely and stopped the car.

... but I forgot to take a picture of the fuel consumption meter, cut off the engine as it is, walked out to the ground and came out. It is already late.

I did it. . (; ゚ Д ゚)(Evidence of the matter is ...)

I remember only fuel consumption, so I did not know the average speed, but I think it was 8.3 L / 100 km to the end.

This time it will arrive home on ACC run.

After I got errands, I set the same route as going back and leaving. Although returning was not so crowded, the car was quite large."This is the correct answer in ACC"Although I thought, I did not do anything in particular and it took time to grasp the steering wheel, as expected I had been attacked by an intense sleep, so after about an hour and a half passed, I entered Otsu SA break.

Although it is ACC, if I go to bed, I will have afternoon ... (- _ -)

Moreover, as I completely forgot to buy children's Nagoya souvenir, it enters the inside and it says a souvenir ...Mixed in the souvenir corner of Kyoto · Shiga, there was a Nagoya souvenir!It was good w

Then we will buy souvenirs safely and will return home again.

Kyoto Eastern area became two lanes and was somewhat crowded but after passing Kyoto south it became 3 lanes and it was able to run smoothly. However, there is a lane regulation near Nishinomiya Nishinomiya IC, and the car completely stopped, and it got sticky.

Again, I thought that ACC was really useful at such times. However, this traffic jam was not so long, and arrived near home safely. Actually, the uphill slope in front of my house is intense, so I am going to end fuel economy measurement before that as the fuel efficiency usually decreases by about 0.2 to 0.3 here. The mileage to worry about,

Average fuel efficiency: 8.5 L / 100 km (11.7 km / L)
Traveling time: 2: 39h
Distance: 185 km
Average speed: 72 km / h


Is ACC really fuel efficient?

This was my first time driving in the ACC for a long distance, but the impression remained strong, "I will work hard to shorten the distance as soon as the previous car is gone." Even if you are driving by yourself, even if the previous car is gone "If it keeps going as soon as it seems to catch up with the car just before that it is OK whether cruisingEven in a scene that does not accelerate in particular, it accelerates if it is ACC, and steps on the brake again after confirming the preceding vehicle.

To that extent, the fuel consumption was not much different from what I was driving by myself, and it was this fuel consumption in the traffic congestion on the way back, so thinking that, ACC is driving a car friendly I wonder if that is true. Anything is easy when there are many cars.

However,About 370 km this time and about 5 hours, it was not much fun to travel with concern about fuel consumption all the timeSo I thought once again that I want to enjoy driving without thinking about that if I ride Panamera.

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  1. SN

    I did not care about ACC and fuel economy much. According to experiments it is almost unchanged.
    I am mainly using "not wanting to run at ease" rather than fuel economy, and "avoiding risks due to carelessness in front". It's okay if you drive in the spirit, but when you are tired or when you get to the end of a traffic jam, you've had so many things to do ... until now ACC gets bored and becomes sleepy There is it.

    It has nothing to do with the article, but you came to Nagoya. Hisaya Odori, Nishiki Street, Airport Line. I am a little happy because I am from Nagoya 🙂

    • MinaMina

      That's right, fuel efficiency has not changed almost anything else.

      > I am mainly using the "when I want to run comfortably" rather than fuel economy, and "to avoid risk due to carelessness in front" afterwards.
      I agree! Certainly, ACC is convenient and useful if you use it on the way back home for long distance travel or because it is a troublesome thing because it is a continuation of traffic jams.
      However, if you really use ACC all the time you will be sleepy, you will feel that the number of times you go to SA will increase (lol)

      > I have nothing to do with the article, but I was able to come to Nagoya. Hisaya Odori, Nishiki street, Airport line. I'm from Nagoya and I'm getting a little happy
      Oh, I see. You are from Nagoya, are not you! Nagoya is also a nice place ^ ^ The other day I went to around Sakae, but the road was wide and it was easy to drive.

  2. PorscheDreamer

    In the description of 718, ACC seems to be Panamera because there are several steps of distance setting, but the impression of "trying to shorten the distance at once" is the same whether any setting I am curious. It seems that if you set the speed properly according to the traffic volume and the surrounding flow, it seems that you can further improve fuel economy. Sorry for being always fine.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > I think that if you set the speed properly according to the traffic volume and the surrounding flow, it seems that you can further improve fuel economy.
      Well, indeed, it may be so! The other day, I set the intervehicle distance as the second shortest, so if you set the setting to open the inter-vehicle distance the most, the fuel efficiency may be even better ^ ^
      The other day, the first one was setting to take a little distance between the cars, but the expressway on that day was a traffic volume that can not be exceeded for more than 100 km (well, that's fine) ^ ^;) ,
      At that time, I felt that the distance between the cars was too big, I made it a little shorter and ran.

      Also, I would like to ask if someone has been verified ^ ^