I want Porsche 911 Targa if I buy it myself-why I thought from a woman's perspective

Porsche 911

June 2017

It was a word I told my husband to start this blog. At the time there was a 970 Panamera edition at my house, I was deeply moved by the goodness every time I boarded it,"How wonderful Panamera is"I was sending e - mails with content saying to my husband while working.(There are no other people who can share such things ...)

Such a reply came back from such husband one day.

Oya sure, I understand. That kind of car. Or if I like Panamera so much, why not write a blog too? What? w


"No, no one is interested (- _ -)(Like Yanagibuson)"

... While thinking, that time"Buy your Panamera GTS with your own money in the future"Since it was also one of my goals, I decided to start blogging with a light feeling, "Well, I should write it like a soliloquy feeling." It was about June 2017.

Luxury miscalculation ...

After that, in October 2017, it was supposed to replace the 970 Panamera edition with 971 Panamera, but at the beginning"4S, 4E Hybrid, may I be Normal ...?"He was talking. However, immediately after ordering, there was an oversight,

"Ok, now that's gone, you have gone to Turbo (¯ ー ¯)!"

I went around and warned, Panamera Turbo came to our house. After that, I got on Panamera Turbo, and as I was deeply moved by the wonderfulness, I gradually began to have some doubts in myself.

Panamera → Panamera Turbo and riding it, yet still more to buy the Panamera GTS by myself ... Is it really worth it?

When. No, it does not make sense, but when I was on the 970 Panamera edition"How amazing is Panamera GTS if you are so amazing !?"Thinking, I began to think of buying Panamera GTS on my own. But, it's a luxury miscalculation ... before that, I knew more turbo ...

Panamera GTS released!

And the other day,Panamera GTS was announced.

Comparing the specifications of Panamera GTS and Panamera Turbo, it is as follows.

GTS turbo
engine 4 liter V8 engine 4 liter V8 engine
output 338 kW (460 hp) 404 kW (550 hp)
Maximum torque 620 Nm 770 Nm
maximum speed 292 km / h 306 km / h
0-100 km / h acceleration(Sports Chrono standard equipment) 4.1 seconds 3.6 seconds

* Source:Panamera turbo models

... GTS, buy me yeah yan ... (-_-)

Of course, I think Panamera GTS is also amazing, there should be a different charm from turbo, and when you test drive"I want it!"You might think. But, now that I know Panamera Turbo, surely"A surprising fresh surprise"I can not feel it.

Although"Buy yourself a Porsche"I recently wanted to achieve the goal, so recently, once again on zero basis "What if I want you what I want?", Regardless of the budget, I thought after considering it at all likewise after arriving ..."911 Targa"was.

History of Targa's birth and reasons I want

Talga is a derivative model of 911 that first appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1965. Unlike the 911 Convertible, it features a semi-convertible body style.

* Image Source:The most luxurious Porsche 911. Talga test drive

The current 991 Targa is a very cool model with a modern arrangement of Targa at the beginning of its release in nearly perfect form.

By the way, I did not know about the history of the birth of Targa,"In the 1970s, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) banned the sale of convertible models with large roofs due to the safety of passengers at the time of rollover(I told you to ban it, but did not it end up banned after all?"That seems to be a trigger.

At that time North America was a big market for open sports cars, so 911 Targa was released as a solution to this regulation. Targa is structurally"Even if you roll over with the roof open, a part of the remaining roof functions as a roll bar to ensure the safety of the crew."It was designed to avoid regulation of DOT.
* Article Source:Pronouns of open car Porsche 911 Spell out the charm of Targa

Well, well, there was such a background (; ゚ Д ゚)!

... and the preamble has become quite long, but why,

· For women,
· I am not very confident in driving,
· Still want to enjoy running,

Whether I came to the conclusion that I want 911 Targa, the reasons are as follows.(While wondering why such people are interested ... ...)

1 Because the roofs are open

Until Boxster GTS comes to our house"It is embarrassing to get on an open car"I thought. When I see an open car in the city, it is rare, so I will see it all the time and I will see not only the car but also what people are on board.

usually"Fashionable Masochist and Madam sunglasses look good"I am riding, but I am not a fashionable madam that looks good on sunglasses, and as well as my husband, I was not good at gathering people's eyes and conspicuous, so I thought that I would not want to ride on them absolutely.

However, when opening up Boxster and running around Winding and Ashi Driveway, it is said that the feeling is good ...That feeling that feels the season and runs together with the wind is an attractive thing that Sunroof can never tasteI felt. So, if you buy it yourself, I thought that the car with its roof was good.

2 Because it is a four-wheel drive

Modern 911, although it is RR, has more than enough stabilityI think. Previously, when I had 991 test drive"What is so much fun! I was driving so well !?"As I thought, there was no problem no matter where the mountain road or where it is. However, when thinking that I often run on a highway and sometimes driving in a heavy rain ..., it is better to be more stable and run securely without worrying about driving skills.(But, I'm concerned about the WET mode that was installed from 992)

It is true that Targa is heavier so it may be negative as a sports car whose weight reduction is a major key,Even that Panamera, which is larger than 2 tons, will run sporty, so it should not be a problem at all if Targa w

3 Aluminum Targber

There seems to be pros and cons with regard to this design, but I like this Targarver design. I think it is cool as an accent. In addition, in 993, 996 and 997 types, although the aluminum talgabar was sealed, it was revived from 991, even Porsche"This design is the testimony of Targa"I wonder if I thought that ....

4 I rarely see you in the city

If it is okay to open at 4WD"Is not it Targa, 911 Carrera 4 Convertible?"It may be said. But why do you think Targa is good?"Rarely seen in town"Body. Actually, I have only seen Targa running throughout the city once or twice.

I prefer a car that people do not ride much, rather than a car that you see in the city a lot(There are also such things, I prefer Panamera to S class)In that sense, Targa is super rare, attractive.

However, as it is rare, it seems that dealers do not get too much, H's Porsche dealer in charge of our house"Targa is allotted less than GT 3 at all!"I was saying.

Well, is not that small ... (゚ Д ゚))

Talga, I want it!

So, for now I want to buy myself"Black roof targa to a bright red body color"It is.(It may be impossible for long distance touring with children)

"I'm cool and fashionable ~ 992 Targa comes out, what kind of design will it be?" While being delusive ...

I mean Talga that is pure red as it stands out (* _ *)!

Whether you do not want to stand out or stand out, I do not understand my mental state today Today is around this time, let's do our best to achieve the goals anyway!

* Image Source:[Test ride] "All equipped with" the new Porsche "911 Targa"

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  1. Ishi B

    Deployment which the husband who was interested in Targa later, has bought it unexpectedly crossed over His face.
    (I'm sorry to say that you did not meet you, but you are selfish)
    Targa is easier to open the roof than in the cabriolet, so it is good in terms of everyday use.

    Apart from how real it is in reality, it is fun to imagine your ideal car.
    In my case I thought that I wanted to gracefully ride Ferrari's GTC 4 Russo's V 12 engine, but I am addicted to the fun of the plug-in hybrid at 970 Now it is 971 Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo as one ideal It is.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      > The husband who was interested in Targa later, the fact that he had bought it unexpectedly crossed his head.

      No, I can not be without you ^ ^;
      In the case of Panamera, "I buy myself, so I will ask, so do not buy it!" I was pleading for a long time, but I asked you to say "Please buy it after all" to the wonderfulness after trial riding, husband I bought it ...
      As for Targa my husband also said "from me" before, the possibility is not zero ^ ^;

      > It is pleasant to imagine your own ideal car, apart from the actual degree of reality.
      It's really fun! I misbehave when I imagine myself running the ideal car in various scenes.

      > 970 I am addicted to the fun of the plug-in hybrid Now I am putting 971 Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo as an ideal one.
      I was saying good good, is that so good! ! ! Ishi B's image is that the image of "MT, open" is strong (I'm sorry selfishly ^ ^;) That's pretty good
      Then, it is told that 911 hybrid comes out, but it became a matter of concern (explosion)

  2. SN

    Ishi B also seems to be a PHV fan and I am happy that the circle spreads.

    I imagine that PHV and EV will be attached to all models including Targa. For the time being, the next aim is 911 PHV.

    Mina, you will feel comfortable wanting to ride a car that does not have much surroundings! It seems that PHV is also concerned. Now Panamera Turbo so grade up? How about being Turbo E-hybrid examined (^ ^)

    • MinaMina


      The hybrid circle surely spreads out (lol) Even in the sense that it feeds back the technology that we cultivated in the race to the commercial car, it came to think recently that the plug - in hybrid would be a mess.

      > Mina, I want to ride a car that does not have much ride so you will understand it comfortably! It seems that PHV is also concerned. Now Panamera Turbo so grade up? How about being Turbo E-hybrid examined (^ ^)
      That's right! I want to ride a car that does not have much surroundings ^^ wow! Shall I go to Turbo E-hybrid! ! ! Lol It seems to be a tremendous thing!
      I'd like to try test ride once (I do not have a test car in an absolute dealer ^ ^;)

  3. Ishi B

    Hello SN, nice to meet you.
    970 Plug-in hybrid, it was more than I expected. I want you to extend the mileage a bit more on greed, I'd like you to have a little bit more effect, but in 971 the mileage of the motor seems to be more than 970 mileage, you can choose the rear accelerator steering as an option It seems that turning also works. Although I am quick, I am looking forward to the next change from now.

    I think that Turbo E hybrid does not have a test car easily, but I think that there is a test drive car of 4 E hybrid. Please experience the sense of running of the motor and the cooperation of motor and engine at town ride by all means.

    Actual transfer is on the way for the time being, but since Mina's blog is full of information on many Panamera, it seems to be very helpful.

  4. SN

    Mr. Ishi B, nice to meet you. Hello.
    971 is extending the cruising distance in E mode. Assuming that it runs only with E, I think that the actual place is about 30 km as the limit. However, since it is enough for going to the neighborhood, the shopping in the neighborhood is E mode, Hybrid auto mode when there is traffic jam and a little crowded in the workplace roundtrip and it is a little crowded Hybrid auto mode, sports or sports + I use it differently from mode. How is Ishi B taken?

    I'd like to tell Mina as well ...
    In the owner's file that I posted, I misunderstood that I could choose the motorless mode as well. I did not use it as much as I felt as if I was running a motor-off engine "hybrid e-charge mode" of charging main, but that was not the case. Even in E-charge mode, the motor seemed to be assisted.
    In the past month and a half trying different modes, running with five people running, rainy weather and roads with bad pavements, etc. There are various new discoveries every time.

    I am looking forward to the blog posts and reviews of other people!

    • MinaMina

      > I tried not to use as much as possible but I felt that the main "hybrid e-charge mode" was driving a motor-off engine, but that was not the case. Even in E-charge mode, the motor seemed to be assisted.
      Is that so? Thank you for notifying ^ ^ Since the article also fixed that part, I am pleased if you can check again.
      (If the expression is different, we will repair it so please say)

      As you mentioned, there are new discoveries as you get on, and there are many touch panel operations etc. I have not known yet (sweat), and I think that it is still ahead of us to be able to get on really well.
      But even if time goes by, there is new discovery, cars that are impressed are truly amazing ... Also, I am happy if you can tell me with various kinds of comments, messages etc. ^ ^

  5. Ishi B

    Good evening, SN.
    As of now I am driving in normal without selecting either E-power or E-charge on town ride.
    Is 971 a 30 km motor only? Enviable. My 970 is 16 km. Still it is enough for everyday commuting so if I can install a charger I am looking forward to full charge every day and I am looking forward to running with only E - power.
    Sometimes you put it in sports mode on a highway, but basically it's in normal mode. Now I am enjoying more moist running than sporty running.

  6. SN

    Thank you for fixing Mina. It is perfect!

    Mr. Ishi B Thank you for your reply. I feel comfortable saying "Enjoy moist and rich running". Please tell me more!