About the driving manner of the Porsche driver.

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Manner of luxury car driver

When I moved to this place for the first time, I was very surprised, because the area of my home has a high foreign train rate. In the area where I was born and raised, I saw only a couple of Porsche a year,Porsche will be hereWhen.

My parents who came to see my children at home at week 1 often said such things at first.

"People around here, because they are riding in Benz or Porsche for a bit, they park too annoying and driving good manners are not good."

When. Certainly ...

Before the supermarket in the neighborhood, I always have a road(Despite the fact that the parking lot is fully equipped), There are quite a lot of street parking in other places. Some people stop by stopping a hazard in front of the signal,Sometimes a public bus can not pass and is stuckSometimes. Looking at such a sight, parents are likely to be "bad manners."

Because it is Porsche

Of course, some drivers of domestic cars also have bad manners, and some people bother parking, but that is"Porsche"Just becoming a luxury car like that, I think people will see with color glasses."It seems to be great for being a bit luxury car ..."When.

The other day,Porsche caused a traffic accident on the Hanshin Expressway and the opponent's driver diedAlso the news,

· Why do you name it Porsche, if you are a domestic car you should report "passenger car"
· Should pursue the cause of the accident rather than sensibly reporting that it was a Porsche

There was also pointed out on the net.(For this matter, I got an interview request from the TV station because I wrote a Porsche blog, but I refused politely)

Improve the impression of the Porsche driver

However, in reality, most Porsche drivers keeping traffic rules and driving moderate. It is a pity that some people will have a bad impression of the Porsche driver.

On the other hand, there was such a thing.

When I was running on a narrow street with my parents and cars before, when I thought that Benz had come from before, "I can not get married if either one does not wait", Merced stopped and gave way. At that time the mother"No, I'm afraid that you will give way to Mercedes-Benz"I was making it very happy (laugh)

That isAlthough luxury cars stand out when driving bad manners, they will remain in their opponents' memories even if they drive well on the one handI thought at that time.

So, if I actively give way or drive better, it may lead to the image of the Porsche driver!(Because I do not have such a big influence, I am completely self-satisfied world)

And, I do not understand somehow feelings, so I try to actively give way while driving the other day.

· When you pass the oncoming vehicle
· When a car comes out from a convenience store or supermarket parking lot
· When there is a car to join

And if there is no follower car behind me indeed, I will go as it is, but if not, I tried to give way almost.

Mercy is for people

When giving way, most people usually bow, give hands, give hazards and convey rewards"I did a good thing"And, I feel better now. Also,Even if you give way, the time is only a few seconds so it will not be five or ten minutes later to arrive at your destinationAnd probably almost the same.

Then, in the spirit of compromise, I started thinking that I should be able to drive comfortably.

Also as wonderful things began to arise since we came to give way.

Parking places of shops, convenience stores and parking will come at a reasonable chance.

The other day, always in front of the full parking lot"Perhaps it will be impossible to stop."When I got through the turtle, just one car came out, so I could stop safely. Even a convenience store where parking lot is always popular, only one is open, and parking lot in supermarket is just around the entrance ...

It happens to be by chance, but it seems like I got back to myself as much as I gave way.(It may be due to mind)

Anyway, today it is these days that I always want to keep safe driving with a margin, in a spirit of concession.

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  1. Kasamachikara

    Thank you for your help.
    It surely stands out if Porsche or Mercedes Benz parks annoying.
    My locality is because of the countryside I do not see anything,
    People who are parking innocent by that luxury car think that they will do the same thing even if they ride a mini car.
    I think that a person with bad personality just bought a good car.
    You can tell how to train your parents,
    It's noticeable only for luxury cars,
    By the way, there were times when people who were riding motorcycles once seemed to be bad.
    Then those who have metal bats are all bad? There was a story.
    There are some who clapping people with metal batting, and others who knock the ball at Koshien
    It was made with the tribe just by riding a motorcycle.
    Since I also want to be a gentleman's silver, I am careful about giving way and stopping before the crosswalk.
    By the way, when I went to Nagoya on a business trip last year, I saw the Urakan stopped in the intersection.
    Although it matched something of [Sakae], it seems that it was famous Nagoya stoppage.
    Although it felt the impact, it seems to be the culture of Nagoya.

    Sorry for putting boring comments.
    From now on, we shall strive for good relations.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Kasamachikara
      Thank you very much!

      > People who are parking innocent with that luxury car think that they will do the same thing even if they ride a mini car.
      But it is certainly so. People on the Porsche do not become such manners, they are supposed to be inevitably bad manners because those people are originally on luxury cars.
      Every time I see such a sight, I think I'm reworking as I looked at people.

      That reminds me, there were times when people who used to ride bikes once seemed to be bad.
      There is a thing that you can be caught in the image. "○ ○ = bad" or a fixed concept, or whether it is an image of the world ...
      Regarding Japan's motor sports, though there is an image of aristocratic sports in Europe, I think that somehow I have an image like a running shop in Japan.

      > By the way, when I went to Nagoya on a business trip last year, I saw the Urakan stopped in the intersection.
      > Although it matched something like [Sakae], it seems that it was famous Nagoya stoppage.
      Well it is! ! ! There is such a culture of Nagoya, it stops in an intersection ... Nagoya Osmruse ...