Porsche announces "718 Cayman T" "718 Boxter T"!

Porsche Cayman

718 Cayman T / Boxster T

Porsche will be a new model today"718 Cayman T" "718 Boxter T"Newly announced. "T" stands for "Touring (touring)", which is the purest, lightweight model. Until now, there was "911 Carrera T", but in 718 "T" will be on sale for the first time this time.

What is the specification of 718 T?

The specifications of "718 Cayman T" and "718 Boxter T" that are known from the Porsche news site are as follows.

Engine / Performance

Both of the engines installed are "2.0 L Horizontally opposed 4 cylinder turbo (300 ps)". Maximum output generation speed is 7,500 rpm, maximum torque is 380 Nm, acceleration up to 0-100 km is 5.1 seconds (PDK: 4.7 seconds), maximum speed is 275 km / h.


In addition to 6-speed MT, it is also possible to select PDK as an option.Sports chrono package is standard equipmentIt is. Using the steering wheel Mode switch you can select Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual driving mode.


The vehicle weight is 1,350 kg (PDK: 1,380 kg). It is about 60 kg lighter than the normal 718 model. By the PASM sports chassis, the car height is reduced by 20 mm, and a 20-inch alloy wheel with presence is attached. AlsoOn both sides "Boxster T" or "Cayman T" logoThe muffler has become a twin tail pipe chrome plated black.

Body color

Body color,Black, Indian Red, Racing Yellow, White, Charara White, Deep Black, GT Silver Metallic ColorYou can choose from. As a special color,Lava Orange and Miami BlueCan be selected as an option.


For weight saving, the door knob is a racing Porsche traditional strap (belt) style, 718 red embroidery on the headrest. With a diameter of 360 mm"GT Sports Steering Wheel"Standard equipment. The black tachometer has been decorated with "Cayman T" "Boxster T" logo. Also, the instrument panel and the center console are shiny black, finished with a luxurious finish.

Pursuit of running and comfort

Regarding 911T, MT cars have not been in Japan, but regarding 718 the MT specification is standard, so I guess I can taste the lively Porsche. What kind of feeling is the driving feeling and ride feeling like 'm' of the midship? It is a very worrisome place.(If someone who bought it was released, if someone bought it, I wonder if you can get on the passenger seat ~ w)

* Article · Image Source:The new Porsche 718 T - reduced to maximum driving ,Appearance Porsche 718 Cayman T / 718 Boxster T 2 l Flat 4 mounted Running and comfortable pursuit

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