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The Porsche Experience Center finally!

Yesterday, on December 19th, Porsche Japan held a recital of minor changes "Makan", but at that time"Establish Porsche Experience Center Japan in Japan"It officially announced that.

About the Porsche Experience Center"A comprehensive sports driving facility that allows you to directly experience the Porsche brand and test and experience the car's output, sports performance, and safety on your own"It is.

As of now,6 locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Le Mans, Leipzig, Silverstone, ShanghaiAs it is installed in, probably Japan will be the seventh place?

At the yesterday's interview, President Shichigosanoki of Porsche Japan said this Porsche Experience Center,Plan to install in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, officially decidedIt announced that it did. Here, a plurality of courses such as a circuit and off-road course set independently by Porsche are prepared, and it is possible to run while being instructed by the instructor.Investment amount will be several billion yen scale, completion will be 2021It seems to be doing.


Actually this year when I went to the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles (PECLA) with my family,"I wish I could do such a facility in Japan as well"I was talking with my husband.

I do not know what kind of content will be available in the Porsche Experience Center Japan, but in terms of PECLA, the entrance fee was free.(Course run is charged)

There is also a souvenir corner,Porsche design goods which can not be purchased in JapanThere were also many stocks.

In addition, a cafe and a restaurant were also provided, and I was able to enjoy it from snacks of take out to authentic cuisine and wine.

Besides, while watching the Porsche running the course.

It was a luxurious space. My husband said "I should run the PECLA course ~""I do not feel like understanding the instructor's English (-_-)"So I did not get on this time. However, I started studying English seriously from there, recently I seem to have woken up to English"You can go now!"He said confidently the other day.

When I actually talked with someone who ran this course"Running regular course 911 and running off road course with Cayeng were both funny insults."I was saying. There was also a simulator room in the facility.

By the way my husband is playing a car racing game at home so he seems to be pretty good, and the staff"Why is he so good!"I was watching cancer all the time at the end (haha)

Also, at the entrance, there are about 10 valuable Porsche decorated(It seems to be replaced regularly)When we went there, there were 918 Spiders, 911 GT 2 RS, 356 Speed Star etc, and the famous cars were exhibited in a shiny condition.

I definitely want to go

What kind of atmosphere will the Porsche Experience Center set up in Japan have? I would love to go there if opened in 2021. My husband"Porsche Experience Center, after all Kanto ?. You can make such a facility in the west too"Although it was blurred, w

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* Article Source:Porsche, a new type of "Makan" that was mychen launched. Evolution of design, driving performance, safety equipment,Porsche to Japan's first driving experience facility in Chiba and Kisarazu in 21 years

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