What is the difference between 'disliked customers' and 'liked customers' from dealer sales?

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Sight at imported car dealer

It's a short while ago, but to the husband"Please come to test drive once"And the dealer told me that my husband is a single imported car dealer(Not Porsche)When I went to test drive on things. When the salesman picked up the document and picked up the documents, the male guests in the perfectly 40's somewhere near the table where the husband was sitting seemed to have sat down.

My husband"People in a tidy atmosphere, I wonder if they are executives of some famous companies"As I thought it was, the male guest seemed to be very sullen. Then a salesperson who was in charge of male customers came over there, and male customers immediately opened their mouths.

"No, I have received a sealed letter at my house in front of this house, as if the headquarters of my home country announced that there was a problem with the type of car that I bought. The explanation and the contents of my apology were written Right? "

"If there was a problem, why not just a sealed letter, did not give me a single phone from there.This is not cheap shopping.Although it is not possible to complete with a sealed letter alone, I guess there is no such thing, at least I thought that it was okay to give me a call, so I went on like this today. "

When. On the other hand,

"We are sorry, but as it was also in the explanation of the sealed letter, as it was judged that there is no problem with the Japanese specification cars, it became a correspondence that let me mail only the sealed letter, so it is particularly troublesome to your car We do not have that, so it's okay. "


"No, I do understand it, but if that is the case it's OK even if you do a single phone. I am not angry, at least with a word, if you tell me orally It is such a story that it was good. "


While this exchange is taking place, it seems that the sales representative of the husband returned to the seat,My husband seemed to have no choice but to worry about the exchange between this male customer and the salesperson, and he said that the explanation of the car he had afterwards did not come into my ears at all (explosion)

After all, the interaction between this male customer and the salesperson has remained a parallel line all the time and I do not know whether the male guest was convinced, but he said that the person came home.

Thinking from this exchange

And the husband who came back that day"I just came across an interesting scene at a dealer."He told me the story I wrote now.

"Well, it certainly is not cheap shopping, I do not even know the idea that there is only one phone .... But the reply from the salesman also seems counterproductive, but I bother to go to the dealer I wonder if she says like that ... "My husband said,

Certainly, I think that a car with high car, a person with one phone got kind. But,From a customer who says that, dealer is not calling youI guess. On the other hand, a customer like a phone call from a dealer does not say such a thing, I feel more comfortable, or the vessel is big ... I think the viewpoint is different. I think that it is all appearing in the scene of work.
Until now I've been watching people at various stages, but after all the really top people do not say such a thing. Do not be rich "to fight".

When. At that time, thinking "I see, I see." While I was watching the net the other day"What is a customer disliked by a salesman?"I found an article with a title that is a bit scary.(Why are you going to be a blast)

What is hated customers?

The article was an interview with the top sales person of a certain imported car, but when I read it, it was written that I think "I see that".

"Car deliveries and taking over are natural as a dealer goes", "complain to a car", "I will never think about the circumstances of this place", "I do not trust sales or dealers in the first place ..." and so on.There is still no doubt that "Customers believe in God", or that it is naturalIs not it.
Those who press on their own circumstances and values (stereotypes) think that they will be disliked by going to any dealer.

Although it has been improved considerably compared to the past, it is not that the breakdown due to the imported car was completely eliminated. It is common for customers who changed from Japanese cars to imported cars,"What does it mean that a car that is expensive is broken than the one you were riding in before?" (Japanese car name)!Sometimes I get scolded.
I have a good feeling ...

Indeed, after being delivered, real relationships start with our salesmen and dealers. During negotiation is "matchmaking period".(Somewhat)Often it is impressed by the delicate attentiveness of someone who has a social position. I feel that this kind of thing does not press impossible hardships a little. Discount negotiation is also smooth, basically it is often settled in 1 or 2 times.(Somewhat)I think that it is the so-called "people with high communication skills". That is why I grabbed the hearts of people and got the status right nowIs not it?

*Imported car dealer's top salesman tells "What is real and background?"

Hmm, I see.

When there is something wrong, I do not endure sleeping and getting pathetic, I think that I should say something strange and to say. But"Because it is a customer, I want to be great"And"It takes more valuable time of the opponent than necessary"I think that it feels a bit different.

Since sales people and customers are basically people and people, it is necessary to take moderation-oriented communication, and if mutual trust is established and good relationships are established, the other side will also give good talks to us I think that there is a case.

Incidentally"On the other hand, what is a good customer for a dealer salesman?"As for the top sales of this article against the question,

Is not it a person who does not cheat on other manufacturers and even introduces friends etc? I will do my best on a daily basis so that even one person can be increased so that I can also tell more customers the charm of imported cars.

It was that (laugh)

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  1. cara

    It is somewhat a problem
    When I was a little young
    Even though I am still young
    It might have been a bad customer

    Just after all, people association
    What is it?

    There is more than 20 years association with a place
    PC has come nearly 15 years.

    You can be happy with each other
    It is probably the best ^ _ ^

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      When I was young ... (lol)
      I agree. It is difficult, is not it?
      Since I used to be a salesman all the time, as I scolded or pointed out from customers, there were many things that I realized myself and I was able to grow ~ and I think back to it now.

      > As a matter of course I just had a relationship with people
      > What is it?
      That's right. In the case of a luxury car dealer, I think that the person in charge does not change much,
      I think that it is good to have mutual friendship, so that we can be happy with each other, as there are many cases that will be long matches.

      I have not bought Porsche by himself yet, so I am still in the preliminary stage, so I will do my best and buy it (lol)

  2. Pole


    I'm in the service industry

    "Human quality" is definitely better than it used to be.

    The younger the generation, the fewer people make unreasonable demands.

    In a sense, young people are "Orikou-san".

    Meanwhile, there are some unpleasant customers.

    Some arrogant customers appearing in the article

    Whether you got a good job or got a high income

    You're probably misunderstanding that you've become something great.

    I think that customers and salesmen, and customers and clerk are on an equal footing.

    The "merits" of caring for the other person

    It's a good article about a couple you know well.

  3. car

    It's best to meet a good sales person, not to like the sales person. Even if you flirt with a different manufacturer, there are few sales people who can smile and say that you should always wake up without changing your attitude.
    I think that it is possible to have a long relationship by noticing an equal relationship that can be said to be useless when it is not good.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Carr
      Thank you for your comment!
      You're right.
      When I meet a sales person who does not change his attitude and notices a flat and equal relationship,
      I think I'm very happy.
      Thanks to my family, I am lucky to meet a good sales person.